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  1. Would love to see the Vegas Spread for Deweyville V HD, I hope that is the game of the week!
  2. Why in the world would Lumberton look past East Chambers? East Chambers is a significantly better program despite classification.
  3. Ouch... Is New Waverly that good or Hardin that bad?
  4. Congrats to the much maligned bobcats..... beating your rival can sure get things right
  5. Congrats bucs......, bad loss for the raiders. Is there a district game they can win? Splendora?
  6. Mildy shocked here... looked like they were headed in the right direction the first couple of weeks.
  7. Great point.....WOS always has a really high ceiling talent wise, but they also have the tendency to underachieve at times. I think when you have the state runner up in the district (Huffman) they need to be considered the favorite until someone knocks them off.
  8. Why not.... LCM played WOS tough I think they would do the same to Carthage. Peevey & the boys are rolling out in Orange county.
  9. WOS looks like a college team..... 6'6 & 6'7 playing on the perimeter. Will be interesting to see if they can challenge Silsbee in that district. Based on what I saw today, I think the answer is yes. LCM/OF/BC/Vidor/Lumberton will be fighting for 3rd-7th
  10. Lumberton hanging tough with a bigger school tonight is a good sign, Glad to see them playing up in classification. Good luck to the raiders moving forward.
  11. Very nice win for Liberty.... I feel like they could shock some teams in district play.
  12. Is EC not recruiting as well as they used to? Congrats to the Horns.
  13. Whoa there big fella, lets not compare WOS & Jasper to Buna and Columbus in there respective classifications. While they are smaller schools both WOS & Jasper are usually state ranked one of which has multiple state championships, the teams you guys are playing are not in same universe comparing the two. No disrespect meant to Buna or Columbus, both are good clubs at their level.
  14. Congrats to Lumberton on beating a couple of smaller schools to start the season, I would imagine there will be a big difference between buna and some of the stiff competition they will face in district play. Will they be able to compete for a playoff spot this year?
  15. Congrats to the bobcats tonight, impressive win.
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