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  1. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    I don’t think Longview has faced anyone with the speed we have.  There closest game was last week besides Lufkin in August.  Wb has been in several tight games and has responded well.  I think this game will come down to has the ball last for a game winning drive.    Offense Can’t have big negative yard plays.  I hope yowman punting last week is a good sign he ll punt this week.  Defense has to be able to sub efficiently gotta save timeouts in second half for 2 min offense. i also wanna give a shot out to the extra point and fg team for last week excellent job.  Good job holder and kicker
  2. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    Westbrook will have several at state track meet
  3. 2018 North Shore

    Well given some of there studs are underclassmen. Heck next years team could be the best
  4. Lumberton 68 Kountze 34/FINAL

    Josh played under David green (central, north shore, bmt United)
  5. LCM vs PNG- This is awesome!

    Love it....  
  6. Lumberton 68 Kountze 34/FINAL

    Yes that was 8 th grade A.  There’s is no b team for 8 th.   Which is sad.  Several players from last year decided not to play several have discipline/grade issues, one moved to buna and another to Silsbee and another possibly to warren.7 th grade is ok....there is an A and B team.   got one with some height and seems very into it always clapping and high fiving In my opinion doesn’t have much coming up as for as overall groups in each class.  The freshman group I know have 2 that can go.  Won’t be surprised if one or both end up on var before season is over.
  7. Lumberton 68 Kountze 34/FINAL

    Nope.   It could ve been worse.  OF stopped pressing after about 4 min in 1st qtr. in which ktz never got the ball past half court
  8. West Brook vs Austin Westlake

    I find this a lil odd given that several of Texas football writers picked wb to make it this far.
  9. Lumberton 68 Kountze 34/FINAL

     I know some don’t like lil dribblers but in a small town like ktz and given the ecomical class that’s all that is available.   If lil dribbler coaches would actually teach skills and discipline and accountability instead of just trying to win so they can puff there chest out and get some kind of (false)notoriety . that would help some.    
  10. Border bill

    How can Obama give ....what was it 150 billion cash to Iran(correct me if I’m wrong), but Trump can’t get 5 billion to protect our USA borders?  
  11. The New French Revolution

    As far as our nations southern border is concerned Texas is really the only conservative State.  And given how well Beto did. The future could change.
  12. The New French Revolution

    I am compassionate and caring to the U.S.A. Citizens.  Also we need more agape love than any other type. This country was founded on Christianity. Agape love encompasses a whole lot. One being discipline/justice.  We keep allowing foreigners in then pride for country will go out the window along with its history along with standards.