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  1. Please don't take my observation as disrespect......
  2. I saw in person how SLC beat Trinity and Duncanville. One week, mostly passing, the next with the run and D'ville's Dline was huge. I know darn well Westlake doesn't have that kind of talent on the defensive side of of the ball and SLC has 2 receivers and RB that you have to deal with plus the #1 QB in the nation, class of '22 so I've got SLC......
  3. One hellava win for the Crosby program. Wins like that, however, normally lead to blowouts the following week. When we lost to Sweeny 6-6 in '83, the Bulldogs got ran out of the gym to the tune of 42-0 by one of the greatest teams of all times, Dangerfield. I hope Crosby gives Aledo and game and a scare but history says no I want to be wrong AF Barrett Station, stand up......
  4. Carrol 59 Trinity 35 Final Ewers 35/39 passing 450 yards 6 TDs 1 pick Boyd 17 rec 261 yards 4 TDs Sampson 13 rec for 137 and 2 TDs Ollie Gordon 23 rushes for 204 and 2 TD's with one TD on and kickoff return in a losing efford My other Black and Red team ends the season 11-2
  5. Denton Ryan, again, would like to have a word holding old money HP to 7 points......
  6. I imagine the Allen defense felt like they were in a Mike Tyson fight. Body shot after body shot....... aka TB counter up the middle
  7. Also, the Blondes lead the series 6-2 I think......
  8. That comment about the small O-line in college is hysterical. And did you know, there's 2 sets of twins on the Trojan O-line?
  9. Allen just walked off the field w/o waving of dapping any of the Trinity players....... Ollie Gordon Jr RB 49 carries for 455 yards and 6 TD General Booty torched the Trinity secondary to the tune of 32/42 300 yards but 2 critical picks Also, 90% percent of Trinity's plays were ran from the I-formation.....
  10. I bet a co-worker Thurogood -5. Its safe to say they covered......
  11. Normally, ET would run a 4 man front and if you can get pressure with 4, defense normally dominate..... Those 3 man fronts don't stop the run very well
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