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  1. What are you talking about? Those are amazing recruiting tools. 🙄😂
  2. That's laughable. We built a very nice complex (baseball, football venues), but we would have done more with almost $19MM.
  3. Shawn was a LU Cardinals fan growing up, but he played at SFA. I'm not saying that he would ever want to coach at that level, but either program would be lucky to have him.
  4. That's death by a thousand paper cuts if I've ever seen it. Good thing it's early for Celina so that maybe they can make it interesting.
  5. Me too! That Jasper run in '07 was one of the most dominant in state tournament history at that time. Shawn Mixon coached the Bulldogs back then. I believe he won state at Woodville in both baseball and softball also. He just took the job at Huntington, so expect the Red Devils to make noise soon. Mixon wins everywhere he goes.
  6. Saban might be the only one there with internet service.
  7. I've always wondered why we don't participate in those tournaments. Maybe that will change under Coach Crumedy.
  8. That's the million dollar question. How many have been thwarted before they were carried out?
  9. So what's the compromise to fix this? Until something of substance is agreed upon by both sides, this won't end. We have some intelligent people here. What are your thoughts? (For full disclosure, I'm avidly pro-2nd Amendment, but I do not own guns for reasons I won't disclose...)
  10. Thanks for pointing that out. Not sure how I missed it. lol
  11. This new district is gonna be fun for sure. I wonder who the other two opponents are...
  12. Agreed. If we're clamping down on abortion, there needs to be much better assistance for mothers so that they can provide for those kids if they want to keep them and also an adoption system with a lot less red tape for mothers that aren't equipped to do the job for whatever reason.
  13. I lost my chance to become a father back in '97 because my girlfriend at the time decided to do this and she never even brought it up until after it was done. I never had a voice in the matter and it sent me to the lowest depths that a person can actually live through. After all of that, I never wavered from her right to make that decision.
  14. That's exactly right. Maybe there shouldn't be years assigned to the forums anymore. We're all smart enough to figure things out...I think. 😂
  15. It's good to see that Reese is playing well. LU seems to rarely get Jasper kids for some reason.
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