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  1. He's the best true PG from this area I've ever seen/coached. He did play a short stint with a "national based team" but politics got in the way with some Houston kids that he was clearly better than so he went back local. In my opinion, it hurt him temporarily, but once school ball kicks off and BU makes a deep run, there will be many programs offering him to start day 1 like Lamar is. That's really what it's about for him. He just wants to play.
  2. I’d be shocked if he came back at all. He’s not even fully healed yet, not to mention out of shape.
  3. Yes, he is. That was also before several players either got kicked off, quit, or transferred. He’s on a lot of bigger programs radar, and LU is going to have to make him a lot of promises to keep him after the year he’s fixing to have.
  4. I really don't think it's a decent margin like some are suggesting. Most of these guys recruitment happen on the AAU scene and Hefner has played with a high level team(Houston Defenders) for a good while, and Kasen has stayed loyal to the area for the most part and hasn't spent much time on The Circuit. I think once he puts together a state championship run this year and finally takes his ACT/SAT, he's gonna get some bigger offers and will really have some tough decisions to make.
  5. As much as I want to agree with this, I got to be real here. Hefner at this point, is better than Kasen. There are some things that Kasen needs to do to take that spot. 1. Effectiveness finishing with the left. Yes, I know he's left handed but he almost always finishes with the right and it's going to hurt him at the next level if he doesn't. I've worked with him on this for awhile and it's a very difficult thing to break, but he can do it. 2. Pull-up jump shot. Not having to really use it much because he is such a great finisher, he gets away with attacking the defenders chest at the rim because he's very strong and athletic. I've seen him struggle in the Circuit with bigger players in this situation. Oklahoma also suggested he work on this as well, so hes definitely on the radar for other big schools. Hayden is getting his head above the rim, he's taller, better shooter, better finisher with the left. I think it's close but I don't see how anyone can put Kasen above him right now. I hope he does get ahead of him though. He will definitely have the better team this year.
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