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  1. I'd feel good about our season if we got another shot at Carthage, but I would be disappointed to get that far only to lose to them again. I think Carthage is good enough to have won in DI again and they would probably even do really well in 5A-DII. I was frustrated Friday night when we didn't change anything that we were doing to try to get back in the game when Carthage pulled away, but all in all we did okay.
  2. Yeah. We'll have to get through WO-S in the second round and another really tough team in the third round just to meet up with Carthage again. If all of that happens, we'll be in much better shape to play them. On the other hand, they'll be an even better team by then.
  3. The way the matchups look, we'll get WO-S in the second round. We're gonna have to get a lot better before then or that might be it for us. I watched their game with Silsbee and the Tigers were completely outclassed. The Mustangs look really good.
  4. You guys will be fine. The Brahmas always get better as the season goes on. We got that memo last year. LOL
  5. I expected Jasper to fall a couple of spots in the polls after losing to Carthage. We're getting a lot of respect in being left at #4. Carthage gets to stay at #1 after beating us. LOL
  6. I had mixed feelings. I was encouraged by the first half, but I felt like we got too conservative once Carthage pulled away in the second half. I think we would have been right there if not for a few illegal procedure calls that killed drives. For some reason, we couldn't get lined up right and the staff didn't fix the problem. Anyway, I do feel bad for the Pirates. I have a feeling that we might put some ungodly numbers up on that team. I'm not endorsing that, but it seems like the perfect storm. My call for a 59-6 score might be a bit conservative.
  7. Might as well move on from the less than impressive showing against Carthage. Shepherd has been respectable at times over the years, but they've really struggled so far this season. This is a good opportunity for Jasper to work on diversifying their offense and maybe throw the ball some, but I think they'll shorten the game and give the younger kids some playing time in the second half. DCTF has the Bulldogs as 58-point favorites. Carl Limbrick and Andre Thomas should have huge games and I'll go with a 59-6 win for the Dawgs. Honestly, it's really hard to get fired up as a fan/alum for g
  8. I still think we'll go at least two rounds deep. We showed that we could hold our own until the penalties and their lines took over the game. We do have to open stuff up though. Like you said, we won't beat a top-notch team with that offense.
  9. Yeah. I don't know what our coaches are thinking. It's like they conceded defeat. I'm interested to hear what Darrell says after the game. This game plan will beat most teams, but we'll never win anything meaningful playing this way.
  10. You're right. Totally predictable. That and the penalties are killing us.
  11. Carthage is imposing their will and we're not doing anything to help ourselves at all. 35-10 late in the 3rd.
  12. We threw a pick on the first drive and they scored. 28-10 Carthage. That hurt.
  13. Both coaches are known for their adjustments. Carthage has run the ball a lot more than we probably expected coming in, but I think they'll try to open things up. They don't have to, which is why I expect them to. Their offensive line is really good. We just need to find a way to force a turnover and get a couple of key stops. We're working a lot harder for our points than they are.
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