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  1. They have one already.
  2. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    Austin high had a fbs qb recruit that transferred and I think new Caney had a 5 star cb that transferred 
  3. Thanks for bringing sense to the forum.
  4. Yes but just keeping hope that kicking like that wasn't his final call.
  5. I just hope since he's a former kicker he will stay away from the stupid pooch kick.
  6. Memorial's new QB

    Should be Ladia
  7. Pam up 50-31 3:47 left in 3rd
  8. Pam is up 35-24 at the half
  9. So which job yal think is better the new bmt school or pam?
  10. 19-10 memorial at the half
  11. PAM seniors

    Just heard it might be 20 on Wednesday.
  12. PAM seniors

    Yea that's very impressive.  Idc even if it's a naia school or a juco to get that many kids a free education in 1 year that's tells your how great of a coaching staff and students that p.a really have.