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  1. All HELL will break lose between him and Hardin ! Not enough basketballs can be supplied. They need to find someone that can play DEFENSE ! Geez !
  2. Rockets better find someone that can cover KD are they'll be sitting at the house.
  3.  That District is extremely tough ! I think 2 of the last 4 State Champions have come out of that district including last years Champ. Makes for a playoff ready team when you can count on having at least 6 very tough games during your District games.

     Absolutely CRAZY to even begin to question this officers actions in this case. I would have shot him long before the officer did if I were in his shoes.
  5. LCM VS HJ

     Sounds like an opportunity to play kids that don't get much playing time during the year. Having to play 5 innings is ridiculous, but there are ways to hold down the score.
  6. OC Judge's Race Has Third Candidate

     He's a dang good man !
  7. NCAA Basketball- ‘18-‘19

      Can they PLEASE find someone that can shoot 3's or STOP shooting the damn things !
  8. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    OOPS ! My bad ! Forgot about Georgia losing 2. And I completely understand why the SEC would get the nod. They have earned that right for sure. Hopefully Texas and the Big XII will become relevant at the national level again very soon ! Oklahoma SUCKS !
  9. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

      Then why is Oklahoma playing in the playoff and Georgia is NOT??
  10.   Have to agree Earl is in a class all by himself !!
  11. Herman's Texas Longhorns

     The kid wants to play QB and that ain't happening for him at THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS.
  12. Cowboys @ Indianapolis

     Poor decision making for one thing. As well as, you have got to hit open recievers down the field. And he has not done that on a consistant basis for the last 2 years. Now, alot of that has to do with his Offensive Coordinators play calling, no doubt. Personally, as far as a person I like Dak. He keeps his nose clean and you don't hear any bad things about him. But, if you're going to be the starting QB for the Cowboys you have to take care of business on the field !   He reminds me alot of Danny White. He has the tools, but makes poor decisions at the wrong time. But, I will pull for him and the Cowboys every week regardless !
  13. Cowboys @ Indianapolis

     Trust me that is some crow I would definitely enjoy eating. And yes I know its Dak, but until he starts playing the way a Cowboy QB should play he is DUK to me.
  14. Cowboys @ Indianapolis

    We will NOT win a playoff game with DUK Prescott at QB !!!
  15. Lamar Cardinals 2018 Football Schedule

    5 in a row now !!