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  1. Who cares about the logo and whatnot.....somebody get me an applicant list!!
  2. Kirbyville Applicants list

    I’m reading Danny’s article and seeing a heck of a baseball coach. No mention of football coaching experience or pedigree. Hope the stickball translates. 
  3. Kirbyville Applicants list

    Please share. I’m interested 
  4. Kirbyville Applicants list

    So KV hires a baseball coach as HFC/AD. Best of luck to them. Hope they’re not doing this again in two years. 
  5. Kirbyville Applicants list

    Who is Blount? 
  6. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    Just buy the first 10 games......probably won't be much happening after that.
  7. Kirbyville Applicants list

    I am sure they are doing their due diligence in interviewing the ringer from Delaware who applied. You know, everyone deserves a chance.
  8. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    This is the part that bugs me. WOS needs to suck it up and schedule the game. Who cares about the past....two dominate teams need a game so they need to schedule that game. If you think WT didn't have bigger things to worry about then a L on his record, then you are mistaken.
  9. Former Mustang (WOS)

    This is awesome! Gave me goosebumps! Congrats on your career and all of your accomplishments! You are definitely an inspiration.
  10. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    I have trouble believing that any of the coaches on that Newton staff asked an anonymous poster to come on a message board and slander some of the most prominent programs in the state. There are only three names that come to everyone's mind and they are all men of character and certainly not keyboard warriors.

    Strike up the band, we got a Crosby v Nederland district game again!
  12. This stinks. During state championship weekend, we stayed in the same hotel as the Manvel team and I spoke with one of their assistants on Sunday morning. He mentioned that he had been at Manvel since day one and loved it there, and talked about how devastating the loss had been for him and the kids. This resignation will make it sting worse, and I worry that the man I spoke with that morning will be forced to work elsewhere. That game could haunt the Manvel program for many years to come. It's a shame.
  13.   you mean like Toby Foreman? 
  14. Wait......Atascocita pays 93k and Crosby is at 119K? That's wild. Also, no on Stump. No more retreads......bring in someone new!!
  15. Right, because Shawn Robinson was the only thing that team had going for them. Nevermind the other 8 D1 players on the offense.
  16. Is your argument that Claude Mathis can't coach? If that's what you're saying then we're done here because I won't argue with the ignorant.
  17. Right, but my point is you have to be willing to leave to do that. If Crosby had called his bluff, he would be the HC in DP.
  18. Lord have mercy. Who laid those building blocks for Peterman? Kinda like Gruden winning the SB with Dungy's players.
  19. It also should be noted that Riordan is apparently applying for jobs. Guys don't apply if they aren't willing to leave. I'm not saying anything other than BISD should make the call. That's all.
  20. The issue won't be the money, it will be that he has lost the thing that made the Crosby job great. That is their former superintendent Keith Moore. Moore resigned this week under some super shady predicaments and he was the guy that made sure Rio had everything he needed. That facility, those ball fields, turf, video boards, freedom to run the program as he wants, all those things were provided by Moore. Inevitably, Crosby will hire a new supt and Rio cannot ensure he will have the same support. Heck, most of the time those new supts want to bring in their guys.....that's how Rio got to Crosby with Moore. He is no dummy and will likely make the decision to get out before the Cougars stumble, go 4-6 or something, and he is told to get out.
  21. Man, that's a heck of a 5A job. Of course, the positive change he has made in the community and football program is worth every penny. If I were BISD, I still think I'd make the call before he has a chance to officially accept the DP job (if that's happening). Rio is the kind of guy they need. Young, full of fire, innovative, and used to winning football games. Quit retreading the same ol' flat tires. Bring in a proven winner and let him pump some energy into those kids!
  22. That makes sense too. Either way, Rio is going to eject from Crosby......things are getting real crazy over there right now. I'll just leave it at that.
  23. I'm spitballing that figure, but if 5A Crosby is paying 118k (which I find hard to believe), then BISD needs to do better.
  24. Admittedly, I am critical of Crosby, but I've never been critical of Rio. The guy is a wiz kid and the assistants he surrounds himself with are a very innovative group. If you guys could land him and he brings his old OC Daron Mann into town......the sky is the limit.
  25. It has been well known that there was/is talent in BMT. Up until this point, most of it has gone to WB because the program was in better shape, and more stable. I tend to think that some of that talent will begin to filter back toward the new school and you could see this team be pretty good, pretty fast. It all depends on the decision they are making right now. I believe you take that third HC salary you were paying, and increase Peavey and the new position to 103k ish. If they do that, it allows them to hand pick their next coach rather than wait and see if anyone comes to them. A name I would like to see them pursue is Jeff Riordan at Crosby. He has pretty much maxed his potential at Crosby and has to be considering his next move. Especially considering that his number one supporter, superintendent Keith Moore, resigned last week. The time is prime for Rio to cash in and make the move. He could come into BMT, take that raw talent that we all know is there, and put them in a position to succeed. He is also one of the best I've seen at getting kids scholarships and opportunities for higher education through football. That would be a big benefit to those kids. Just a thought, but one that could definitely happen if they play their cards right.