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  1. Super Gold Selections

    Silsbee has 3 averaging over 21ppg. 3 on allstate team. 3 on allstate tourney team and Bush Regional MVP and McCain state MAP and Hoopsinsider player of the year. Back 2 back rings. I guess I'm busting be picking to drive traffic to the topic. 
  2. Super Gold Selections

    Just facts people.
  3. Super Gold Selections

    Not sure and doesn't matter. I said I think 3 Tigers should be on there and that's how I see it. Congratulations to all those kids for what they did this season. 
  4. Kendrick Perkins signs with

    Let's go KP
  5. Super Gold Selections

    Congratulations to all those young men. Should be 3 Tigers 1st team. 
  6. Best 8th graders 2018

    Can't wait to see her when she makes high school next year. 
  7. Anyone remember Lawrence Armstrong from Jasper back in 1996? What was his 100m time? 
  8. Orangefield 12 Silsbee 7/FINAL

    Tigers struggling this year. Let's go Tigers!
  9. HBCU!!!! Congratulations 
  10. There he is long time no see. Not since the Yates game lol