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  1. Looks like several local teams won't be in the HJ Marathon this year that are normally there. I don't think Big Sandy, Kountze or Evadale are in it this year. Nederland I believe is in the field again and Kelly I think. It will be a very good tournament again this year. HJ has what looks to be a very competitive schedule this year.
  2. I would think with the combining of the two districts in Beaumont there would be some pretty good ballplayers moving around in Beaumont as well as Port Arthur. Coach Williams does a good job wherever he goes so I don't think Kelly will be any different. I was surprised the Evadale job didn't post.Evadale consistently has one of the areas top small school clubs.Best of luck to both coaches in their new positions. 

    Not sure why any of the local high schools would not have lighting on their baseball field. That's a head scratcher. 
  4. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Evidently we have a music lover in our mix lol

    I guess we would first have to agree on the definition of a successful program. Some folks consider making the playoffs a success. In a 5 team district you can go 1-3 and make the playoffs. I don't consider that a success. Like I said earlier I don't know anything about the stipends or the HJISD budgets. I do know the most qualified guys to run athletic departments aren't always just football coaches. To simply hire an AD/HFC you eliminate a lot of very good qualified candidates. I hope HJ gets a good football coach in place soon for the players sake. With the football district they are in it's going to be challenging whomever they hire. Quote  Like this

    Probably the AD job, he could find a good football coach . I'm not sure why everyone thinks the AD has to also be the Football coach. Your AD has to have great organizational skills first and foremost. That doesn't stop with strictly football guys. Now the stipends and money necessary may be a completely different topic. I don't know anything about the districts finances. 

    I don't know a lot about the HJ football program but I'm not sure the other programs should have to bow to a football coach for the football team to be successful. Never saw anything that says the football coach had to be the AD. If your  best candidate for AD happens to coach another sport sign him up. Not sure about the statement of it being easier for HJ to get better at football than stay decent in basketball either. If I'm not mistaken every HJ basketball team from the 7th grade thru the varsity won their respective districts this past year. Of course with realignment HJ will be in Silsbee's district next year and Silsbee varsity is loaded. If Coach Joubert does become the head football coach at HJ he will get the most out of the kids he has to work with but we all know that doesn't always translate into winning records. 
  8. Best 8th graders 2018

    As well as South Carolina and Baylor I hear . 
  9. Best 8th graders 2018

    From what I've heard the best 8th grade basketball player in SE Texas is actually a girl at Hardin Jefferson. Don't know the young ladies name but I hear she is already getting serious attention from the top women's D1 teams in the nation. 

    Stats can be misleading when you have a kid play on a well rounded team. The kids from EC share the basketball as well as any I've seen. This year if Buna was going to score they pretty much had to go through Alex. I got to see EC and Buna several times each and the best players I saw wore green and gold this year. Somehow I think this bothers the grown ups more than it does the kids. On another note 20 all district players is over the top but it is what it is . 
  11. Great ballgame by both clubs , the difference in this one IMO was the big guy being taken out of the game so early. He was their best player and he left the game with 5:00 left in the first then played 20 seconds in the third before picking up his 4th. Silsbee did a great job and deserved the win, I sure would have loved to see the big man on the floor though. Fun game to watch.

    Watching Yates earlier this week I was impressed with their depth. They had 3 players who were standout type players but they went 10 deep without seeing any drop off. Silsbee will have to stay out of foul trouble and keep their Big 3 on the floor if they want to defend their title. This one will be fun to watch !!
  13. We hear every year these honors are all about the kids but come on folks. When you go down the list here and do the math EVERY starter in this district made all district but 4. All district teams were once picked to recognize the standout players in a district these days everyone gets a medal. Maybe its time to just say good season guys and forget the individual recognition.
  14. Can't remember the exact year early 2000's Brookelsnd had one of the best small school teams I ever saw 
  15. How many years are you in on that prediction, I was thinking this was year 3 ??