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  1. Cutoff Numbers

    Pam sitting pretty in region 3. No Temple no Manvel. Should Be a favorite with college station.
  2. This her best game of the season so far. They finally figured out run the offense thru her.
  3. Should Roschon Transfer?

    His png team mates or fellow long horn recruits?
  4. Memorial went 1-2. The win came against central with most of memorial seniors out taking the sat test.
  5. Lol smh this is a new one.
  6. Should Roschon Transfer?

    Lol at this topic but i thought if a player legitimately move he could play at a difference school of its done before the new school year.
  7. It had all to do with getting a physiclogical advantage which apparently work.
  8. It had nothing to do with race. If It did why would they shake hands with other schools of the same racial make up as Vidor such as Lumberton, png, Nederland and kingwood park?
  9. Wow Buddy you are a joke bringing up baseball and memorial lol. But yea you right season is over with time to move on. Just a heads up to all vidors future oppents if you want to when just shake there hands 2 out of the 3 times. They will tuck tail and run. Since that's action caused so big of a competitive advantage maybe you guys should turn the big bad  disrespectful titans into the uil maybe they will  Vacate the win and Vidor will be 2-0 now.
  10. Please point out my so called ignorant statement. The vidorian reported that Vidor warm up at png because Matthews didn't want to be blame if something was to happen doing memorial warms up. Might I add we have be doing the same warm up routine since 2009 when Kenny became head coach and has had 0 incidents. Is it not a fact that Matthews makes over a 100k? Is it not a fact that since he has been a head coach at Vidor high his record is at or below 500%? Is it not a fact that Vidor high is only 1 of the handful of teams to run that garbage offense at a 5a or higher level. Like I said earlier you and the other snow flakes just need to get over it. The 2 teams want be playing each other in the foreseeable future so you want have to worry about this anymore.
  11. You need to get over it.