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  1. Actually there is more funny stuff posted by not every but several Silsbee fans on the first couple pages of this thread before they even seen what happened.
  2. Pump the brakes, Im not from LCM just an observer. Def not trying to say LCM was going to win. My only point is Silsbee got handed a little adversity from a hungry team and they handled it very poorly. Not like a champion would IMO. Hopefully they can learn from this situation and handle it better cause believe that it will happen again before the season is over.
  3. Wow. If these kids were thriving for a state championship they would have handled this situation like champions. LC-M was hanging with them and they got pissed when the refs were calling all those hand checks fouls. Instead of adjusting and over coming like champions they put the season in jeopardy. Some Silsbee fans are in denial.
  4. Best GT Team Ever?

    2016 Stangs were dominant and I enjoyed following them this season and enjoyed being present as they hoisted the trophy the last 2 seasons. I just dont believe they could have beaten the 2000 Nederland team or the 2000 WO-S team either.
  5. Best GT Team Ever?

    2000 Nederland Bulldogs