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  1. Nah...just a lot of diarrhea of the brain.
  2. I just noticed that you're pretty bullish on Jasper this year. Are you feeling okay? We're going to be very young this year, but the schedule is tough and the subvarsity teams have been really good. The Dawgs will be better prepared for the playoffs than in years past, even if the record doesn't indicate it...but getting to the third round would be a good start for this group. I would expect more in 2021 and 2022.
  3. I'm good. Yes, Raefel did go to LSU. That '86 team was REALLY good. WOS beat us in the quarterfinals that year and won state in their go-round in 4A, but Jasper had beaten them in Orange earlier in the season. Both of those teams were championship caliber and it was a shame that one had to bow out.
  4. I chose those guys purely based on how good they were as Bulldogs. They were part of arguably the best stretch ever for us in the early-mid 80's when we could consistently play with just about everybody. We've been blessed to have quite a few talented guys come through, haven't we? I hope you're well, my friend.
  5. I'll chime in with a couple of Jasper guys because I don't mind being a homer and they deserve to be in the conversation: LB Eugene Seale CB Raefel Adams
  6. I hope we get to see them play this year. You would think things would calm down by then, but who knows? I've always tried to be objective when talking about Jasper's history with anybody and I think you do a great job of that as well. Thank you for that...
  7. Hard to say. The first game was pretty entertaining. I thought the rules differences would seem gimmicky, but they make the game even more fun to watch. The offenses look better than I expected, too.
  8. Agreed. If they can go 3-2 or better in pre-district, they'll impress me. That's the toughest schedule on paper that Jasper has put together in a LONG time.
  9. Wow. I guess all of the weak scheduling is a thing of the past. Those first three weeks are gonna be tough.
  10. I don't remember ever playing Madisonville. Do you? Should be an interesting district...
  11. I saw it wrong this morning. Hadn't had my coffee yet. 😂
  12. The district with Carthage and Jasper (10-4A D2) is in Region 2. Jasper seems to flip flop from Region 2 and 3 every time.
  13. I didn't think so either. Carthage is the clear favorite in 10-4A D2. Jasper's losing a LOT from last year, so it's hard to say how they'll do.
  14. It's not right. 10-4A D2 Carthage Center Jasper Madisonville Rusk Shepherd
  15. Back to their dominant ways!
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