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  1. Man, after all the nonsense that went on this offseason while trying to get this game scheduled, I truly hope it doesn't get cancelled.
  2. Houston KIPP Sunnyside at Hardin

    KIPP keeps showing up on peoples schedules year after year. At least you guys are in the company of WOS

    I’m here and I’m humble. Crosby clearly has more in the stable that anticipated. If they do t get complacent, this just might be a special year. 
  4. Bro, if you’re fooled enough to think he plans to stay that long, then I’m not going to waste my time. 

    That's because Jasper almost worked that behind last year.
  6. Question is, who is BH going to target next after Westerberg walks away during the offseason? BH has positioned themselves to be a place where coaches go to get their TRS up and then ride off into the sunset. They'd be better served hiring some young, up and coming guys who are hungry, rather than pay what they pay for guys who are at the end of their time.

    Crosby will get embarrassed on Friday. 

    WOS never got up off of the mat after that first haymaker PG threw on their first offensive play. Stunned the mustangs and they never recovered.
  9. Help me with something on Joubert, is he ever going to go all in on football or will he keep trying to play both sides of that line. I'm ready for him to commit to one or the other.
  10. High Island HC Steps Down

    You are a class act sir! It's refreshing to see you move on but still prove you care about High Island by keeping up with their search. Best of luck at Bastrop!
  11. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    OOOOOO, the little league HOF coach chimes in to talk down on the "pros".
  12. Saratoga West Hardin

    Uhh, if you're talking about the late 90s and the year 2000, you are mistaken. I personally participated in some beatdowns placed on those teams during that time frame.
  13. Baytown Sterling is Open

    Great to hear coach. You’re doing big things in Liberty and it would be a shame to see you go. Glad that’s not the case! Thanks for your response. 
  14. Baytown Sterling is Open

    With the upcoming schedule, and a new coach not in place until nearly June, are you expecting RSS To win a bunch of games. I can tell you, the odds are not in favor of that.
  15. Baytown Sterling is Open

    Going 0-10 for a couple of years as a HC does not help the resume. Just means you tried and couldn't get it done.
  16. Baytown Sterling is Open

    Pays well for a couple of years until you have to leave. He could bide his time at Liberty, continue to build an impressive resume, then go after a larger job where he might actually be able to have some success. RSS would be career suicide. Do we really think it's that attractive of a job when their last HC just left to take a coordinator position in a lower division?
  17. Saratoga West Hardin

    They were competitive during the Tyler Copeland years, but not sure they ever made any real noise. But relatively speaking, the Westfall years were definitely the best years that program has probably ever had. They also kicked behind in powerlifting back then. I believe they had multiple state champions.
  18. Saratoga West Hardin

    back on track? Help me understand when they were ever on track.
  19. Baytown Sterling is Open

    This is the second Baytown job in as many years where Chad Taylor's name has popped up. I have no idea why he is so bent on leaving a Liberty program he has had success at to go on a two year assignment in TXHSFB hell. This is a sure fire way to ensure he's looking for another job in the short term. Can someone enlighten me as to why this is happening?
  20. Saratoga West Hardin

    Even Hull Daisetta pays significantly more than that.
  21. Proven Loser

    Because it's much easier for a school board to hire a guy who has "head coaching experience" than to sit down and decipher whether or not the coordinator has HC aptitude. Doing the latter would require people on the board know football and are good judges of character, and most school boards do not have those guys/gals.
  22. Saratoga West Hardin

    20 year tenure doesn't even get you 50k? That's truly unacceptable. Do better Batson!
  23. Saratoga West Hardin

    He couldn't find one laying around in the job room at coaching school?
  24. Coldspring open

    That Coldspring should call Chip Keel.