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  1. THSB Baseball Top 10

    No love this year. BH will be super young. Surprised BC not on there though.
  2. So ready

    In no order Barbers Hill Nederland PNG Dayton/Vidor
  3. I know its a little early.

    Rank One has some schedules, but typically they don't release them till mid January. I know PNG and GCM is on their school websites.
  4. I know its a little early.

    Y'all got some dang good players coming back.
  5. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    With it being in Austin, I wouldn't be surprised if they did away with ol Bevo.
  6. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    WVU beating Florida? I don't know about that one. Either way, I will admit that the Big 12 has for sure closed the gap. IMO, the SEC under performs with the talent level they get in their recruiting classes. I'm a huge LSU fan and can honestly say that usually bowl games, and Bama game we don't show up. That's why it's so hard to prove who's better because haldf of these bowl games don't matter to the players or coaches. ie. players sitting out for the draft 
  7. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    Bama beat OU Texas beat Georgia Do ya'll really think the next 4 Big 12 teams are better then the next 4 SEC teams? SEC- Florida, A&M, LSU, Kentucky Big 12- West Virginia, Iowa State, Baylor, TCU Kentucky lost to Big 12, Georgia lost to Big 12, the rest would win. So a 4-2 advantage SEC if the top 6 played each other. Big win for Texas for sure though. Can't wait to watch them against my LSU Tigers next year.
  8. I know its a little early.

    A lot of good baseball this year. With PNG, Nederland, Vidor, Barbers Hill,  and Dayton being the playoff contenders. PAM and Cleveland will be decent, but a very strong baseball district. We match up with 22-5a which will be GCM (Very Strong), Friendswood (Strong), Galena Park (Good), Santa Fe (Very Strong), plus Texas City, Galveston Ball, Crosby, and Baytown Lee. It's going to be tough first round matchups. I know PNG will have good pitching this year and a solid team, Nederland returns some really good players, Dayton split with us last year and they are solid again this year, not sure on Vidor, and BH will be young, but tough. BH will have only 5 seniors this year and the rest underclassmen. I see a lot of split series and it wouldn't surprise me if the district champ has 3 district losses. there will be some really good HS school games being played.
  9. Coaching Carousel

    I thought the RB Long was going to Texas A&M Commerce and lineman or two were going somewhere. That's at least 4 or 5 playing past HS. 
  10. HJ Finally Gets Lights

    Finally, congrats!
  11. Barbers Hill Tourney

    Yeah, they play Friday
  12. Every time a team loses, it's natural for fans of that team to blame someone, whether it's coaching, players, refs, field conditions, or whatever. LV made the big plays when it counted and WB didn't. I'm very proud to be a WB graduate and former player. WB got lucky in the playoffs. For anyone to say they thought the Bruins would be in title game is lying. They escape at least 3 playoff games that I know of to get to the finals. The difference was the WB kids made the big plays when it mattered and pulled it out. Hats off to both teams for a very intertaining game.
  13. How can anyone not like Peevey? Seems like a cool guy. Now unleash hell on #66 and the rest of Longview. If LV keeps a 3 man front, WB should just run it down thier throat.
  14. Friday State Championship Games

    FB Marshall getting out coached. Hornsby isn't having a great game either. Aledo is just too much.