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  1. $$$$ Bisd will work out a deal
  2. Gotta have Paul in there to win though
  3. Definitely needs a good DC.
  4. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    I agree, lets bring home another one WOS!
  5. The Dems are back

    I agree with this skit
  6. The Dems are back better look out pubs
  7. Thought this was newsworthy

    Has Chump worked more on veterans benefits this year or building a wall.
  8. NFL tells players to STAND Nothing has changed
  9. obama Back To Community Organizing!
  10. obama Back To Community Organizing!
  11. Anything is stupid that doesn't agree with you guys and your greatest leader of all time. Your  grabbing Chump
  12. obama Back To Community Organizing!

    Bill didn't disrespect people the way Chump has, Bill just disrespected his one wife. Chump disrespected all his wives, all races, both political parties, just to many to list
  13. Roy Moore

    You spend a considerable amount of time on this message board.......just sayin
  14. Roy Moore

    Thats exactly what Bill Cosby said. (laughing)