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  1. At GWU, Bernies (Trumps) Tax Plan is Good I thought you guys didn't like debt
  2. The President of the virgin island
  3. Mass shooting in Vegas

    Sixburg, to them you are no better than me! So don't call me out along with Nash. President Obama got less respect than Dylan Roof. These folks won't never call out neo nazi's but will call out kapernick or blm in a minute. The president say's neo nazi's are good people. 
  4. Donald

    If you want Nfl players to repect the Anthem, start respecting people Donald. You represent the presidency of the United States. Tell um George W. If Obama had given the exact same speech their would be problems with it. Ex presidents need to start speaking out more often, 
  5. Wake up Americans

    My mother never received a government handout, never even tried to get one. Just sayin there  are times when working poor could use one. Like I sad politicians including the president whomever may be in office blow tax payer money everyday. Even if a president doesn't take a salary he may blow money on to many golf trips ect. Execive government spending never comes up when a certain party is in office.
  6. Mass shooting in Vegas

    As stupod as hillary taking folks out 
  7. Dow tops 23,000!
  8. Mass shooting in Vegas

    As long as she aint wearing a cop uniform and taking out unarmed people
  9. Racist?

    Maybe he should be arguing with parents of following soldiers. Making fun of pow's that were caught. Worrying about Kapernick protest and not about Puerto Rico. Empowering white supremacist. Making fun of disabled reporters. To much to try and list. Most divisive, hateful,disrespectful, evil,needs to just stfu prez eva. Touts business skills, he is so far down the Forbes list that dispicable pos.
  10. Dow tops 23,000!

    wonder why my 401k isn't sky rocketing. i guess its just like my insurance premiums not going up
  11. NFL tells players to STAND

    Worried that trump will get rid of the pre existing condition clause which may hurt my sister. Worried my brother in law may get sent to another useless war. Don't like him trying to  take away freedom of speech. And i care more about my family than i do the democrats and republicans. F the democrats and republicans. Time to start a serious third party.
  12. Dow tops 23,000!

    And the folks in Puerto Rico suffer while you play golf donald
  13. NFL tells players to STAND

    I admire him as much as you love trump. He hasn't done nothing to me. Don't care whether he or anyone else stands for the anthem. And by the way i have always stood.
  14. Black on Black Racism I guess these whites were from chicago!
  15. The President of the virgin island After telling lies about other presidents, this egotistical liar talked about him having to make calls to parents, this is not about you Donald. People have lost loved ones and this fool is ragging on past presidents.  This guy is disrespecting America,  period. Disgrace to the office