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  1. Who are the area teams to beat this year? 
  2. LCM

    Any word?
  3. LCM

    Who was it? 
  4. LCM

    Who was the previous coach and how long had they been there? 
  5. I wonder if they'll release a list of applicants? 
  6. Who is the new coach?  What are we waiting for to announce it? 
  7. Only 24 years old....  The grandmother and neighbor just spoke to the news.
  8. Killed himself this morning!!!!! 
  9. Tillerson Fired!

    I agree with this a lot - I think this is just another person that has left the admin.  They're dropping like flies and this causes people to question why were they put there to begin with?!?
  10. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    I've often wondered, why the cover up?  Why not let the public know?