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  1. Signings

    Pam had 15 sign today from NAIA to D1
  2. 22-5A Standings

    Works for me
  3. 22-5A Standings

    EC is open Friday hopefully the game is there 
  4. 22-5A Standings

    Just looking at the schedule, either way it goes both teams are beatable for Pa and Bh.
  5. 22-5A Standings

    Anymore info?
  6. No signal in the Dayton gym but Pam won
  7. PAM Sophmore Defensive end Jordan Thomas receive a offer from UT over the weekend. 
  8. The way both teams played tonight they both could make some noise in the post season. Watching these 2 teams for the last 3 years you could see the vast improvement they have made.
  9. I seen Nederland won 50-39
  10. For god sakes coach please get out of the zone and face guard #3.
  11. PAM wins 63 to 60