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  1. I can see where you are coming from ...That Atascocita vs desoto state title game left a bad taste in peoples mouths..Atascocita was out toughed but most teams are gonna mirror their coaches... some of the elite team u won’t know wether they are intimidated or not because the coaches don’t allow them to be mouthy on the court... I’ve watched green coach a lot at north shore and have watched BU on the court maybe 3 or 4 times these last two years have rarely saw his players murmur a word .. same as with the coach at Yates .. but as far as football the no dfw hasn’t done anything
  2. Congratulations BU beat the snot out of north Texas ..this year regardless of classification they have been the best team in the entire gha and will probably be for the next two years ... bruh I got mad love for Beaumont .. family has history there in that area .. one of the old high school’s Charlton- Pollard is named after one of my family members ( charlton). No insult on you But that out-tough statement sounds really present-minded and sheepish bruh..don’t forget ( most of the time it’s SUBURBAN Houston schools that beat the TOUGH Beaumont , inner city Houston , and port Arthur schoo
  3. Minute wise Those schools are Proby closer to north shore than Galena park high
  4. A lot of Wheatley’s talent came from pleasantville .. pleasantville is pretty much the midpoint between north shore and Wheatley.... kashmere , north forest , and Wheatley attendance zones are actually close to north shore ..all of their attendance zones are within 10 minutes from north shore ... kashmere is probably the furthest high school of the 3 and it’s only 10 miles away ... it’s 20 minute tops with a bad day of traffic ... not 20 miles bruh .. 20 miles in Houston is far as crap ... that’s pretty much from one side of the beltway to the other
  5. Gp and north shore are in two totally different areas .. the high schools are 20 minutes / 10 miles apart ... the black athletes don’t live anywhere near GP... NS is in a newer mostly residential area most of the homes there were built in the 70’s and up ... gp is in an old industrial area .. homes were built mostly in the 40,50,and 60’s ... there are no new subdivisions in gp’s area...
  6. It’s obvious u don’t know the area or about gpisd... all of the athletes live within walking distance of north shore high school , Cunningham and nsms... all three of those schools are walking distance from each other .. although the school has turned predominantly Hispanic north shore is still around 25-30 percent black .. with 4K plus students .. there’s hardly any blacks on the galena park side ... nsms is around 20 percent black and Cunningham is around 50 percent black ... the schools that are zoned gp don’t have hardly any blacks ...most of the blacks that live near gp high are zoned to
  7. they’re pityful.. most of the athletic kids in the district come from the north side of I10.
  8. Open enrollment with only 2 high schools in the district. There’s no benefit to that..
  9. That’s false bruh ... the two middle schools that feed into north shore high school are off the charts. Cunningham and north shore middle schools go pretty much undefeated until they play each other every year . Cunningham is the premier middle school in the Houston area.. with north shore middle school is Proby the 2nd. They do get exceptional move ins but 95 percent of those kids come from cms and nsms.
  10. Great for him and the area .. Madison’s mason griffin did the same thing exact thing some years back ..
  11. The Southeast Humble area ( summer wood area ) Has a port Arthur pipe line .. got the athletic staff now the players .
  12. I hate Griggs left. .. kills his chance of being mentioned as one of the greats to come out of the GHA.
  13. The word Decent varies some demographics it can be used as almost the opposite of what it means. It’s like saying he has nasty skills , he’s stiff , or his game is sweet. It’s mostly a low key smooth way of saying awesome... lol .. but anyways congratulations and great for him. Much respect for that kid. Each time and Each game I watched him win, or lose .. pound for pound he was the best player on the floor .Team had huge turnover including 2d1’s and they pretty much repeated the same success as they did the year before. His game Reminds me a lot of tOmmy mason griffin just a lo
  14. My point is teams with a great mix of chemistry And talent have beaten teams with multiple picks before .. And what gives your opinions all of the value again ?
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