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  1. Tillerson Fired!

    I agree with this a lot - I think this is just another person that has left the admin.  They're dropping like flies and this causes people to question why were they put there to begin with?!?
  2. UFO's - The Truth is Out There

    I've often wondered, why the cover up?  Why not let the public know?  
  3. In Collier’s final chapter of her and six fellow seniors high school careers, their final box to check off to cap their careers lies within the confines of the Alamodome in San Antonio.     From the article posted above. 
  4. Great season to the Lady Cats! 
  5. I'm glad this worked out, but I'm sure there were some really upset Lady Tigers!  I know I would have really mad at the coach/player for not taking the time to figure this out before playing that player. 
  6. I agree! This could have ruined these players entire season, especially the seniors. 
  7. Republican National Convention

    Three types of Republicans at the RNC
  8. Melanie Trump plagiarizes Michelle Obama

    Trump aide offers resignation in Melania Trump plagiarism incident
  9. Kountze girls bball

    Can't blame him for that.
  10. Kountze girls bball

    Why did Williams leave Silsbee, I can't remember?