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  1. UT Alum- what say you?

    Blind leading the blind
  2. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

    Go read the site I posted.  None taken out of context.    And please tell me where in the Bible it states to be violent to all non christians
  3. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

    The discussion is about their beliefs not color
  4. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    There is no more democrats. They are extinct/ morphed into this new radical regime.  
  5. UT Alum- what say you?

    Yes he was.
  6. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

    All that and that’s the question you have.  Someone who is very educated in the subject.  Don’t be lazy Go read the quran for yourself.   Educate yourself  stop taking the media as be all end all.    
  7. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

    Ur missing the whole point. Goodness.  Can anybody from the stop bringing color into it.  
  8. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

    The new Muslims in congress just got the job.  Llham Omar has already made her anti Semitic statement and so has rashida Tlaib who hosted a party and who was there ..... memebers of the terror group hezbollah and Palestine terrorist. and so it has begun you can’t argue with the truth/ facts
  9. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

    Here is a good piece to read by a secular/ex Muslim   its a lil lengthy but good info. It’s down below.   https://centerforinquiry.org/blog/a-call-to-the-muslims-of-the-world/
  10. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

    from what I know Catholics don’t follow the quran.    Did u look up any of the scriptures I provided.  Let me see if I can put this in a simpler way.  To be a muslim  means to be a believer of islam which follows the quran.  Whether they are actively engaged or not in some or all practices it teaches they cannot be trusted.  Muslims are smart and dedicated and disciplined. Slow and steady progress is how they will eventually infiltrate. Reactive will be failure.  I believe in proactive. There s plenty of religions out there and from what I know none teach violence like the quran does. I have no problem with Buddhism, catholics, Methodist, Baptist, atheist, etc. even if I disagree with there teachings. I have found none of their teachings violent. Actually I do know some and I have had civil conversations with them.  I have taken a six month class over Islam and the quran.   I never said they were all the same.  But I do know if u call yourself a muslim then you are a believer in islam which studies the quran. And therefore I don’t trust them.   Before you respond look up those scriptures provided  
  11. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

  12. List Of Communist And Socialist In Congress...

    Better yet stop letting them in.   People better start educating themselves on Muslims and the beliefs they follow.  And how they take advantage of countries and the “freedom of religion”
  13. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

    Well what did they say?   Oh you didn’t take the time to find out did you.   Instead you come on here using the “racism card”  im not surprised.  
  14. Immigrants (especially Muslims) ????

  15. List Of Communist And Socialist In Congress...

    3 is what I found.