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  1. Poop Patrol?

    So instead of punishing the crappers they pay someone to pick it up
  2. Poop Patrol?

    I wonder how they like picking up human feces like at a dog park.    
  3. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    To be quite honest they know no different. It’s not an excuse but it’s all the more reason to close the borders. They take pride in family and that’s about it and most will work hard.  I ve seen it first hand. Lived on the border of the well off and the poor in the Yucatán peninsula in the early 2000s.  
  4. Trump to pull Feds out of Education

    Bout time
  5. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    If the border isn’t closed Texas will be a liberal state in the near future
  6. Ilhan Omar

    We better hope and pray we don’t get a liberal president from here on out and if we do then I hope GOD decides it’s time
  7. Ilhan Omar

    I ve been saying.  Ban these people from this country. No exceptions.  There are too many examples as well as past history.  Why our leaders ignore this is beyond me. MAKE A STAND who cares what criticism the media or the world may throw our way.  
  8. Ilhan Omar

    He better watch it.  She connected with known terrorist groups.   The fact that that is a fact and she is an elected official....... TROUBLING
  9. Ilhan Omar

  10. Thank you for sharing.  Good read.  
  11. What’s Our Biggest School Problem ?

    100%   Not sure about outside the Golden triangle area but corporal punishment is still used. More at some schools than others.  The main problem is the environment these kids live in (parents) and that goes for all nationalities and races.  When there s no consistent discipline and accountability at the home...... There is some parents that need corporal punishment  
  12. John William King to Be Executed Today

    About time.  21 years for taxpayers.  Sick individual
  13. Ilhan Omar

    FACTS: Doesn’t fit their agenda!!!