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  1. SETXsports Pick 'em - Bi-District

    1. Atascocita 2. Galena Park North Shore 3. West Brook 4. New Caney 5. Angelton 6. Shadow Creek 7. PA Memoria 8. Marshall 9. Huntsville 10. A&M Consolidated 11. Nederland 12. PNG 13. Lindale 14. LCM 15. Splendora 16. Center 17. Jasper 18. Silsbee 19. Newton 20. Joaquin 21. San Augustin 22. Mart 23. Grapeland 24. Milford 25. Garrison
  2. Interesting question I heard

    Be set for life then lol.
  3. Interesting question I heard

    I would have to go with Highland Park.  Find a rich girlfriend over there lol.
  4. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    Why would you need a receipt for crow?  Planning on expensing it?
  5. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    I would say water boys, but the water is better in Winnie. Im at a loss.  No way HF wins.
  6. College Baseball 2018

    They are on the gayboy channel.

    Great little German town.
  8. Jarrell 41 East Chambers 36/FINAL

    Yeah I dont know whats wrong.
  9. Jarrell 41 East Chambers 36/FINAL is broadcasting it.
  10. East Chambers vs La Marque

    Wouldnt be surprisee if its at Lee College with another Kountze Ec double header
  11. East Chamber vs Pollok Central

    Pollok Central does have good guards that can score.  The question is can they do it against Ec's press?  I think EC gives them trouble.  Ec by 13
  12. CBB Longhorns

    They need to be ranked in the top 25.
  13. Tough News for Silsbee Girls

    When I was in school every week the coach came to all the teachers asking if any students were failing or borderline   if they were then during athletics theu would have a study hall
  14. Triple option teams