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  1. A friend of mine on Facebook said that Jasper scored on each possession during the live portion of the scrimmage and that QB Trey Adams accounted for four passing touchdowns and ran for one as well. He didn't say anything about the defense, but I'll see what I can find out.
  2. As Forrest Gump once said, he likes to use the F word....a lot. LOL
  3. I agree. It says a lot for someone to be so hateful to begin with, so his actions at the end didn't surprise me a lot. Brown's not a likeable guy at all, but a coach with some class would have never said much about him outside of his coaching ability.
  4. Did you see the one on the Cowboys? I hope Jason Garrett doesn't kiss his mother with that mouth. LOL
  5. I actually kinda liked the guy from Coahoma CC that was featured in Season 2. His team was terrible, but it was evident that he cared about the players and wanted it to be a good experience for them. I'd like to see what he could do with better players, but recruiting kids to play there has to be really tough...
  6. I'd like to see Netflix feature a good human being as a coach for two years. Buddy Stephens is a good coach, but not a great person and Jason Brown was all about Jason Brown, let alone being an awful coach and person. I know having not featuring a narcissist would hurt ratings, but I'd still like to see it.
  7. I don't have a problem with Jasper at #4 at all. They won't have a chance to prove otherwise until the West Orange game and if they win that one in Orange, they'll be deserving of the top spot. The schedule is pretty weak prior to that.
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