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  1. LCM

    It's official. Board meeting was last night
  2. LCM

    It's official. Congratulations 
  3. LCM

  4. LCM

    Fingers crossed. Going to find out if LCM is serious about girls basketball. 
  5. LCM

    Will start interviews next week I believe.
  6. LCM

  7. LCM

    Retiring  3or 4 years believe she coach at Orangefield befor coming to LCM
  8. LCM

    Yes. The administration will have no excuse for not having a top notch head coach.
  9. LCM

    I'm heard two good one's that are applying 
  10. LCM

    LCM head Basketball job is open
  11. LCM Bears overall Record

    Not hard at all. But being a Bear fan I agree with LC-M let's see where they end up. 
  12. http://www.hoopinsider.net/post/tabc-allregion-2018-9681063?pid=1303550374 
  13. 1st quarter trend had all to often this season for the Dragons 
  14. Normally we wouldn't miss it for the world but my wife is too sick to go or be left. We'll be watching !