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  1. Santa Fe 28 Vidor 19/FINAL

    The defense only struggled because they played most of the game. The offense couldn't sustain any drives. 
  2. Vidor vs Sante Fe predictions thread

    Maybe, Vidor's dbs are better than you think. 
  3. Crosby Qb

    We have defensive lineman that came back in limited duty this past week, playing with a torn ACL.
  4. Greatest Players in Southeast Texas

    Leeland McElroy from Central was a beast, when I played against him.
  5. Ok, gotcha. Prayers to him. 
  6. What has happened to the rankings? 
  7. The score predictor does change,at least it did for the Vidor/ Crosby game.
  8. Crosby's big offensive line just wore our defensive line out. Good tuff game by 2 good teams.
  9. Crosby at Vidor

    4yds a play and keep the chains moving.
  10. Nederland vs Santa Fe

    In 2012, when they came to Vidor there were not many fans at all.
  11. Crosby at Vidor

    I believe a muddy field does favor Crosby, the mud hurts the pulling lineman and the cuts the backs make. The running game that it helps is straight ahead power running games, that Vidor has not showed but may have. The muddy field also makes it difficult to cover receivers. This is why the BH game a couple of years ago turned out the way it did. 
  12. Nederland vs Santa Fe

    Its @ Nederland. 
  13. Vidor at lcm....... predictions....

    Watching film they have a problem stopping the run period and don't have the bodies to rotate on the d- line to keep up with it for 4qrtrs.
  14. Vidor at lcm....... predictions....

    I would expect quite a bit more than 300, Vidor had 505 against Montgomery and 345 against Caney Creek.
  15. Vidor had 0 pass attempts.  And they were 15-30 for those  203 yds, with 75 of those yds coming on one play.