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  1. CBB Longhorns

     Geez !!! Another loss in conference. Shaka needs to start producing some wins in a hurry or he'll be looking for another job. I like him, but geez can we please win some dang games ! Especially the ones you should win. They've got to find some SHOOTERS from somewhere.
  2. That a Girl Jaizee !!!!!!!  
  3. Springer is definitely NOT a lead off batter !
  4. Kirbyville

     Bring back Coach Grissom !
  5. Evadale 6 Hemphill 38/FINAL

     WOS JV is not your normal JV football team though. They can play.
  6. Texas at USC

      This one ain't gonna be pretty, I'm afraid. Secondary better step up their game big time !
  7.  Coach Thompson was a great man ! Hard to beat him. He was my coach in High School at LCM. Along with Larry Grissom of Kirbyville. Two outstanding men.
  8. Orange CRUSH Gold Tryouts

      Orange CRUSH Gold will be having tryouts for the upcoming season this weekend, August 5th and August 6th. Both days will start at 3:00 PM. Tryouts will be held at CRUSH Fields which is on the corner of Burnet and Newton Streets directly across from the WOS Football Stadium in Orange.   For more Info: John Harrell : (409)988-1142, email : Patrick Toomey : (409)988-3409 , email : Larry Ancelot : (409)790-6790 Kevin Wiggins : (409)313-2730
  9. Port Neches-Groves 7 Vidor 0/FINAL

    Way to go Lex !!!!
  10. Sub topics lacking

     Whats happened with people on the softball thread. I know several years back 2006 - 2010 or so, this side of the board was very lively and talked about at High School games. Now its a ghost town. Nothing to do with you Grad. It's the parents and followers of the schools that need to be posting. There used to always be post after post about teams and players. Now hardly anything except for what Grad posts.
  11. #13 Texas A&M at Texas- Game thread

     I agree..... but kids will be kids and emotions in a renewed rivalry can get out of hand. Just glad no one really made a total arse out of themselves.
  12. #13 Texas A&M at Texas- Game thread

    The little dance on second base was because the previous half inning the A&M player did the little dance to the Texas dugout. So, whats good for the goose is good for the gander ! As far as kicking the helmet..... maybe a little too far, but the catcher doesn't have to put it right in the middle of home plate when he takes it off either. Toss it out of the field of play, then you won't have to worry about it happening.
  13. Sub topics lacking

    Thank goodness !!!
  14. CBB Longhorns