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  1. Yep a piss poor turn out. Idk if it's was because of weather,  Who they played or jumping off the band wagon after last week
  2. 61-21 Mitchell hits the wide open post
  3. 61-14 9:25 left I  the 1st
  4. I understand Jones needs to work on his passing game but it's no reason he should still be in this game.
  5. 48-14 Livingston with a 9 min drive to open up the half
  6. Not sure but should be over 150. He running at will. 
  7. Clear now was raining for a few at the beginning of the game
  8. Drop snap by Livingston  on the the punt tackle at the 1 yard line. Memorial scores on next play 35-7 :08 left in the 1st
  9. 28-7 1:20 left in the 1st finally use the tight end and he capitalize on it.
  10. 21-7 2:08 left in the 1st
  11. If Livingston had about 5 more Mitchell's they would be alright 
  12. Can we go one game without.....

    I hate to bring back a dead topic but Imo I think it's foolish to try to blame the refs for the L Memorial took. Was it the refs faught that the special teams wasn't ready for the onside kick and didn't cover it? Was it the refs that let Riggs run free on a post that was clearly coming?