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  1. Nope just double checked Thursday morning. They did put them up in hotel Thursday and Friday. 
  2. I usually don't do this but here goes. Shelbyville on Tuesday rode a bus 2 and half hours to a town close to Dallas and played the #7 team in 2A. Got back to Shelbyville well after midnight Wednesday morning. Then got up Thursday morning for another 2 hour bus ride to HJ to play Huffman @10:30 and Vidor @4:30 . Even though our starters played 2 and half quarters and left with a 32 point lead were told Vidor would have probably beat us if they had everyone. Being a 2A School we're not deep depth wise so l very proud of our kids to play 7 games in 5 days 6 games in 3 days. Good experience that will help them down the line. They learned a good lesson after the last game. They went 5-1 with their only loss coming on a last second Bucket in 61-59 loss. After beating HJ (2nd loss)  by 23 points we had 1 player awarded All Tournament HJ  had 2 players. It is what it is. Good experience for the Dragons. 
  3. Tatum 59 Vidor 43 according to Max preps 
  4. Shelbyville 77  Hardin Jefferson  54
  5. Wonder why Shelbyville vs Hardin jefferson score hasn't been posted ?
  6. 49-35 ? I think I know it was 14 diff
  7. Sat 12-1 Pleasant Grove cancelled game against Shelbyville.  Alto vs Shelbyville @ Panola 1pm
  8. Shelbyville 85-47 final 
  9. Shelbyville 21-5 after 1
  10. I wouldn't sell Cleveland short they have some very good athletes. Looked like they gave HJ all they could handle