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  1. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    You should invite them to the board. It would be nice to have some knowledgeable PNG fans, for a change.
  2. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    P NG has played 2 of the 3 bottom offenses Vidor has played 1 of the 3.
  3. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    20% chance is not much.
  4. Vidor @ Lumberton

    20 carries 81yds
  5. Vidor 40 Lumberton 21/FINAL

    The announcer was a joke, he was calling banned that weren't even in the play. So, you shouldn't go by that.
  6. Vidor @ Lumberton

    Why do I get the blame? I was concentrating all night on my job, I would not have time to do any of this. You have to admit though, it definatly is an improvement. 
  7. 22-5a leaders

    I've got someone that will like to meet him too,I've been wanting them to know one another.
  8. Vidor @ Lumberton

    I'm sure he didn't, and if he did he watched something I didn't see. They'll be ready. Looking forward to a good game. 
  9. Vidor @ Lumberton

    I'll be there Monday and we can talk about our tough loss to Ned and our win vs Lumberton.
  10. Vidor @ Lumberton

    Come on, you know better. You saw the Pirate defense first hand.
  11. Vidor @ Lumberton

    And that is unlike you! 
  12. Vidor @ Lumberton

    The drives were stopped due to penalties. They had at least 1 penalty on every drive but the one they scored on the second play of the drive.
  13. The 22-5a what if scenarios

    Yes, the offense is young this year for Vidor. The defense is the strength of the Vidor team, that being said the offense is getting better every week. The offense stopped itself more with penalties than Neds defense stopping them. This years team is more well rounded.

    They lost a few games last year.