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  1. Hard to argue against travel but some schools shouldn't play certain sports if travel is such an issue.......
  2. Not really but it's here....... It boggles my mynd that PA has 4 HS inside it's ISD but that's another discussion for another day But sports with less than 11 playing at once don't need divisions......
  3. Have you looked at the size of Aledo's ISD vs BC's. I bet it's way bigger than it's city limits...... To answer the initial question...... Hell no......
  4. My Trojans beat up on De LaSalle a couple of years ago so I see NS having no problems.......
  5. I like the new 9 5A D1. The PAM coaches will have to coach more and better this year. I also like Trinity's new 6A district. They should be the favorite going in while I have PAM sitting at 3rd with low expectations. I just hope LP doesn't decide to bring that 6A speed down with them......
  6. I think last 2 years 10 5A D1 was tougher.....
  7. lol Heat with PA. Head with Trinity. But that, unless all those HS in PA close, will ever happen
  8. Trinity made the list so I'm good. Not listed, perrinial(sp) Reg 4 champ Calallen......
  9. Northshore LaPorte The Woodlands Spring Branch Memorial Temple LC-George Ranch New Caney Houston Lamar FB Elkins Deer Park
  10. Arthur Lewis Gone as United's HC
  11. Playing in the same backfield with QB Card from Lake Travis in the Under Armour All American Game espn 2
  12. The jet sweep has been killing NS since the WB game. Kinda impressed with the freshman from D'ville. Let's see if NS defense can make a stop
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