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  1. Silsbee has what it takes to beat Yates IMO. Yates has 2 very good kids off the bench but I think if Silsbee can make free throws and turn turnovers into easy buckets, we will be fine. 
  2. Is Cartwright back on Varsity?
  3. Yeah I really enjoyed the basketball ride last year few years and the football ride in 2015. 
  4. We miss those good broadcast. Hope you comeback full time next season at least on half the football season and district basketball and all playoffs. 
  5. I care I guess that' why in asked bro!!! 
  6. Solid win!!! Let's steam roll thru district and the playoffs. Road to state!!!
  7. Thanks for taking time to do so. 
  8. Score??? Let' go Tigers!!!! 
  9. Silsbee vs Hardin Jefferson

    If Silsbee can play defense then should be a great game. No defense could be a close game or HJ upset