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  1. I'll update scores tomorrow when I get them.....
  2. UPDATED FOR THIS SATURDAY........ Pool A.....Colmesneil, Deweyville, Kountze, Corrigan-Camden Pool B.....Garrison, New Waverly, Carlisle, Groveton 9 AM Deweyville vs. Colmesneil New Waverly vs. Garrison 9:35 Corrigan vs. Kountze Groveton vs. Carlisle 10:10 Kountze vs. Colmesneil Garrison vs. Carlisle 10:45 Deweyville vs. Corrigan New Waverly vs. Groveton 11:20 Corrigan vs. Colmesneil Groveton vs. Garrison 11:55 Kountze vs. Deweyville Carlisle vs. New Wav
  3. Moved from tomorrow to next Saturday due to wet fields.....
  4. If they sue, they'll get the diplomas.......
  5. 9:00 Deweyville/Colmesneil New Waverly/Garrison 9:30 CC/Groveton Tenaha/Carlisle 10 Groveton/Colmesneil Garrison/ Carlisle 10:30 Deweyville/CC New Waverly/Tenaha 11 CC/Colmesneil Tenaha/Garrison 11:30 Groveton/Deweyville Carlisle/New Waverly 12 Winner B/Winner A
  6. Pool A Colmesneil Deweyville Groveton Corrigan-Camden Pool B Garrison New Waverly Carlisle Tenaha
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