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  1. Then they need to get out of officiating. If it's a foul you call it, if the kids shooting it's a shooting foul, if he's behind the arc he shoots 3. The officials did a good job overall. It's a shame a missed call is what they will be remembered for in this game. 
  2. I don't ever blame the officials but they swallowed their whistle on the last three and also reversed a call after a conference at the halftime buzzer. The Hawks were in a double bonus on that one and it was waived off after the call was made , both should have been shot . We can't change the rules according to game circumstances, if it's a foul in the first it's a foul in the fourth. Water under the bridge now, lets go Hawks. 
  3. As good as the Tigers are and they are super the one thing that stands out is their PG play. Every time I've watched the young man I just say WOW. Bush is no doubt the engine that drives the Tiger train. 
  4. That's the second time in my life I've heard of that. The other was in a girls playoff game years ago. That's kinda ticky tack. but it is a rule 
  5. Great atmosphere, great night of basketball. The kids left it on the court which is the way it should be. Neither club has anything to hang their head about tonight. 
  6. Houston Yates basketball

    Yates big man last year in the regional tournament was a non factor. Foul trouble kept him on the bench. 
  7. WOS was full of athletes which was no surprise. What surprised me was they had a couple of really nice basketball players. I think it was #23 who shot a good three ball and #11 had a beautiful mid range jumper. I thought that shot had died with the 3 point line but it's alive and well in WO. Depth hurts the Mustangs or they could be an interesting team come playoff time.
  8. I wouldn't bet against Kountze at home 
  9. Warren isn't exactly a Mecca for industry and having a highway passing through your town doesn't equate to athletic success. I don't claim to be an expert on Hardin athletics but I have been going over there to sporting events for 50 years or so. Like I said before there has been Randolphs and Reescanos over there for years , did those settlers all move? All school districts go through up and down stretches with talent but the good coaches get the the kids walking the halls to buy in to the system and develop a program. I would be more concerned if I lived in Hardin as to why kids don't come out for the program anymore than I would be the schedule strength but that's just me. 
  10. Why are the teams in Hardin suddenly all white? 
  11. And that's the everybody gets a trophy syndrome. Just one last comment , looking at Hardins roster they have 10 players and 5 are seniors. 
  12. Year before last when they beat EC and last year when they beat Kountze did they schedule Fred, Bob Hope and Hampshires JV to get ready? 
  13. If they won half of them against Fred Good Samaritan, Bob Hope and Hampshire Fannett JV they probably won't talk about it. I don't know Coach Collins but I guess he's got his reasons. 
  14. I wasn't talking about them losing by two last night, I said they have lost several games by two points this season. Fred Good Samaritan has to be a Christian school in Fred Texas. I'm not hating on anyone just expressing an opinion.