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  1. Your rioting and destruction claims are just decisive statements. Jefferson County Tx is a liberal county, no rioting and destruction when something happens. A very small percentage of liberals riot and cause destruction. Just like a small percentage of conservatives belong to the KKK. And Hardin and Orange counties are hotbeds for KKK. Texas has more KKK chapters than any state in the country. When you see the map southeast texas is a hateful place. Makes me understand this board a little better.
  2. More Stuff That Makes You Go HUMMMM!!

    things that make me go hmmmm, fake news, alternative facts and there's no way melania enjoys even touching  that old orange baboon. $$$$
  3. Senate Health Care Bill

    Just get rid of the healthcare bill completely like you promised! What are you guys afraid of.
  4. Professor's Profane Anti-White Message

    Kinda like some that are tough on this board where 95% of the posters agree with them.
  5. Grab um is a disgrace. We have Rich folk that would chew him up and spit his deplorable arse out if needed.
  6. Senate Health Care Bill

    I am just taking up for the less fortunate. 
  7. Can I LOL this?

    Its too late for that. The cops just murdered a man that bought a gun and paid for an open carry license. Basically followed the path that makes the Nra wet their pants.
  8. Senate Health Care Bill

    The republicans bill would probably be better, if they really gave a damn about people. 
  9. Well the thing about the original terrorist group. (The klan) They are alive and well, growing everyday with the direction of the new president and his cabinet. Examples, Sessions, Bannon, Paul Ryan, Bitch McConnell, Ted (I havenofriendsnotevenmymomna) Cruz. The country is being run by the biggest group of deplorables ever. What if Obama would have made astatement about dating his own daughter. If he would have said grab uum by the p, would it have been locker room talk. If he gave his daughter and son in law a job and office in the west wing, would that be ok. If Mrs. Obama would have posed nude touching her special purpose, would the rehaticans have ignored that. If the Obama's would have said and done the exact things that Trump has. There would be a major uproar. If I had a child that acted like grab um, I would call cps myself.
  10. Nick's Grocery closing

    I bought 3lbs last month and 5 lbs of homemade sausage. Gonna miss Nicks!
  11. A white man and a black man stabbed someone somewhere today!
  12. Bernie Sanders Anti-Christian values

    You only named McCain because he has went your peeps a couple of times.
  13. Trump gonna trump HYPOCRITES!
  14. BOOM! Trump Approval Rating Reaches 50%.

    I new grab um was a nut case when he said he would be with his daughter if she wasn't his daughter. And he descibes his wife and other women as a nice piece of arse. One sick man there.
  15. One big "Attaboy" for Rick Perry

    Slick Rick is a dumb arse!