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  1. I can't find that. Maybe my work computer is blocking it. Can you post a link? Thanks.
  2. Uh, he mentioned "first round -- Manvel". I was correct, stay out of 4th place if you don't want to see Manvel. Now if you want to discuss the others thats a different topic.
  3. Too bad there is a concerted effort to destroy the "local industry" by the administration in office right now. Its going to hurt the schools and people!
  4. I wish everyone could realize that. Too many hot shot high schools stars end up not even playing collegiate ball, and some sadly enough, end up with tough lives. Props to your coach!
  5. Much respect for Texas HS. Some would fudge things, and sweep it under the rug just to keep players on the field. THS apparently does not do that. Much respect!
  6. I think he referenced the "1st round". By round 3+ you could get anyone.
  7. I understand that. It reduces some travel and probably makes some of the scheduling at Stallworth a bit easier.
  8. Exactly right. Many people who never go out to West TX have no concept how vast and remote it is. Fun fact: Beaumont to San Antonio, 281 miles, 4:45 drive time. El Paso to San Angelo, 404 miles, 6:05 drive time.
  9. I don't blame them a bit. Its exactly what I would do if I were them. Sometimes practicality outweighs other things. I mean this gently, but its not like the El Paso teams are a real threat to go on deep runs and maybe win State.
  10. I saw that! Tepper always entertains. I never miss a show. In fact its one of the few things on TV I enjoy. TV is trash right now.
  11. That's good to hear. I know much of this culture today does not value good sportsmanship or public civility in social media, but they should. I value people can agree to disagree, and stay away from devolving into trash talk. I would much rather talk football!
  12. I don't have a dog in the hunt anymore, but it seems pretty clear to me, Crosby, Texas High, AMC, PN-G.
  13. Here is one of Satans Lil' demons at work:
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