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  1. They do throw some, but prefer the run. If we stop the run and control the pass I’m hoping it’ll be the recipe for success. I’m not sure he can win a game with his arm, but he certainly can with his legs.
  2. I agree, most of the time we ARE doing the crime. I see a bunch we get away with, too. It’s one of those things we need to clean up in a hurry.
  3. I thought Carthage looked like they were going through the motion for most of the game. Maybe a little complacent? It can happen.
  4. I agree as long as we don't beat each other up too bad.
  5. Well, WOS will have to play perfect. We have to eliminate the PF penalties, the bad snaps and we seem to lose every jump ball thrown this year. Like powerlifter mentioned in another post. We got some cleaning up to do, still. The up side is we can still improve and we have continuously improved. It's never been for a lack of talent and it's finally coming together and it'll have to continue or we will get boat raced by CS. I was truly astonished at the way we dominated the game last night after the 1st quarter. If we can put 4 qtrs together of mistake free we can advance.
  6. Well, he definitely has a point. Makes you wonder what we could do if we got it all cleaned up.
  7. I told you that game was winnable for them Bears. Way to go! Keep rollin!
  8. Dang man, you Carthage fans are super sensitive. You said yourself that your offense has improved. That was my point. I really can give a rats behind about what broadcasters and coaches say about your defense, lol.
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