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  1. That will make you correct........ And with a Freshman QB, there's a potential for 3 more
  2. 1 as an assistant with the '03 bunch and 3 as H/C......
  3. Proud of what Coach Fenner and staff were able to accomplish in the last 2 years. Wish he coached in PA
  4. I saw Toby under achieve big time at Central so be careful what you wish for
  5. 1. Westbrook 2. Strawn 3. Shiner 4. Stratford 5. Brock 6. Franklin 7. Austin LBJ 8. Gilmer 9. Katy Paetow 10. SOC 11. North Shore 12. Westlake
  6. In football, low man wins. Having said that, I don't think LH can keep SOC out of the end zone enough
  7. 49-21 Da Sho final Face the winner of SLC and Duncanville
  8. LH's oline is small but in their offense, low man wins. A lot of fumbles on the exchanges.......
  9. That's no problem. Again, I'm a map reader unlike the Stevie Wonders and the Ray Charles that they have now
  10. I'm telling y'all @AshlyKBMTpetition the UIL for me to help with the district creation. My specialty is Reg 3 and southern region 2
  11. If this is Dist 10 in real life, I don't care where PAM finishes, it will be a clean sweep by Dist 9
  12. 1. North Shore 2. Mansfield Summit 3. Liberty Hill 4. Timpson 5. Southlake Carroll 6. Denton Guyer 7. Austin Westlake 8. Katy Paetow 9. South Oak Cliff 10. Stephenville 11. Austin LBJ 12. Gilmer 13. Cuero 14. Mount Vernon 15. Lorena 16. Lubbock Roosevelt 17. Waskom 18. Marlin 19. Stratford 20. Mart
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