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  1. Bring it home EC 
  2. Wish this talk would just go away, cal-preps is the devil!!!
  3. Newton Eagles aka purple beast

    He looks good back in purple on the sideline
  4. Diboll 31 Buna 26/FINAL

    Go buna !!
  5. Unfortunately, most schools in setx are lucky to see 2nd or 3rd round, region three has always been hard to get out of. 
  6. Now that’s funnier than an Indian with a iPad 
  7. PNG/rumors

    This is why Newton will never get caught cheating , we still use two cups and a string 
  8. PNG/rumors

    Ok so it wasn’t being used, but I guess someone thought it was ?
  9. PNG/rumors

    So what about the Crosby kids , they had nothing to do with it either, just saying coaches decision affects both schools 
  10. Associated Press State Rankings - Week 8

    Someone beats galena park I’m sure will help with rankings
  11. Does Size Matter?

    lol, I was gonna say something about school buses, bridge city and Dallas but can’t find anything 
  12. Buna vs Woodville

    Gonna be close till kickoff
  13. Does Size Matter?

     I can’t argue with you on that,  Newton has been successful in 2A and 3a , and  get a few wins in 4adll , but hey it’s not the size of the animal in the fight it’s the size of fight in the animal