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  1. That is true , it was a consideration to forfeit the game , but that’s not the WOS way. Defensive guys including Line Backers were playing OL. Have to give it to CS for taking advantage of special team mistakes. They have a solid team. Wish them success today.
  2. They probably would have won the game. Lots of if’s in that game , pop had his worst game throwing, JT didn’t catch a single pass. I have no doubt if they were full strength they would win this game even with the special team mistakes .
  3. I’m sure CS doesn’t care what it took for them to win this game and it won’t be remembered that WOS had to sit out a number of starters due to a virus protocol. Best of luck to CS going forward.
  4. Good season Stangs, it was a tough year , Covid and two hurricanes .
  5. 7 total players out, mostly O and D line , one RB
  6. Not focused at all, stupid mistakes , that will send you home
  7. Yes it does, but I still predict a WOS win , maybe just not as convincing.
  8. Better than which two WOS backs ? They use 4 or 5. CS Back is good, but nobody hit him in Jasper game, arm tackles. He will get lit up this week as well as the QB (reminds of Giddings QB a while back) He is a gamer. But he too will get lit up , we will see how he takes it. WOS offense only ran 3 - 4 plays in second half last week. The defense scored all the 2nd half points, they are for real. I expect this to be a good test for WOS.
  9. After watching CS / Jasper. Running back is not as good as the Sweeney RB. How is CS backup QB ? I don’t think the starter will last , they will punish him. Stangs handle CS - and move on.
  10. That’s it , move chains eat clock , score
  11. Vidor secondary gonna be exploited tonite, they better drive and hold on to the ball and score every possession.
  12. Didn’t see this game in Texanlive lineup .
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