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  1. Why Our Society Is Screwed Up!

    It’s not ur age or just you.
  2. Nah. He played more than just a couple
  3. Yep. And I believe he s also being recruited to play defense
  4. Gorka Tears Into A CNN Reporter ar WH

    Sometimes a square punch to the nose works and is needed
  5. The Clinton Dead Pool.....interesting sea of bodies.

    I ll believe when I see it
  6. What a Vulgar Display

    Give me a tent and a thousand acres
  7. 3 UCLA Basketball Players Arrested in China

    Still haven’t read Hebrews
  8. 3 UCLA Basketball Players Arrested in China

    Actually if you want to get technical. God the Father is the judge
  9. Boycott Starbucks!!

    Fruitcake.   I drink black coffee. I ve never had a need or want for starbucks  
  10. WOS Priorities?

    HF don’t pay well either but are always graded very high in academics
  11. WB vs PA Memorial football

    I doubt this will happen.  And the reason being is mostly due to fans acting like idiots.    
  12. 7 on 7 Champions

    West Brook. Has done very well in both
  13. Game of the week

    Score will be close to last years.  West Brook will be a very good team. But north shore is on a different level.   West Brook better work on pass protection. 
  14. Game of the week

    Wb vs north shore?
  15. 3 UCLA Basketball Players Arrested in China

    He s enlightened