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  1. Not sure what Jasper's looks like, but I'm guessing it'll be the tough one that they should have played last year with the sites reversed. We're gonna be pretty young, so my expectations aren't as high as they usually are.
  2. I remember Bill Parcells saying that when he was coaching the Jets.
  3. I wonder whose brain Surratt picked to help him get it going up there. He'll win anywhere he goes and there's no reason to leave Carthage anytime soon.
  4. I'll check that out tonight. I was a manager/trainer in Jasper back in the day and spent probably more time than any student should in a coaches' office from the 6th grade all the way up to when I left before my senior year. Walkoviak's staff was pretty static and most of his staff had been in place for well over a decade at that time. A good sense of humor goes a long way towards building that kind of continuity and the ten or so guys that were that core group were comedy gold. It made being part of that athletic department a lot of fun for me.
  5. Will access to live games be a part of the DCTF membership? Will the annual membership dues increase?
  6. The Longhorns should be able to attract the same level of kids that Alabama or Clemson can get. I don't think UT has been getting those kids since Mack Brown was there. Sark is a good recruiter and should be able to use all of the resources they have to get better players. Coaching them up needs to get better, too, and the kids have to want to be coached. Sark has that "it" factor that should improve the culture and make kids want to play for him. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a fan of his and I want him to do a great job there, but objectively, I think this was the right move for UT.
  7. UW was 0-12 the year before he got there. He did a great job making them respectful after Tyrone Willingham led them into the trash.
  8. Those are good gets for the Green Wave. Those guys will lead that team at some point.
  9. You can probably pencil them in for next year, too. There will be a few contenders and I hope we're one of them, but it's hard to imagine much drop-off from them.
  10. Yep. It takes a lot more than just great players to get it done. We've had our share of those in Jasper, but one of these other components is always missing.
  11. We did. That would have put us in the third round (I think). Getting blown out then by the state champion is better than getting blown out in bi-district.
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