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  1. Roschon Johnson and PNG Indians

    Lol, lucky guess
  2. Roschon Johnson and PNG Indians

    I'm glad this thread came back. Reading my post from 2016, I called College Station  for 2017. Now, if I can get some folks on here to listen to me. Lol
  3. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    We all speculating, but at the end of the day, this district is going to be fireworks. Not because it's the best teams in the state, but because the majority of them are pretty dang even in all phases of the game. Should be two years of excellent games and a lot of hype on this messageboard.
  4. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    Come on man, it's not that big of a deal. We all have the right to whatever opinion s of different teams. I just remember a similar comment last. I don't know why I remember that though. Lol it's all good, I root for the Chambers County boys too. If you haven't check out the new Anahuac football stadium then you should. It's really nice. 
  5. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    workbootz, bubble screen right, bubble screen left, draw up the middle? I just told ya'lls entire offensive playbook. LOL Just messing, ya'll got a new OC this year, if he can get a little more creative, Dayton will surprise some people for sure.
  6. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    I agree with ya'll on every game matters. The thing that separates PNG and Crosby from the rest is that they have exceptional QB's. Both QB's are the kind that only come around ever so often. After that, everything else is about even across the board in the district. Should be a fun filled football season. Good luck to all teams.
  7. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    ECBucFan, I specifically remember you saying almost the exact same thing last year about BH. It just sounds like you're trying to get someone from BH to say something negative about the football program. If that's not the case, then I'm misreading your comments for the second year in a row.
  8. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    ECBucfan, what do you mean pay off? I don't think anyone thought that by the hiring that BH would march to a state championship anytime in the near future. I do think people were ready to make the playoffs and have success in the playoffs. Nobody foreseen the way the new realignment was going to be set up. I think I could speak for most parents at BH when I say that if we come in 3rd or 4th in the new tough district would be a positive, but you likely get Manvel 1st round. Come on, nobody thinks we walk over Manvel 1st round. We have to be able to shake off the voodoo that PNG and Crosby has on us. We have beat Dayton the last couple of years, which is a positive, and would've made playoffs two years in a row if we didn't get hit by the injury bug last year. I think people have bought into the new system, we have really good coaches, and now the kids have to perform. It's all good at BH, and we're good with our ivestments. BTW, we are growing fast, over 1600 students at the HS and growing.
  9. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    BH ran a similar offense as Vidor just 3 years ago, so they are very familiar with that offense. We played 2 years ago against Vidor and it was like 49-6. Crosby struggled against it a couple years back in the playoffs, but for the most part Vidor doesn't have Quirante kids at QB any longer. Vidor plays teams tough every year, but all 3 teams have seen that offense a lot.
  10. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    BH seems to have issues with beating Crosby and PNG, but they've had success against Ned and Vidor. Santa Fe isn't very good. Don't. Sleep on Dayton this year. Crosby and PNG has the top QB's in district, but BH and Dayton have QB's that sling it. BH probably has the best Defensive coordinator in the district, and probably had the most improved defense in district last season with a lot of underclassmen. There won't be much defense played in this district, but I think BH will keep close to everyone's top 3. My early pick is 1. Crosby 2. PNG 3. Barbers Hill 4. Nederland 5. Dayton 6. Vidor 7. Santa Fe 8. Baytown Lee   Until Dayton can figure out a better playbook, it's hard for me to have them as a playoff team.    
  11. Two a days.... i

    Who Dat, I'm originally from there, and I know about John Curtis
  12. Two a days.... i

    Who Dat, was River Ridge called something else? I can't find where they ever won a state championship in Louisiana. Lol Buras/Plaquemines Parish transplant here

    We should contend for a playoff spot. Johnson kid is good with a good WR Corp. The question mark will be the defense, but Def Coordinator is a good one and will have them ready by district.
  14. I'd move Deslatte to LB and let him light people up. Surely, PNG can find someone to fill RB position. That would strengthen the defense. But hey what do I know. Lol
  15. I would do short passes all year to where Shug don't get hit. I would throw it away if nobody open. The kid has proved himself over and over. Nothing else to prove. I would actually split time between him and the next QB. It would be the "protect Shug" season and I'm not kidding. No more running, and I would sit him against BH! Last sentence is a joke.