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  1. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    I agree, but i think that it's why Vidor runs the offense we do. I disagree that the    biguns quit. This years sr group I can only think of 2 linemam that have quit since jr high and neither one would I consider big. My son worked to make himself "linemanish" size, gaining +50lbs in muscle between his Soph and this year, in moving from FB to d-line.
  2. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    I think that if you look at the other league that during the down years at one league the other one is up. The kids have a choice as to which one they play in, whether it be to play for a certain coach or just with each other. PNG and Ned only have the one local option.
  3. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    I do not think talent wise they are much different but Vidor rarely if ever, are equal in physical size as Ned and PNG along with many other schools. For whatever reason Vidor just doesn't have many lineman sized athletes.
  4. Vidor @ Baytown Lee

    Montgomery is in 3rd in their district. They were 0-3 to start, but it's a big dropoff after 1st and 2nd in that district(Huntsville and a&m consolidated).
  5. Vidor @ Baytown Lee

    We both graduated in 93. I guess he had the same idea, just added(...).
  6. Vidor @ Baytown Lee

    Things are changing. Will see some this week on offense and defense. 
  7. Toilet Bowl

    Why didn't Lee's QB #1 play against Ned?
  8. The ball is loose arm still back. 
  9. Nederland @ Vidor

    I know one d lineman that will be up for the challenge.
  10. It was loose and he pushed. He definitely did not have control of the ball,when his hand started forward. 
  11. I saw the de knock the ball out off his hand before it was coming forward. 
  12. Santa Fe 28 Vidor 19/FINAL

    The defense only struggled because they played most of the game. The offense couldn't sustain any drives. 
  13. Vidor vs Sante Fe predictions thread

    Maybe, Vidor's dbs are better than you think. 
  14. Crosby Qb

    We have defensive lineman that came back in limited duty this past week, playing with a torn ACL.
  15. Greatest Players in Southeast Texas

    Leeland McElroy from Central was a beast, when I played against him.