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  1. I wish the state of Texas could keep these kids in state. We lost the kid from Purdue, guard at Auburn, and many others. I think the post from Duke was from Dallas. If UT, A&M, and TCU could keep these kids home, we would play for a shot at the title almost every year. 
  2. I think both Harrison twins are playing in the G- League or overseas. I thought both would at least get 5 or 6 NBA seasons at least. Kelly Oubre is from H-town and so is Houston Rocket Daniel House. Ton of Texas kids in the NBA and a few more this year. 
  3. Who are the NBA players if you dont mind me asking?
  4. I think Adam's and McCain made the Allstate Team 3x for Silsbee. I know DC Stallworth made it twice and Lewis Arline and Thad Holden twice. Anyone else make it 3x or more? 
  5. What about Westbrook or even Dibol?
  6. No bench players just top 5 of alltime. We did this a few years ago and it was pretty good.  Silsbee  Darrell MacArthur  Chris Miller  Thad Holden  DC Stallworth   Jordyn Adams 
  7. If have to guess the old favorites like WOS and maybe East Chambers. I think Silsbee has an outside chance to make it back to the 4 or 5th round. Who else?
  8. Any chance of a 3 peat??
  9. I'm a Silsbee fan but I think beat WOS in football would be a bigger deal. I will say, I dont know over the past 25 years how many local teams in 4A have beat Silsbee besides HJ a few and WOS 2 or 3 times.