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  1. Ladybug33 im w.o to the fullest too.and ik sometimes money is a factor.imo i can't see no title in the near future. Not just us either.idk if ppl don't see the argyle,Carthage,North shore,katy they even prepare different from schools around here.we know they have more money but lack of coaching in this area is crazy.and even China Spring i was very impressed with that coaching staff.
  2. Thats true.but it shouldn't be abt getting a black coach. To be totally honest our whole area needs to get some coaching from outside our be honest I can't see any of our local teams winning a state title.coaching isn't there.ive been watching w.o since 79-80.and all the different changes.i can't see them winning a title no time in the near future.imo teams are better prepared than teams in our area.and the coaching is football this whole area is behind.i would luv to see local teams win it all.i don't see it at all.
  3. A total mismatch.if u have any chance of beating Carthage.u have to spread them out and throw it in space. And some how put up points.CS doesn't throw it well enough to beat them.carthage loads the box and comes after u.but I luv CS coaching staff.they will come up with a few gimmick plays to keep it the end 35-7 bulldogs. Carthage depth on that dline will be a factor.#5 LB an absolute stub.
  4. Blowout city. A slot-T has no shot at this team.too much depth on that defense.
  5. Well it is what it is. But it was even harder to get things in order. And lack of concentration cost them.and the coaches trying to juggle who can play and who can't play was too much.well its over nephew is one them that wasn't able to play last week bcz of covid.he and another player.too much to overcome with players that excuses. Head should've been in the game.
  6. Don't take it wrong way. I thought we called a great game.i just don't kno why they don't have any backups this time of year.every team bring there jv up.and so on. And few oline doing the regular season. I can't figure out how ur starting LBS had to start on the line and they haven't played there at all.and they were so confused.w.o special teams put them in that whole not the coaches. Lol,never thought I would ever talk abt no backups on the line.
  7. They are deep.and they work with there depth. I've seen Carthage 3x and they work with them kids.ik teams around here doesn't have the numbers but I seen Silsbee put them young kids in there. And thats why I'm scratch my head do w.o have any backup lineman.
  8. No its not. U still have to work with someone as a backup. Ur starting LB has never played on the oline and the kids tried. Just like the defense. If someone gets hurt or not there. They have a backup. Okay w.o had 6 kids out. But they weren't prepared on special u ever watch teams outside our area.teams in East Texas are better than us for a reason. Its like this if we were at full strength idk if we could beat a team like carthage. I think we can compete with them but idk if we're on that coaching level yet.
  9. And thats why I blame the coaches. U can't throw ur LBS in there and expect them to know what to do when they haven't played there. Ik u have to have a backup somewhere and just work with them. But he is right. It should've been next man up. It really showed that we don't have no back up linemen.
  10. Its bad when u have to ur starting lbs on the offensive line. Ik someone is a backup out there somewhere
  11. Ur absolutely right. Everyone fixing to come out and say i told yall. Lol, how many can win a game with 6 starters out. And 3 special teams mistakes.
  12. Great coaching job. CS DID A WONDERFUL JOB OF KNOWING HOW To attach us. They won the battle at the line of scrimmage.with that many starters out. They took advantage of what was given. But I can't understand our coaching.ik w.o had to have some backup lineman somewhere?? U can't put kids in there that has never played and expect to get results.our coaching is nowhere near some of these teams.they made some adjustments. But u made no adjustments on offense bcz u don't have I don't think we understand that.
  13. Let's not start excuses. Even with the 8 kids out. There getting out coaches. They new all week these kids were out. U just can't throw kids in there that has never played on offense line bf and expect it to work.
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