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  1. Lamar Cardinals 2018 Football Schedule

    5 in a row now !!
  2.   You still drinking that Purple coolaid I see. lol
  3. Dallas

    as long as they don't have to throw the ball any deeper than 10 yards at a time. If they have to do that they better find another QB.
  4. Dallas

    It doesn't matter who you put at receiver because you still have to have someone that can get them the ball !! And someone that can call plays to be able to get him the ball ! Geez, I can't handle watching this circus all year long again.
  5. Cowboy Fan

     Bottom line both Texas teams SUCK ! Period. Horrible coaching from both.
  6.  Congrats to Logan ! His girlfriend is a dang good softball player herself !
  7. Cowboys @ Carolina

    Dallas isn't going to win SQUAT until Opey (Garrett) is GONE ! Sick of seeing his clapping arse on the sidelines. Along with Linehan.
  8. Orange Crush Gold Tryouts

    Tryouts are still on for today ( 8/12/2018 ). Start at 2:00 PM at CRUSH Park across the road from WOS High School football field. 
  9. Orange Crush Gold Tryouts

    Tryouts have been canceled for today ( Saturday, 8/11). To much rain. Will have tryouts tomorrow at 2:00 pm. 
  10. Orange Crush Gold Tryouts

  11. Orange Crush Gold Tryouts

      Orange CRUSH Gold will have tryouts for the 2018-2019 season on August 11th and 12th at CRUSH Park which is located across the street from the West Orange Stark football stadium. All positions are open and we are looking for some hard working kids to fit in with the returning players we currently have.   August 11 Tryout will start at 5:00 PM. Come early to fill out player profiles.   August 12 tryout will start at 2:00 PM. Come early to fill out player profiles.     If you have any questions contact any of the following :  John Harrell  (409) 988-1142  Patrick Toomey  (409) 988-3409  Kevin Wiggins  (409) 313-2730
  12. There may be a delay in the Previews

    Awesome news. Praying for things to go well this morning as well.
  13. Stories about Texas and other in state schools

    Big Time hire for Texas Softball.
  14. NCAA Softball Regionals

     Well HELL YES ! Guarantee if you watch a softball game, you'd be bored to death watching a baseball game afterwards. Almost like watching grass grow watching baseball. Although I watch both.