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  1. I about to go live on my facebook page for the 2nd. Half. Westbrook vs cy  creek!  Melvin Dews is my facebook page name.  Enjoy if you like
  2. Summer league

    Anyone interested or have knowledge of basketball summer league for young kids 4-10. There's no aau that young so looking for something to do
  3. Flag football

    5-6. But there is a spring league opening next month that is 5-14 coed 5on5. Good teaching tool
  4. Youth 7 on 7 flag football

    Anyone interested or have knowledge on playing in summer 7 on 7 flag football around the golden triangle.  Nfl play 60 or something similar
  5. Best 8th graders 2018

    No Im actually serious. I ran across a old thread from 2015 that listed Braylon Bush when he was at Legacy, Jordyn Adams when he was at Vincent , Mcain from Silsbee. Dotson when he was with St Anthony and a few other kids. They were pretty accurate in that discuss. Just wanted to see the talent that will let our area to future State appearances 
  6. Who do you guys consider the best 8th grade basketball players in SETX? Ive saw some nice 8th grade talent
  7. Boutee

    Word around the water cooler is that BISD has offered the Beaumont United Basketball head job to none other that Westbrook now coach A. Boutee! Awaiting his answer. Is this a good move for him coming off a 28-4 record with brook?
  8. Next head coach

    Word spreading is that they have offered the job to Westbrooks Boutee and are just awaiting his answer. Is this a good move for him? Both will be 6A schools not 5A
  9. Who do you think will be the next head basketball coach will be of the new ozen/central school or do they choose another person all together