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  1. I believe that Vidor will be fine once district starts. They have some holes to fill and things to figure out but they are getting there, it's not where you start is where you finish. I think that the 2 teams they have faced thus far are better then the teams we had played at this point last year. These games mean nothing, until district.
  2. That was the Freshman score. The JV was 16 -0 Vidor in the 2nd. I left when they had the lightening delay. I don't think they finished it.
  3. SETXsports Staff 4k 1. Brazoswood 2. Houston Lamar 3. Magnolia West 4. Crosby 5. Port Neches-Groves 6. West Orange-Stark 7. Orangefield 8. Jasper 9. Coldspring-Oakhurst 10. Lumberton 11. Vidor 12. Corrigan-Camden 13. Madisonville 14. East Chambers 15. Hardin 16. Kirbyville 17. Hull-Daisetta 18. Newton 19. Franklin 20. Mount Enterprise 21. Evadale 22. Timpson 23. Tenaha 24. Richland Springs 25. Houston Second Baptist
  4. I know Gall, Sepulveda and Watson were out.
  5. If parking was taken into account then PNG should not be on the list. Vidor has plenty of parking (at the elementary school across from the high school) you just have to walk but at least you aren't having to park on the street in front of peoples houses.
  6. This may be a Crosby/PNG playoff game from several years ago.
  7. Looks to me like, Lindale has the better team but Owens may be too much to overcome.
  8. What I saw from the Jasper game last night, their offense has gotten better since they played Vidor and LCM.
  9. Yeah the same plan that Vidor has every week. Possess the ball eat clock, pound on them, and keep their offense on the sideline.
  10. TCH still had their qb (whom is no longer on the team) too.
  11. Ya'll would play the winner between Columbia the 4th place team from that district and North Forest. Brazosport beat Columbia to get the 3rd spot.
  12. To me it was, you are up 13pts late in the third and you stop trying to run the ball.
  13. Yeah, Vidor's defense is better too.
  14. I figured you should do something you enjoy because not sure how much fun it'll be for Lumberton fans at the game.
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