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  1. How many times did Green put 4 or 5 out and tell Kasen to just work Pick and Roll and ISO and go get a bucket? I wasn’t there. This has been my issue with him since last year if he’s still keeping two guys down low clogging the line and doesn’t maximize your best players skill set.
  2. Did BU match up for a half court game or did Green get stubborn?
  3. That’s on Green if he doesn’t play them together for this matchup but hey, can’t say I didn’t expect that from him lol you neutralize those two, they will smash PA. If he rolls with only 1 big, I’ll take back my 20 point blowout win prediction, it’ll be single digits in that case.
  4. United by 20. Pleasant and Baker etc can match up with Junior and Nate and Kasen can neutralize that solid guard they have. Memorial is overrated if you ask me.
  5. He was second guessing himself a lot i noticed. Kind of expected though coming off an injury like that.
  6. I appreciate that, just have no reason to follow hs basketball anymore. I was asked to help coach some knucklehead kids 5-6 years ago and I made the commitment to stick with them and have moved up with them ever since. Not sure I will have time to follow or interest after my guys are gone but we will see. My kids will obviously change that but until then who knows.
  7. FWIW y'all wont have to worry about me much on this board after this year. I'll be on the LU boards for 3-4 years until my kids get to aau/hs LOL
  8. Understand, just seems like there's a different expectation for Hefner I've seen big games not blowouts with Kasen not playing well at all and no one says anything...and I'm the biggest Kasen Harrison supporter here. I'm not saying there should'nt be higher expectations for Hefner because there should be but there should always be for Kasen don't give him a pass haha
  9. So just to point something out...how many points did Kasen have? Why is it ok for him to have a few points and Hefner is expected to have 30 a game? Asking for a friend.
  10. Exactly...those same coaches are many of the ones that told similar things to Kasen. He's not a very great jump shooter yet and has definitely improved but it's the sole reason why he wasn't getting Arkansas, TCU, UH, Oklahoma offers early on. When he does develop that, which he will, he will be on that same NBA prospect level...even at 6'1
  11. Haha I’d love to have a conversation with anyone who is still in denial of that kid. We played them this past summer several times and he is a legitimate NBA prospect.
  12. People don’t realize Hefner is a legit NBA prospect, not just a high level D1.
  13. Yeah it played a big part in his decision to stay. If you look at what took place at LU this past year with several players leaving and getting kicked off it definitely isn’t a good look in my opinion for whatever the individual reasons were. We have had many conversations about it. Some of the reason why he didn’t go far off for long for AAU is because of reliability with his travel situation. The other was favoritism with kids who were older and from Houston that weren’t nearly as good with him being 16 at the time. Like I said, I hope he stays all 4 years just being selfish to be able to go watch him every home game.
  14. Pandora’s box can be a very assumptive place. Back to my cave I go.
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