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  1. 21-5A Standing

    Bh,png, and vidor should win this friday
  2. Png really getting it together this year. Kinda scares me.
  3. Atleast they didnt let them score over 50 again and get beat by 40. Inprovement lol
  4. They're in the gold bracket now. They play united at 12 tomorrow 
  5. I have no idea wasnt there I'll ask my sister
  6. Yea I can tell you right now they not finishing in 2nd or 3rd. WB and Pam is the same team
  7. If pa keeps the turnovers under 20 I got Pam.
  8. Silsbee vs. United?

    Im going with united
  9. Pam vs silsbee

    Correction 79-49. I will say united. This is bad pam still trying to develop fundamentals.
  10. Silsbee wins big something like 79-12