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  1. Most dangerous offensive backfield

    Wb has a good backfield with Elia and jones, but lost some linemen and new coaches  
  2. what party is responsible for this?

    evidence.....you wanna talk evidence/history....... 50 poorest counties....  too vague of a statement.  clarify
  3. heart breaking news on Kathy Griffin

    difference in STANDARDS
  4. Where Are You on the Political Spectrum ?

    lol    I am over......   .031 and that's as far over as im going.  I believe I answered one question that goes left and thats what pushed me over and all the neutrals didn't help.
  5. Where Are You on the Political Spectrum ?

    Too many questions that I had to go neutral on. Wow....didn't see that coming .031 Left  4.09 Authoritarian
  6. Kirbyville prayers

    I believe he graduates tomorrow
  7. Separation of Church and State?

    they just love to make excuses for bad life choices.     I still remember the story of an older woman shooting and killing a young man that broke into her house and the mother of the young man said  "he was hungry he needed money to eat he shouldn't have been murdered"    EXCUSES....
  8. Kirbyville prayers

    Prayers for his family, staff, and students Reading the article which writer may have left info out of it, but something just doesn't sit right with me on this. So is this a "cased closed" suicide?
  9. Pres announces largest arms deal with Saudi arabia

    there will never be peace in the middle east.....look at the history....there's only 2 real reason's we are in the middle east.....terrorists and oil
  10. hmmm http://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/20/us-saudi-arabia-seal-weapons-deal-worth-nearly-110-billion-as-trump-begins-visit.html Saudi arabia owns the largest refinery and now one of the  largest arms deal in history to a country that had to many connections to 9/11 
  11. More from the peace lovers?

    most people dont understand the difference of right and privilege and the left are trying to rewrite the definitions 
  12. More from the peace lovers?

    if your a Muslim then you study the Quran....   Do i need to go any further?
  13. Separation of Church and State?

    Yep many of the manual labor jobs are out their to be had.  Too many lazy people living off govt don't wanna go sweat for money....good money too.  So what do businesses have to do hire illegals......which i don't like either, but for the economy to be healthy businesses have to make money. If people were just simply disciplined in all aspects of life ......we would eliminate many of societies problems.
  14. Saveat Out at Ozen.

    I like Saveat but i believe it will be in good hands with Thomas and he is serious and dedicated to Ozen Basketball.