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  1. Ty Robinson named new HC/AD at Woodville!!

    He hates all eagles, mustangs,  bears, raiders, pirates,Indians ,bulldogs, tigers,rebels, sharks,lions,titans ,hornets, wildcats, ,Timberwolf, and any other town you can’t find on google earth
  2. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    I understand still a little upset from the thrashing memorial gave the Timberwolfs? Newton is always open this week iif y’all want to take it out on someone 
  3. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    That’s what I’m talking about, get past this Crosby game without any injuries and see what happens.
  4. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    Well said, now beat crosby
  5. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    I’m sorry the person you are trying to reach is unavailable please check the number you are dialing or call directory assistance or the West Orange / Crosby page. Thank you and have a great day
  6. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    Imo Don’t think it’s a down year just yet, one point loss to the bulldogs and then get in a good practice with lcm , then Newton which could possibly beat most Setx teams this year, so can’t say they are down just yet.
  7. Newton vs Offweek.. Who you like ?

    Been a long time since I’ve seen Newton come out the gate in mid- season form, hard to say where the weakness is, gonna say waterboys need to step it up and keep them hydrated lol
  8. Silsbee vs Bridge City

    Tigers by 4.......scores
  9. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    Woodville by 21
  10. Diboll at Liberty

    Don’t know if they have a woodshed in liberty....  but they might get taken behind it Friday 
  11. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    WOS may surprise a few this week, then Watch out for bandwagon fans lol
  12. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    How did they do the last time newton beat them ? So saying that are the weakest is not calling them weak?  So had they won last night would they still be the weakest team in the last five years, heck no you would be saying this young team is gonna make some noise.
  13. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    Try to support them instead of calling them weak, heck add couple missed extra points and they would they would have beat Nederland,, they will be ready for Crosby and give it everything
  14. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    It’s ok , One breath at a time.... WOS will be fine 
  15. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    Ok first penalty of the night that amazing