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  1. SA will be tough. Still think Shelbyville the fav. But this district is crazy tough. Tenaha will be tough too.
  2. Broaddus will not beat any team in 22 2a. Dont have enough horses.
  3. Broaddus would finish 5th in 22 2a. Imo.Maybe with Woden. They might win a game in playoffs but wont have enough to get to regionals.
  4. District 22 2a will be a huge test for all 2a teams.
  5. This district will have their hands full if they play any of the 22 2a teams in tbe playoffs. Seen them and they are stout.
  6. SA 62. Teneha 61. Final. Huge win For SA. Will be tough in playoffs.
  7. Have to admit any school that plays just basketball has a huge advantage. More games played more pratice time. It goes along ways just look at the 1a and 2a ranks. SA is probly one of the top 3 most athletic teams in all of 2a and give them just basketball and they would be a monster. Woden Broaddus Many more small schools should be dominating. Imo
  8. SA will be scary in the playoffs. Remember they started basketball later than every 2a team in state besides refugio and post. That district is loaded
  9. Hey thanks JaspD55. Im from SA live in zavalla. Now. Btw. Congrats on a great year for Jasper
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