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  1. West Orange Stark Next Year

    The jv kicker was also outstanding. I know in one game he was9 in a row on xtra points. The next game he was 5 for 5 .Do not know after that.Maybe we could trade kicker for QB. HA HA
  2. I do not know if this has come up but just for record who would be back up qb for wos.
  3. pass from Wilson to hawthorne
  4. West Orange Stark vs Nederland

    Is Cooper Playing for WOS
  5. found on time warner channel373 slotted for full 3"00 hours but there is number to callĀ 
  6. Does anyone know channel for time warner?The guide has wos and pg at3:00 for 1 hour then showsufc fight flashback at 4:: No other game is listed that night This is in channel 26 sports southwest is their another Please post am working and want to record to watch when get off.
  7. hudl has this game listed Nov. 16 at 7:30. Anybody know where

    prayers go out for this young man and his family..To have your life cut short playing a game to get an education to better yourself in life and it ends like this God bless him and his family.
  9. does anybody have a roster for wos. Max prep only list 20 players.Maybe someone could update it.
  10. WOS vs Robinson

    qb is sr thrown for 3995yards and 53 tds and 5 int in 10 games . Favorite target 6ft 5 jr.92 receptions for 1937yds and 34 tds. these stats do not include last nights game.Qb moves around a lot and will take off.They run ball well with several rbs.They will move big tackle to left or right and run behind him.
  11. WOS vs HF

    Coach T will be looking for complete game from both sides of ball We had meltdowns the last 2 games at times.Starters may play a little more than really needed
  12. Bridge City vs WOS

    Can bc cross 50 yard line?
  13. WOS vs Nederland

    wos by 2 scores. But we also need to work on running game. If it gets going we win by 4 tds.
  14. how did jvs look and did wos field a freshman team