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  1. I’ll ask the question and make it easy..... Was there any coach on the field or involved in the scrimmage in any way (besides making sure there would be umpires present) ? One more time, official practice started Friday. Period. Not sure how to make it any clearer for you. If you insist on trying to make something out of nothing, please, by all means, have at it. I’ll be glad to wait on your findings. Rake1
  2. The activities done during school time are subject to the hour per week rule. Also the practice/scrimmage at 5pm was run by parents. No coaches were present, just like fall ball. Official practice started Friday just like everyone else. Rake1
  3. Just so we can shut this down right now before any more “genius” comments get made. The practice in question was part of the normal amount of hours given for each week to each sport, nothing more. Bridge City started regular season after school practice on Friday like everyone else. Period. Rake1
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