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  1. I can admit I was wrong

    I don't know who you think his welcome has worn thin with. The proof is in the pudding.
  3. Congrats Eagles. Finish it!!!
  4. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    That's fair  
  5. Roschons Final Stat line

    Who ended up winning?
  6. Carthage 64 Silsbee 36/FINAL

    Gata Tigers!
  7. Good luck Titans! Rep Setx 
  8. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    get em Eagles!!!
  9. West Orange Stark vs Madisonville

    I absolutely understand Coach T not being happy with just winning. Its his job to get the most out of the kids and not just be content with getting by. I remember very well his teaching moments. every time we didn't play well it was because of conditioning in his But as a fan....just win baby!!!
  10. Newton vs West Rusk @Tatum fri 730

    No problem. Eagles on a mission!
  11. enjoyed meeting you last weekend, what games you going to this weekend? Red Boyou!

    1. studd88


      Me too! I'm headed to Conroe tomorrow to watch the mustangs play Mexia. You going to any this weekend?

    2. Red Boyou

      Red Boyou

      I think I may go to atascosita/dickinson and then silsbee/ bay city. I thought about going to WOS but figure that will be a blowout.

    3. studd88


      Good deal. I hope you're right. I'm not sure about Saturday.i would love to catch a couple at NRG

  12. Fun Tool to predict scores

    That would be the game you looked up...smh