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  1. Reminds me of that QB for Giddings a while back. He is a baller and the leader .
  2. To win at this level and beyond you can’t make unforced errors , personnel fouls and undisciplined play. If we can clean it up and execute , we have the talent to win this matchup. Let’s go meet’em !
  3. Mark these words, If Peavy stays, LCM will become the elite program in Orange County! And it will happen in one year! The Blue and Silver era is coming to an end!
  4. Takes a whole lot more than being a former player to be an elite coach. I stand by my prediction, we will see. Those guys will crumble to the pressure from the community and the board l, and the program will suffer.
  5. Agree, one year after CT has retired Mustang Achievements will be history and LCM will be the dominant program in Orange country! Not because of transfers but because of good disciplined coaching. It was a good ride, thanks to coach T since the 80’s
  6. Anyone at game for updates ?
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