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  1. Game location has been changed to Premier Baseball of Texas. Game time still 7:30 PM
  2. Game has changed to 3 pm now. BH graduates that night.
  3. Barbers Hill/Tomball Memorial Gm 1 Thursday TM 7:30 GM 2 Friday BH 3:00 No inning strt after 6:30 GM 3 Saturday 5pm U of H
  4. It didn't. Nederland had a chance in the 7th inn with a runner on 1st and 3rd and failed to score.
  5. Just remember, if our CF doesn't lose a can of corn pop up to CF because of the lights, Ned doesn't scratch a run in the whole game. We can knit pick the game to death. It worked out in the end and the best team in that game won. Let's get it again Saturday.
  6. Just got back. Great game and excellent pitching by both sides. My son has had that same obstruction call against him before. Unfortunately, it was towards the end of the game. Still early, between two really good teams. Saturday should be another good one.
  7. Nederland VS Barbers Hill

    Ned is scrappy with good pitching and good hitters, but so is BH. BH is about 12 deep on pitching and the bats have been hot for the most part. I say BH edges it out in 3 games due to a little bit more pitching.
  8. Regional Quarterfinal Matchups

    Barbers Hill/Nederland U of H  Gm 1 Wednesday, 7pm Gm 2 Saturday, 5pm Gm 3 Saturday, 7:30pm
  9. Nederland VS Barbers Hill

    U of H- Gm 1 Wednesday, 7pm Gm 2 Saturday, 5pm Gm 3 Saturday, 7:30pm
  10. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Cully mangus BH Sr game 2 vs Elkins
  11. BH wins 12-7 BH advances to play Nederland. 
  12. Called after 5 inn
  13. 2018 Homeruns....... Varsity Only!!

    Cully Mangus BH Sr hr vs Elkins