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  1. BH Vs. Crosby

    If Crosby backup QB can just manage offense and run the ball, they win. BH has struggled against the run all year. If Crosby throws the ball and has incompletions or turnovers, BH will win. BH offense looked impressive last night, this game will come down to the BH defense.
  2. Barbers Hill 49 Vidor 34/FINAL

    Too much firepower for Vidor. Pirates played tough though. Game game guys.

    This is old news, but everyone over here just kept it quite out of respect for Crosby. Have several friends that lost jobs in this thing. What makes it look bad is all of the nice buildings and facilities that were built. Now you got folks out of jobs and kids wondering who their coach will be. Prayers to the Coogs
  4. Barbers Hill 49 Vidor 34/FINAL

    As long as BH D plays gap assignment, they will slow Vidor down enough for the BH offense to score a lot. If not, it will be another high scoring game. Still think BH has Vidor's number and wins.
  5. Santa Fe 28 Vidor 19/FINAL

    BH use to run a similar offense. We know Vidor offense. Whether or not we stop it, we shall see, but it's no secret.
  6. I agree, I just think PAM has too much talent to get beat by NC. Not a dig on NC, but PAM should win those games.
  7. SMH, didn't PAM fans say they were in cupcake district?
  8. Does Size Matter?

    He's actually my neighbor. He's a great guy and appears happy with the move. His son lives across the street from him and he seems happy. There's really no pressure outside of a few dad's crying about play calling. His system works even for an area that lacks overall talent. I don't think you'll find anyone with any sense at BH talking trash about him.
  9. Does Size Matter?

    We stayed in Allen last week after going to Oklahoma for baseball recruitment and I scratched my head why a coach would leave there for anywhere in southeast Texas. It was super nice there.
  10. Crosby Qb

    Dang, hate to hear that. Prayers to Howard and 14.2
  11. BH Vs Lee

    This will be a close game if BH continues with the mental mistakes. If they put a solid game together, BH by 21.
  12. Port Neches-Groves 38 Vidor 32/FINAL

    We're having issues finishing for sure.
  13. Port Neches-Groves 38 Vidor 32/FINAL

    We had Nederland beat, but let them score with under 2 minutes in game. We led the entire game. BH usually has success against Vidor, but we've been struggling against the run this year. Should be a good game.
  14. Nederland 27 Barbers Hill 21/FINAL!

    Good game dogs. Pretty shady spot, but whatever. Tough loss when you lead the entire game and lose in last 2 minutes of the game. Good luck rest of the season.
  15. Nederland@The Hill

    BH and Ned got a little chippy in the baseball playoffs last year, the year BH played football at Ned got real chippy, this Friday, I predict some more chippiness (if that's a word? LOL) These two schools kind of don't like each other.