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  1. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    Based on some of what a few have posted.......y’all are ridiculous if y’all think  WOS or newton could hang with WEst Brook....   I have all the respect for those programs and I know many of the coaches at those programs and respect them greatly, but in my Carter voice “COME ON MANNNN”. Numbers
  2. District 23-3A

    Yeah.....I was just curious if plays b-ball and is good?
  3. game over  35 to 21    wb should ve had that
  4. slippery hands and shots to the feet
  5. another sack     woodlands are in the double digits on sacks
  6. fumbles, stupid penalties  
  7. 35 to 21  woodlands   4th 5:09
  8. 28 to 21  woodlands   qb keeper up the middle for td
  9. number 7 is a beast
  10. elia sacked loss of 7
  11. jones 30yd run to 20
  12. elia just got hammered on incomplete pass