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  1. NCAA Softball Regionals

     Well HELL YES ! Guarantee if you watch a softball game, you'd be bored to death watching a baseball game afterwards. Almost like watching grass grow watching baseball. Although I watch both.
  2. Softball team scandal

    Appears allot of the blame should go to the player with what I have read about the situation. Other players are defending the coaches in this.
  3. Awesome job ladies ! Way to go Marcie !!! Y'all keep it up.
  4. Buna vs. Rogers

    Good luck ladies ! Y'all kick some butt !!!
  5. A&M vs Texas/Updates

    Texas pitching has been horrible this year. Going to cost them some big games.

     Sounds like a good hire. Now if the Parents will let him do his job.
  7. Any more news on the UIL and ATT Stadium?

    Jerry may not let them have it there since his Grandson has graduated now.
  8. Now if they will stick to their guns on it.
  9. Augie Garrido

    No doubt, the best there was. RIP
  10. TXHoops/Shaka

    Dangit ! Texas needed that WIN last night ! Twenty wins looks a whole lot better to the tournament committee than 19. Still think they get in though.
  11. TXHoops/Shaka

     I also like Shaka and want him to stay. Tired of the losing though myself. But I am a whole lot more patient than some of the Boosters are going to be unfortunately.
  12. Post here if you are a member of the NRA

    I am a member.
  13. TXHoops/Shaka

     They can't hit the broad side of a barn with a baskeball for one thing. Their shooting ability is horrible.
  14. CBB Longhorns

     Geez !!! Another loss in conference. Shaka needs to start producing some wins in a hurry or he'll be looking for another job. I like him, but geez can we please win some dang games ! Especially the ones you should win. They've got to find some SHOOTERS from somewhere.
  15. That a Girl Jaizee !!!!!!!