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  1. May God comfort his family and bring justice. Terrible news.
  2. This is a very entertaining post!!! One thing for sure, I'm excieted about turf!!! Cant wait!! So tired of watching my kids cheer, march, play in the mud...
  3. If someone already shared this score, sorry for the repeat post, I couldn't find it so I figured I would... FB Marshall knocked off Manvel yesterday 40-10
  4. Good job this year DOGS!!! No shame to losing to the number 2 team in state!!!
  5. in my opinion there must be a better kicker in our schools. The performance is simply unacceptable. It has nothing to do with the name and it is not personal. but, kicking has hurt us very much these last several years.
  6. Nederland loses by a FG...because Nederland can't make a field goal...
  7. I wouldn't doubt if they pop up in the top 10
  8. BH is for real this year. It was something to watch last week in Nederland. My favorite by far was BH band. they were AWESOME
  9. definitely the worst "special teams" I've seen in a while. A few changes and we wouldve beaten WOS
  10. Sorry if this is a repeat subject. I am curious if there have been any notable transfers for this football season. I've heard rumors, but none worth noting... anything?
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