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  1. Nederland 27 Barbers Hill 21/FINAL!

    Wow talk about the odds in the dogs favor tonight. 
  2. LIST THE WEEK 5 Jr Scores

    i heard the BC and Nederland Black game was something to watch. Also heard Nederland White won again 19-18
  3. Nederland 21 Santa Fe 0/FINAL

    Nederland 7  Santa Fe 0 Field 35 - field is winning by a long shot tonight folks. Field even has over 30 tackles 
  4. Nederland 21 Santa Fe 0/FINAL

    Sloppy sloppy sloppy sloppy field tonight!! 
  5. Week 4 jr scores post them

    Or was it the fact they had self inflicted errors that you capitalized on? I mean I get the fumbling and weather being an issue but I thought possibly they had a decent defense too. Also they have have a play clock? Asking for a friend. 
  6. Week 4 jr scores post them

    Ned White 13 Vidor Black 0
  7. Jr Week 2 scores

    I heard Nederland Black and Nederland White won in their games

    Post all your scores from week 1 games!! 
  9. Round 3 PeeWee Playoffs

    Heard PA vs. Ned-Wht was a battle to the end. That’s awesome to hear. Ned-Blk vs. BMT-G was a great game to be apart of today. Kudos to all those coaches and players that made the final four. Next week is the Super Bowl. Congrats to PA and Ned-Blk on advancing.
  10. Week 8 Play off scores

    If NYFA has an issue with me they need to bring it to me. They know where to find me. They did last year too. If fact ex president knows where to find me and my family. He’s a friend of the father in law and my wife. Also my faith has nothing to do with that situation or this one. Glad you were on STJFL board. ive helped with numerous playoffs, Super Bowls, pro bowls, and etc. for STJFL. Ask Rene about me. We worked together for years. Winky face all you want but all you’re doing is trying start something that isn’t there. So if you have a personal issue with me talk to me directly via message and I’ll give my number. Please all of NYFA knows me. It’s no secret. I never hid my identity. I think I was upfront from the beginning.  
  11. Week 8 Play off scores

    ^^^^^^^ he’s got the right idea.... Thats what I’m going for. that’s why I prayed over the boys and families today after the game on the field. We do this every game. I’m all about everything Nederland and NYFA. Please refer to my common goal in post above. #TURNTHEPAGEPLEASE Anymore final scores? Did WBB-B finish off Vidor Gray? Lumberton-W vs. Vidor-Black? Lumberton-R vs. PNG-Grey?  Next week Hamshire Fannet High School should have some great games if things shape up the way they are looking. 
  12. Week 8 Play off scores

    Should have been on our sideline talking to the ref and the unsportsmanlike was questionable after watching the game tape but it is what it is. Plus that flag came in from the head ref in beginning of 3rd quarter after we received 3rd quarter kick off. After mercy rule was just put in effect. Also I need to clarify something I should have never used the word “Back ups”. We train our boys to play next man up style. so they are ready to play any position at any time. So I was wrong for ever using that word. We are a “TEAM” and I believe I can call on those boys to do a job at anytime. I’ll take blame for having my boys out of place on your two touchdowns. #micdrop(maybe) #Keepmovingforward Philippians 2:3  “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.”
  13. Week 8 Play off scores

    Did you ram it down our throat? I mean when we are playing back ups on defense on both of your scores. Also how many times did you stop our offense from scoring? Also please remember things could have gotten worse. Our head coach is running plays to make sure kids only get 4 to 5 yards. He’s showing some coaching etiquette by not using quote “one trick pony” How many different backs ran the ball for nederland black? I counted 8 different backs and 3 were linemen. Also Refs stated coaches we are running the clock and don’t expect flags because this game is over. so don’t point out the false starts, holding calls, and etc. so does the score tell the tale yes it does because nederland black beat nederland gold 36-13 today. In reality it just didn’t happened. Let’s just leave as we did on the field. Bulldogs left the field of battle and Bulldogs are still Bulldogs. Now let’s cheer for each other to have an all Nederland super bowl and show our dominance. All this go between is retarded. We are all for one and one for all are we not? We should have one goal as NYFA. Let’s get as many of teams in our organization in each division to learn the game of football correctly. If they make the playoffs and are successful. That’s a testament to the coaches, assistant coaches, and players hard work. As an organization let’s show up and support them if it is at all possible. All our boys will be playing under the Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night lights together. Sorry I’m long winded. Just FYI this is Jerett Delahoussaye and I am a coach on Nederland Black.