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  1. Next Year

    What does Silsbee have coming back?  
  2. Next Year

    He coming back?  If so, Orangefield will be a force. 
  3. Not sure why an “out of the area” coach would be more qualified than an “in the area” coach.” I think they will make a quality hire.  And congrats to Coach Abel.  Heck of a basketball coach     
  4. Interviews are today I think.  
  5. ??? Gravy in what way???
  6. Seems the accuser is on trial here.  Hopefully a false claim & gets cleared up.  Good luck. 
  7. Don’t matter who turn them in.  Only matters if UIL policy was broken.  
  8. Well what’s the word???
  9. PNG Girls vs Nederland Girls

    1st team to lose a game & go undefeated.  Impressive.  The dogs have a really good team & seem well-coached.  What is your issue with the coach dadofbulldog?  He must be doing something right? 
  10. Just curious whether he playing next season or moving on.  I didn’t know there was so much secrecy about his classification.  Like I said, good luck to all
  11. Thanks for answering the question.  So he is 19 & will be seeking a waiver from UIL.  Thanks.  I believe that what was 3s please was asking.  Good luck to all involved.  
  12. Concerned or curious? Standard question really.  Good player, hey what grade he in?  Is he coming back next year?  I don’t understand all the secrecy.  Why wait until September?  What going on then?