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  1. ANOTHER Strong Conservative Victory!

    The nazi outfit wearing, hate spewing kkk belong to Trump. Just like you guys throw muslims in with Obama.
  2. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Trump had klan at his rally's and in his cabinet now. Hell he is probably a member!
  3. Question for BG, Tobie, and affiliates

    Trump is bringing the klan back bigger and bolder than ever. Probably already having colored entrance signs made for Wal greens back door!
  4. Left & Right Clash in Virginia
  5. Left & Right Clash in Virginia
  6. Obama Knew....

    Trump more worried about tbis down his people carrying torches and promoting violence. Largest hate group in the US backing this president.  Including the six folks that live on this board 24/7. Everytime your answers are Obama and muslims. Keep defending if it makes you guys happy.
  7. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    You amd the other 5 people left on this board can keep defending these hateful evil folks. 
  8. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    He was forced to denounce it.
  9. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    Keep defending your nazi friends. 
  10. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    It took Trump two days to denounce the hate by an evil klansman. He was afraid to disappoint his base and his racist cabinet. Being advised by Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions.....please. He would have tweeted on anyone else in 5 minutes. What a disgrace. He tweeted imediately on the ceo's that distanced themselves from his p grabbing arse.
  11. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    Were better than this. We cannot let the evil that this administration has empowered and has given new hope, destroy us. this administration has helped renew hate in america and has set us back 40 years. good people of all races will not stand for it. Last time this happened, there was a civil war and good people prevailed.
  12. Food Stamps down 1.1M
  13. Food Stamps down 1.1M
  14. Food Stamps down 1.1M
  15. Left & Right Clash in Virginia

    What has the black panthers done lately, watch a video from a blm rally and compare it to a kkk rally and see who hates people the most