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  1. WOS vs Huffman

    Huffman by 15 very good team 
  2. Yes yes and yes Imo yall will know better than me but I guess ask Hardin Jefferson 
  3. Yes Shelbyville had 1 game left open for this purpose of a warm up game. I know they counted last year's warm warm up game.
  4. Shelbyville has played a ranked team just about every week of the season. Coach Schmidt will play to win. Should be a great game.
  5. You might want to post Friday's schedule it's  updated and it's loaded.  Tenaha's facilities are second to none and be sure and not eat till you get to the games.
  6. I'm a admitted Homer Shelbyville by 15 just a hunch 

    Curious with the discussins about rankings what is your thought on Woden being ranked #13 in TABC Rankings last week and this week being ranked #11 this week after losing both games? Friday night was a 67-35 lose.
  8. I disagree Shelbyville beat them 65-35 at Woden before the incident. They led @ Tenaha going into the 4th with their players being suspended. Then @ Shelbyville lost 67-35. I think they just don't match up well with Shelbyville. 
  9. Top Games 1/14-1-18

    After everything that's going on in Woden the Tenaha vs Woden should be interesting 
  10. Woden/Joaquin

    Heard adults were involved 
  11. JAN. 15 PICKEMS

    I didn't see Woden on the pick em was why I only said Joaquin 
  12. JAN. 15 PICKEMS

    Same thing
  13. JAN. 15 PICKEMS

    Joaquin could be playing that game with JV. 
  14. So I'm curious under these circumstances you describe  what if he makes the 3 point shot and the foul is called after he lands he gets 2 free throws since they were in the bonus ? Possible 5 point play?