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  1. Mitchell Coach of the Year. ReDo= Recruiter of the Year. HJ= CO Recruiter of the Year. Silsbee = Co Recruiter of the Year
  2. Silsbee and HJ will always be "Champs of Southeast Texas" So yall and Fannett now built teams that are strong for our area just to beat each other. Why get pissed when your recruits didn't compete with theirs. Yates
  3. This is Mitchell's team and always was yall keep believing in "Re Do" smoking mirror coaching! Gotem fooled! Congrats Lumberton
  4. Four Corners! Standing at half court with the ball is not the same. It's not even being ran correctly around here.
  5. It won't get any better I watched him the entire year coaching jv in Lumberton and on the bench for varsity. Dude has people fooled trust me
  6. Maybe for this area basketball is played and coached at a hole different level in the midwest I watched every Lumberton game last year trust me there was nothing that showed a great basketball ball mind.
  7. Kountze played with 4 Sophomores and a Junior for almost 5 minutes before the 1/2 and the adjustment after the 1/2 was to man up Kountze best player. Question is why did it take a entire 1/2 for your "coach" to make the adjustment. HF kids good job. HF Coach not so good
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