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  1. Hey to All my Buna Friends I will be broadcasting the Cougars series against Central and just want you to know that it is not too late to get involved as a sponsor. $100 will get your name on both or all three games depending on what is needed. It is a great way to show your support for the Cougars and to help bring the games to those who cant make it to Jasper.  You can call me on my cell phone at 409 466-2641 and we can make the arrangements for you to be a Cougar Baseball Broadcast Sponsor. Call NOW! Scott Loar
  2. Jasper area businesses might also be interested in sponsoring these games too.
  3. The Jasper Newsboy Sports Spectrum is striving to be the regional source for high school sports in our area and in order to do so we have asked area coaches to take a picture of both pages from their score book from each game.  Not all of the coaches have gotten on the band wagon and we need your help. Several teams do a good job for us, Jasper, Evadale, Kirbyville guys even the Brookeland girls, but we want to cover everybody so if your school is located in this list i need for you to let me know if you would like to help us out. Brookeland guys, Broadus, Buna Burkeville, Chester, Colmesneil, Kirbyville girls, Newton, Spurger, Warren, West Sabine, Woodville and Zavalla. We also need pictures so if you have a picture that you would like to submit send it to me. Be sure to identify players and give yourself credit for the picture. You can send any and all materials to  Thanks  
  4. Need help from area coaches

    Just a reminder that I am still waiting to hear from coaches acknowledging that they will help me out with reporting this season. Thanks
  5. Good morning coaches, Well the 2017-2018 basketball season is not that far away and I need your help. Here on SETXSports I am known as Rebel Yeller which came from two sons graduating from Evadale and being the football announcer there for 8 years. But more recently you can catch me right here on SETXSports as the broadcast voice for the Woodville Eagles. But during the week I have a different job as the Sports Editor of the Jasper Newsboy.  We call the sports page, Sport Spectrum as we strive to cover the full spectrum of sports in our area. We are committed to covering each and every school in our area and while that will of course mean Jasper, Newton, Woodville and Kirbyville it also means we want to do stories on Brookeland, Zavalla, Burkeville, Buna, Evadale, West Sabine, Colmesneil and even Chester. So the help I am looking for from coaches at these schools is this, once your roster is set I will need a copy and then at the conclusion of each game I need pictures of both pages from the score book.  I can't be in that many places in one night so I do stories off of the game by reading the scorebook. I will highlight close games, high scorers, and if you want to give my email address to you school photographer then we will add pictures when we can.  You can send any and all information to me at and if you have any questions please give me a call at 409 384-3441. Thanks in advance for your help coaches in covering your team. I wish you all much success and have a great season. Scott Loar - Jasper Newsboy  
  6. Good Morning Coaches, Well a brand new season is just around the corner and I need your help. Here on SETX Sports I am known as Rebel Yeller thats because my sons graduated from Evadale and I was the football announcer for 8 years. But more recently you can hear me broadcasting right here on SETX Sports as the voice of the Woodville Eagles. But during the week I am the sports editor of the Jasper Newsboy and that is where I need the help of coaches that are covered by the Newsboy.    Our policy at Sports Spectrum is to cover all the teams in the area regardless of their size so while we will of course cover Jasper and Newton, we want to cover Goodrich, Zavalla, West Sabine, Burkeville and all the schools in our coverage area. The help I need is simple. I need coaches to send me team rosters once they are finalized. Then after every game I need them or someone on their staff to take pictures of both pages of their score book from the game and send them to me via email. You can send them to and when you do that we can keep everyone up on the happenings with your school and your team.   If you have any questions you can call me at the Newsboy office 409 384-3441. Thanks again in advance for your help and good luck on your upcoming season. Scott Loar - Jasper Newsboy
  7. Woodville 43 Buna 14/FINAL

    To those joining in on tonight's broadcast I ask your forgiveness, I will likely be just in time and possibly late on the start of tonight's broadcast. I am in Houston for my wife's final chemotherapy treatment and it is important that I am here for it. I will be heading straight for Buna the moment she gets released. I hope you can understand and I will be there to broadcast as much of the game as I possibly can.
  8. Hey Eagles Fans Well it took us a little time to get this together, but SETX Sports is ready to start bringing you YOUR WOODVILLE EAGLES on the web beginning this Friday night from LCM. I hope you can bee at the game to show your support, but if you can't we will be bringing you all the action, play by play from start to finish.    The LCM Bears and many of the communities along the Sabine River are of course dealing with the aftermath of their second major flood in two years, so Friday nights action will be a great chance for us to escape the harsh realities of the situation and focus on some great high school football action. I hope that we can all be encouraging to one another before, during and after the game. These athletes, coaches, bands, cheerleaders, drill teams, ticket takers and concession stand workers are all excited about getting the opportunity just to play so let all just have some fun and watch (or listen) to some Eagles and Bears football. Be sure to go to the link for the broadcast on and if any of you Woodville businesses would still like to be a part of sponsoring our broadcasts, just send me a message and we can surely get you involved. Thanks again for supporting SETX Sports and have a great week! Scott Loar SETX Sports broadcaster and Jasper Newsboy sports writer
  9. Looking forward to broadcasting REBEL Basketball 
  10. Maud 55 Evadale 28/FINAL

    Hey Rebel Fans  Hope you enjoy Craig and his play by play. He was doing this long before I ever got started. I will be checking on the game throughout the night. Good luck to you Rebels and keep the season going. Be sure to support all the great sponsors who made the broadcast possible.  Scott Loar 
  11. Woodville (10-1) vs Cameron Yoe (9-2)

    Hey Eagle Fans, Scott Loar here and set up ready to broadcast tonight's Area Round playoff game against Cameron Yoe. Pregame will start around 7:15 with the kickoff scheduled for 7:30. If you can't be in Conroe be sure to follow all the action right here on SETXSPORTS.COM the leader in sports coverage in Southeast Texas.
  12. Evadale vs Timpson

    Inviting all my Rebel friends to go to SETXSPORTS.come if you can't make it to Jasper. I  will have the play by play on this bi-district match up.
  13. Five Surprising (Good) Teams This Year

    Having covered the Rebels for the past ten years I can say that they have indeed been a playoff team  for all 10 of those years. In 2007 they started their playoff run and in 2009 they went 10 and 0 in the regular season and they were regional semi finalists in 2010. They lost to that years state champion, Falls City at Kyle Field. They have won several district championships and they have an impressive record under Mark Williams.

    Hey Rebel Fans Been a while since the Yeller has been on but I have some news that I needed to share. I will be back in the Evadale press box on Saturday, October 22 to broadcast the Rebels homecoming game against the Colmesneil Bulldogs. Many of you know that I have been broadcasting Kirbyville games for SETX for three years and this year I asked about heading back to Evadale and the powers that be about putting the Rebels on the air and they said go for it.  I have a few more advertising spots available and I would be happy to discuss particulars if you would contact me, (409) 466-2641. I am so looking forward to being in Evadale and will be covering the parade and the pregame activities for the Buna Beacon. hope to have the chance to talk to old friends and of course see some great high school football. Thanks Scot Loar