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  1. BH Vs. Vidor

    They grew up running that offense. Vidor fits right into BH's strengths on both sides of the ball. Barbers Hill defense can't chase a spread offense. They are bad in the open field. Linebackers over pursue and backs cut back, but they should know how to defend this offense. Barbers Hill receivers will be hard for Vidor to play. The secondary is their weakness. It won't be like 2 years ago, but it should be a BH win
  2. BH Vs Lee

    BH runs a 4/2/5 defense without the 2. 
  3. Nederland 27 Barbers Hill 21/FINAL!

    Only a BH kid can get a personal foul and not even knock the kid off his feet
  4. Nederland 27 Barbers Hill 21/FINAL!

    I know it’s the 1st, but where are the all state DB’s. We are throwing into a steady wind. Maybe it was the wet field
  5. Nederland@The Hill

    Now that's funny, but we all know that grass looks just like yalls field. Maybe not wet enough?  
  6. Nederland@The Hill

    Nothing like a 0-5 start to shake some confidence, but then again you think yall should be 3-1 if only  we could play all 4 QRT's. Crosby will have their 3rd string in by the 4th, so give us another impressive come back for yall to build on. When does Dayton play Lee? I will be pulling for you. It's your only shot at victory
  7. Nederland@The Hill

    And when we do we usually have to play the district champs PNG
  8. Dayton vs Crosby

    There might be a reason as to why they have yet played a complete game. Look ahead to LEE
  9. Nederland@The Hill

    I did say better toys not better athletes. A Indoor facility, Turf fields, the school ect.. ect.. Maybe I need to change my pick now that I know Nederland has 2 All State DB's returning from last year. And I said nothing about your defense other than to make the point that yall use the excuse about bad weather for your offensive woes, but also say how good the D has been. 
  10. Nederland@The Hill

    Offense is better than what has shown. Does this also mean that maybe the Nederland defense is not as good as it has looked for the same reasons?  They should be pretty evenly matched, so I will take BH because we have better toys to play with.
  11. Magnolia 43 Barbers Hill 13/FINAL

    I am a Barbers Hill transplant as most of us are and this kinda offends me a little anyway. You say Tradition when you talk about PNG or Nederland like they have always been at the top or even good. Tradition = Heart??? Here are some numbers that I could find. I went 20 years, because I don't know how long tradition is? Nederland 554-376-35 Last 20 years 161-76 PNG 589-345-33 Last 20 years 147-77  BH 577-309-27 Last 20 years 153-65  Crosby 451-418-33 Last 20 years 145-84. Wheres the extra tradition or heart or mindset that you are talking about that yall have east of the trinity? They look like the same programs to me. Crosby is on a roll now, but the last 20 years are not that impressive. Barbers Hill lost a lot last year more than the numbers they lost the leadership of a few that had been starting since their Soph. year. You can't replace that right away. I will take Crosby & Barbers Hill for the next 10 years in all sports

    Alex, what is: Words that have never come out of my mouth!!
  13. Magnolia 43 Barbers Hill 13/FINAL

      Lets go thru these!! 1st game - OK good point.- 2 Defensive starters out- could of had 13 out there on the field with that effort and the results would of been the same.  Starting RB out - Whats new.  New QB not on point - Thats a understatement and he slid to avoid contact in a game that they were losing, enough said.  #4 caught the only TD always full effort.  #1 I need a little help hear as to why we are mentioning him? I must of been watching the cheerleaders thinking that maybe Mathew would be a better LB than what is out there when this happened. Faith in the coaching staff or HC -  HC 1st year - took a talented team to a 1st round loss  2nd year - took a defense that kept him in every game to a no playoff season  3rd year - I have lived here for 15 years and this AFTER 1 game is the worst looking team I have seen. NOW lets go to Tradenup BH - BH still playing hard - Maybe I was at the wrong game because the game I attended this never happened. Just come on here and tell it like it is no sugar coating. THAT SUCKED 
  14. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    Yes, they have the best D Coordinator in the distract and he may get the D rolling by mid district, but it will be a slow start. He lost 8 starters and 5 of the front 6 that was as good as anyone had last year. This year the offense may have to get them in the playoffs instead of being the reason they missed it.