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  1. PNG@The Hill

    We all know BH will have a hard time stopping the Purple Roschons and PNG will have a hard time stopping the BH offense. He who has the ball last wins. Thats no fun, but to hear SOME of these Indian fans try to spin this is great entertainment
  2. PNG@The Hill

    He don't have the big arm, but is accurate and can handle the pressure. It's a good game for him to start. Not 1 of your better defenses to face.
  3. PNG/rumors

    ? Yes Racist, why else would you bring up Barrett Station.
  4. PNG/rumors

    I agree, same as the cowboys and WB. We seen what happened when they played a quality team. Hope BH fairs a little better
  5. PNG/rumors

    that could of been the reason yall got the 1 stop in that game
  6. PNG/rumors

    Has anyone really thought about what happens if Nederland were to lose their last 2 games? 
  7. Crosby@Nederland

    Are they not playing for 1st place even if they both lose? Or 1 or the other lose? 
  8. Nederland @ Vidor

    just trying to keep the humor up. Nederland is the best team in this district because they do have a defense. I haven't seen Santa Fe so I really don't know about them, but the rest of the district has big holes in or no defense at all. It's really sad to watch
  9. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    Only problem with this 5th place teams consolation is you are still not to Vidor  in the standings
  10. Nederland @ Vidor

    All them all state DB's going to the offense. No one could ever cover them. Season is over just hand them the state championship.   
  11. Barbers Hill 49 Vidor 34/FINAL

    Thank god Vidor keeps trying to throw
  12. Barbers Hill 49 Vidor 34/FINAL

    They grew up running that offense. Vidor fits right into BH's strengths on both sides of the ball. Barbers Hill defense can't chase a spread offense. They are bad in the open field. Linebackers over pursue and backs cut back, but they should know how to defend this offense. Barbers Hill receivers will be hard for Vidor to play. The secondary is their weakness. It won't be like 2 years ago, but it should be a BH win
  13. BH Vs Lee

    BH runs a 4/2/5 defense without the 2. 
  14. Nederland 27 Barbers Hill 21/FINAL!

    Only a BH kid can get a personal foul and not even knock the kid off his feet