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  1. I'm sure they'll behave themselves much better there ( sarcasm intended )
  2. Argyle Sports Question

    The days of kids staying in one school district and going K-12 are over. That's not unique to charter or private schools or the Dallas area . Players have been swapping districts and schools for years. This happened long before charter schools started building super teams.
  3. May be a few before it happens again lol
  4. Faith Family vs Yates

    And got boo'd in the process. Never saw that before 
  5. Not the easiest surroundings to shoot in. Not sure you can simulate that anywhere else 
  6. A stifling press will beat teams every time if they don't have the backcourt personel to beat it. It doesn't have to result in points or turnovers to be successful . The teams mentioned do it a lot to wear folks down. The teams with fundamentally sound guards usually adjust well. When you look at EC, Kountze, Silsbee and HJ it's hard to argue with the the results those four have had. Congrats to EC on a great season. 
  7. Seems like Nazareth is there every year .
  8. Faith Family vs Yates

    Does FF have a big man ? Yates doesn't have a lot of weaknesses but there are some opening that the trap presents. 
  9. Just a couple of observations here. A lot of people think the lack of depth cost the Tigers a return trip to San Antonio this year. I know Bush is a great player but a return trip to San Antonio with a group of players who didn't play much this season may be a stretch . It's tough to get out of region 3. 
  10. There's a huge difference in playing the type schedule Silsbee played this year with D1 players on your roster. I wouldn't think the Tigers schedule would look anything like it did this year. 
  11. Sure we're a lot of Seniors on the floor on Senior night to be looking at San Antonio or the regional finals next year. 
  12. What hurt Yates last year was foul trouble . They depended on a great big man all season and lost him early to foul trouble. It affected everything they did when he sat down. 
  13. Argyle Sports Question

    Once you start being successful as a program the number of kids transferring into a district always increases. When you're successful in a district where the average home is $300k you're gonna have new faces "&
  14. Argyle Sports Question

    The girls have won 5 consecutive state titles, 4 of them after moving up from 3A to 4A