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  1. Here in Nederland we will take all the help we can get... Seriously though, Congrats to Him on the HC job!!!
  2. 2nd team left in the state. Not too bad for an unranked school that wasn’t suppose to make it past the second round. Crosby surprised everyone! They gave us 12-5A homers something to brag about for years to come! Thanks you boys for a great ride! Thanks for the memories! This Bulldog is SUPER proud of Cougar nation!
  3. Yes he did. He made a couple of mental errors. He just needs to throw the ball out of bounds. He has to think smart. Probabilities.
  4. Liberty Hills biggest fan is the announcer for Texan live.
  5. I actually hope they are listed as the underdog in this one. I think it has fueled Crosby the last 3 weeks. They need to keep that chip on their shoulders!! This is a completely different animal than anything they have played this year. They need to focus and execute flawlessly.
  6. Yes they did!! Crosby fans heads should be huge!!! This is a HUGE win for them. I’m so happy for the kids and community after suffering so Much crap the last few years. Strut around a little Crosby fans! I’ll Watch and cheer you on!!!
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