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  1. The Southeast Humble area ( summer wood area ) Has a port Arthur pipe line .. got the athletic staff now the players .
  2. I hate Griggs left. .. kills his chance of being mentioned as one of the greats to come out of the GHA.
  3. The word Decent varies some demographics it can be used as almost the opposite of what it means. It’s like saying he has nasty skills , he’s stiff , or his game is sweet. It’s mostly a low key smooth way of saying awesome... lol .. but anyways congratulations and great for him. Much respect for that kid. Each time and Each game I watched him win, or lose .. pound for pound he was the best player on the floor .Team had huge turnover including 2d1’s and they pretty much repeated the same success as they did the year before. His game Reminds me a lot of tOmmy mason griffin just a lot smaller and shorter. Had he been 5’10 or taller would’ easily be a high 1 prospect.
  4. My point is teams with a great mix of chemistry And talent have beaten teams with multiple picks before .. And what gives your opinions all of the value again ?
  5. That’s false .. this years yates team was good state wise but maybe top 100 nationally at best , yates has had five teams better than this years team. Has had four nationally ranked Top 25 teams. You obviously haven’t watched a lot of Houston basketball in the past. I’m talking juggernaut teams that come around every 5-10 years. And before this year The 09 yates team was being talked about as the best ever. These are kids stuff goes in cycles.
  6. Where and when did I say a team from Texas this year could beat them ? Reread my post please
  7. This has not been the first team a high school team has been stacked like that. Any given year these teams are beatable by special local teams.
  8. Not to mention that any give year the special All USA prep teams have and can be beat by juggernaut Houston High Schools, and have in the past. Used to witness It at the Academy Tourney every year when it was held here. Carmelo Anthony, Tyson chandler , Micheal Beasley, Martellus Bennett , jarien grant , and several Rainer Beach , and oak hill teams that were stacked with multiple one and doners .. watched the great willowridge , Waltrip , milby and yates teams .. and don’t think any could beat a d one program. Like you say we would know who the best players are but I’d take the college kids.
  9. Tucker is a specialist in the nba that knows what his role wit the rockets . He wasn’t a hot prospect coming out of Ut . He was drafted in the 2nd round and was a journeyman just like a couple of those southland conference players will be , some will go over seas , some into the nba Undrafted and be specialist .. all college players are closer to being a finished product and knowing their roles than High school players
  10. Bruh I think u missed my point .. I know there’s a difference. I’m just saying from a competition standpoint. the point I’m trying to make is that regardless of sport it’ll be Very hard for an elite group of kids that are 15-18 to beat college Level kids that are of the main reasons is due to the 17-22 year old group having faced elite experience and competition. Experience and competition that you can’t replicate on the high school level.. only my opinion tho
  11. Pj tucker uses other things that comes with experience and being a NBA veteran to make up for his lack of height and other deficiencies . The best big man in college would struggle vs him, he’ll they would even struggle vs harden down low. You guys are u underrating basketball experience , and basketball experience vs competition.
  12. When I was younger I would debate my gpa And uncle on whether on the best 5a high school Football team could beat the worst swac team , my gpa would be like no because what the college players lack physically they supplement it with experience/iq and technique
  13. Is all of mv key players seniors ? I agree that if the game was played we would no doubt know who the best players are in the game.. but the major mismatch is college upper classmen vs 10th graders... regardless of height and size , maturity and Basketball iq is a big advantage... especially when ya dealing with kids that are in the 15-22 age range .. each year is a huge gap until u reach ur peak
  14. I can agree with them dragging yates but a mid level D1 college team idk bruh .. especially a team full of upperclassmen ... the iq and physical level of 21-22 year olds .. idk bruh !!
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