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  1. I was told number 2 had 45. That kid can straight up hoop. He will light it up next year.
  2. I really just meant a silsbee-hj game and a Nederland-memorial game at the same site.
  3. PNG in the playoffs for the 4th time in school history? Pretty impressive first year from coach Smith in a tough district.
  4. Congrats to HF players and the new head coach on a very impressive road win. Imagine if somebody had told you last year that this would happen... like him or not, new coach has already made huge jumps with that program.
  5. Some of you guys should look up the report cards of the schools these “shady“ transfers are coming from and and going to. Factor in that HF is open enrollment so you do not have to live in the district to attend the school and it becomes even less surprising that this is happening. I understand that if students do not live in the district zone they must sit out a year or play sub varsity, but in my opinion if you are transferring from a lower preforming school to a higher preforming one then that should be waived, especially if the old school received an F. Sometimes it’s bigger than basketball.
  6. Confirmed PNG won but I don’t know the score. Congrats to coach smith and the Indians on getting a huge district win. Hopefully then can take care of business on the road Friday.
  7. It’s definitely not 100% because the opponent refuses to play man to man defense. I remember watching Westbrook play stall ball against Nederland in 2017 because they had a lead and Nederland started to make a run, so they refused to shoot the ball (and Nederland was in a man to man defense). They ran a motion with the guards that basically just passed back and forth for about 4 minutes in the second quarter. Nederland switched to a half court press to try to make them play, but then they went 4 corners and moved the ball well enough to not turn it over and they passed up plenty of wide open shots in the process. Opposing teams defense is not always the reason an offense will decide to play stall ball.
  8. I would say not having a football program is a big factor in that
  9. I thought coach Smith had the Indians playing well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Indians in the playoffs this year.
  10. PNG wins 69-42. Congrats to coach smith and the Indians on their first district win.
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