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  1. CP has a kid that can flat fill it up if he gets going .I still like EC by 12. EC 76 CP 64  
  2. Joubert is as good as anyone in the state at getting the most out of his players. As you get deeper in the playoffs though the guards get better at taking care of the ball. Kountze doesn't have an offensive threat this year , if they can't turn you over they won't beat you . 
  3. lol, not sure that's why they are coming  
  4. Saw a post about a Yates vs Wheatley warm up. Why would you play a warm up against someone you could meet early in the playoffs, surely this is a typo. 
  5. Any word on a Liberty vs Huffman seeding game? I believe they finished tied. This would be pretty good basketball. Both teams have some shooters who can fill it up!! 
  6. HJ wins 71-67 Great Job Hawks
  7. If they beat a Kevin Foster coached team like that, they are that good. Coach Foster ALWAYS has his club ready to go. 
  8. What's a lie? There have been rumors to that effect. That's no lie. 
  9. And a pre game burger at Jax, life is good!!