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  1. I have no idea on this one. I see BH much like PNG, Much better offensively than Nederland but extremely inconsistent defensively. Depends on which BH shows up. Nederland is just the opposite, Consistent on defense but inconsistent offensively. It's a toss up to me.
  2. Fuselier is the key. Hand him the ball more. When they do things happen.
  3. I really do like our O-line. Barrow and Co. will have them all ready come Friday night!!
  4. This is the worst offense Nederland has had in a very long time. The points are being scored in large part to the defense. I know you have been to the games or watched them online. Can you not see the inconsistency and lack of firepower by our offense? It is extremely obvious. Against TC the offense ran for -5 yards.
  5. I agree. Every person on this site would gladly take a spot for their team in the State Final. It was a magical run!! A dynasty starts one win at a time. Time shall tell the tale.
  6. 1. Kingwood/West Brook 2. Magnolia West/Magnolia 3. Baytown Lee/Galveston Ball 4. United/PA Memorial 5. Nederland/Dayton 6. PN-G/Kingwood Park 7. Texas City/Crosby 8. Lumberton/Huffman 9. Splendora/Livingston 10. Vidor/LC-M 11. Jasper/Carthage 12. Rusk/Madisonville 13. Bridge City/Silsbee 14. Hamshire-Fannett/Hardin-Jefferson 15. WO-S/Orangefield 16. Diboll/Palestine Westwood 17. Buna/East Chambers 18. Kirbyville/Hardin 19. New Waverly/Hemphill 20. Garrison/Shelbyville 21. Timpson/San Augustine
  7. If the offense doesn't change, I'm not sure we can put up the points to win.
  8. Agree 100% I can see my own failures in this essay.
  9. You guys definitely did. Unbelievable run. I though Fuselier had played some QB early on. I could be 100%wrong. Either way, he is being wasted being double covered every play. In the games where he was played RB he has broken loose. He could change our season and give us HOPE of making the playoffs.
  10. They have a Fuselier. Good enough for me. I did some Research, Fuselier is definitely comparable. Fuselier 5'10 170 4.58 37 vert Dunn 5'11 185 4.5 33 vert Branch 6.1 180 4.4 not listed
  11. Ask Crosby how their swap of Dunn and Branch last year after the Nederland game affected their playoff run. My point is that switches can and have been made with HUGE success. Its never too late. This would completely change Nederlands offense.
  12. I was horribly wrong on my prediction here!! Congrats to WOS
  13. Gotta put Fuselier in the backfield. MUST. We have some decent WR that can catch if we can move the ball on the ground. Maybe even put him at QB. He is the KEY.
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