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  1. "Plus"? Thats totally a one up. You want facts? Barbers Hill's Dual State Championships were not even 12 hrs old and you are on a SETX baseball forum talking Aledo football. With a "smirk face".
  2. Dang. BH fans can’t even celebrate a huge accomplishment for 24 hrs before someone comes on here trying to “one up” them.
  3. That is it exactly. We had a long discussion and that’s what I said. BH runner plated LONG before Hallsville threw the ball to 2nd. The run had scored, then well after that the 3rd out was called. There was no force, 1st base was empty. The Upm team did get it right. I am glad they talked it out.
  4. Lots of 5A and 6A programs with turf fields and other amenities not wining State this year or anytime soon. Pretty much common now.
  5. New pitcher, finally. Their starter had right at 100 pitches.
  6. A fan is tracking it. She tells me he is at 74. 110 is the UIL limit.
  7. Looks like a tough draw for BH, but you would expect that in the finals. Hallsville will pitch ace Landon Bowden, a super Soph already committed to TCU. He is a strikeout king with a miniscule 1.14 ERA.
  8. I hope BH makes the right choice, not necessarily the fast choice. Its worth waiting to get the right one.
  9. BH vs. Hallsville for the finals. Incidentally, Hallsville was the team the BH beat in the semis last week before they won it all. Hallsville has some great fans. Very polite and classy. This game should be great.
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