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  1. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    What have you seen from Lee or Dayton to show that have improved that much? 
  2. Realignment

    You know the answer to that. Just because he hasn't replied don't make the mistake to think it's because he is working. 
  3. Is PAM overrated?

    They will be in 5AD1 next year. Only time the teams around here will see them is pre district. 
  4. Is PAM overrated?

    They have the athletes the compete with just about anyone. If the coaching ever catches up with the talent, they would have the ability to beat them. 
  5. Crosby Future Playoffs

    I think, Crosby turned in numbers that they may end up D1.
  6. New Caney 28 Vidor 21/FINAL

    Despite several calls not going our way, we still had our chances. Getting stopped on 4th and 1 inside the 10, the drive with the 2 clips (legitimate), and our fumble with their worn out defense. Proud of the fight we saw in the these Pirates. Looking forward to next season. 
  7. Live video of games

    During the playoffs its 9.99 a game or 29.99 for the entire playoffs.
  8. 2017 Team Defensive Stats

    This is false, who trucked Vidor's defense?  Hines had 2 decent runs, the majority was through the air. 
  9. New Caney vs vidor predictions...

    Unfortunately they didn't show up for the game vs PNG or PAM. You have not seen what this team is fully capable of. I think they will be back to their normal and surprise done people Friday night. 
  10. New Caney vs vidor predictions...

    The Pirates will be ready. It'll be more difficult for them to prepare for Vidor's offense. Watching film I think, we match up better defensively against NC than the teams that have given yes trouble this year. I think Vidor will be able to play in the backfield, to rush throws and stop the run. Offensively we will see what kind of d- line depth NC has they will not be able to run their typical 3 man line. Looking forward to a well played game. 
  11. Vidor vs PAM

    According to the UIL playoff packet, if a team meets the same team in the playoffs the home will be rotated. So whomever lost the coin flip the first year gets the choice the second year. It also says a neutral site can not be more than 2/3rds the distance between the 2 schools, Crosby high school is 70 miles from Vidor high school and Stalworth stadium is 62 miles from VHS. So, it can not be considered a neutral site.     
  12. Vidor vs PAM

    I believe (from reading the UIL post season packet) if Vidor and Crosby play this year, since they played last year and Crosby was the home team that Vidor will be home and get to pick the site. I would guess at Lamar on Thursday. Playing on Thursday does give Vidor an advantage, one less day for a team to prepare for an offense that they do not see every week.
  13. 21-5a Playoff Question

    After watching some games you are right if NC plays like they did against BH they will not beat Crosby, but that NC team didn't play like they have the rest of the year. My point is you can't judge them from that game. Still they would have to play their best game in order to push Crosby. 
  14. I believe the compitition PNG has played is better than what Crosby has.

    If Vidor and Nederland go 1-1 in the remaining games, along with Central winning out. They all will be 5-3 with the pts tie breaker that would leave Central out, Vidor +14, Ned +3, Central -17. So, in your scenario they would be on the outside of the playoffs.