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  1. What a GREAT game!! Two weeks in a row Crosby has fought through adversity and overcome! This Bulldog is pulling for y’all!!
  2. So I investigated the teams a bit more. Crosby will win. Barbers HIll has a legit shot. Png has a legit shot. Texas City has a legit shot. I'll go with 2-2 or 3-1 for 12-5a
  3. I don't think there is a sweep. I Think we will go 1-3 with Crosby being the team that moves on. I hope there is a clean sweep!!!! If we do our district is much tougher than I imagined
  4. I thought they had a chance. BUT, definitely huge underdogs.
  5. This one could have been 100-0. Crosby called off the dogs.
  6. FBM needs to line up some quality opponents in non district. Barbers Hill, Nederland, Port Neches, Texas City, Crosby would definitely be undefeated if they played their cake schedule. I know they are good, very good. If Barbers Hill can punch them in the mouth early, They definitely have a shot. FBM has faced no adversity. They have faced no challenge. I could see them becoming easily discouraged if BH resists. I see FBM winning by 14 to 21.
  7. This is a football message board. BHFan is doing what we all do. Share an unprofessional opinion because we can. You are gonna have to put on your big boy pants if you are gonna stay on here. He did nothing wrong. He didn't disrespect the team. He didn't call out any player or coach. Get over it!!
  8. WOS PNG LCM Hamshire Fannett Vidor East Chambers Evadale Woodville Newton
  10. not FBM. Marshall, Mavericks from Marshall Tx. They will be Crosby's second round opponent
  11. I just think you guys are at a different level than Marshall.
  12. Last year was magical! Having said that sooner or later Cinderella turns back into a pumpkin. Maybe, hopefully they will do it again. I predict Texas High, Montgomery, or FBM will knock them out in Region 3.
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