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  1. I'm with you. And the kids wanted to go for it.especially after a time out. So I guess me and u both are in the dark.
  2. Wow.this is what I'm talking abt. U have to score any way u can.
  3. He is a great coach !! U want find a more disciplined and well conditioned team anywhere.but this is era where u have to score. For example look at every state title team this year.every team that has won it so far.scored over 35 points.its like this. the kids are young and has to mature some.but were not a team like all these east Texas teams are doing trying to score 80 a game if they can.were still a defensive team.and we put our best 11 on defense.thats not gonna always work anymore.and remember the years we have won it all.dominating at line of scrimmage on defense.and I don't see us having that for a few years.with all the talent coming back for the next few years.we have to get out this conservative approach and try to score at all cost.
  4. They will be even better the next 2 yrs.only had maybe 8 seniors.the sophomore and freshman class were loaded that were on varsity.but at end of the day.we have to get out this conservative approach and learn to score.even if u have to go for it alot on 4th down or occasionally throw in a trick play or 2.cant always expect a defense to shut teams down with abt 32 players.our coaching style will have to change a bit.
  5. It's not abt been worse coach. Other coaches can be better in these days and age.its like this the 4 state title teams had great offenses and dominant defenses.just our conservative approach to offense is catching up with us.these days u have to score.and adjust to this style.w.o will be better the next 2yrs.they will be in games with anyone.but alot of gud teams will scout us and throw something at us that we haven't seen.wheather they excute it or not.and one other thing is doing the years we won state.they were dominant at the line of scrimmage.on both sides of the ball.we can defend the wing T better than anyone.but I can't see w.o been dominant at the line of scrimmage anytime adjustment has to be made.and I can't see us doing that.with the coaching style we have.
  6. I agree with how gud they're.but the biggest reason is coaching!! They might do get kids to go there.but those kids that goes through the program know there job.and what's expected of them.and the coaching will to adjust through the years.were in a age where u have to score.and they do that as gud as anyone.and not to mention how well they control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.very easy to see why they're so gud every year.the coaching in our area isn't there yet.i think coaching wise in setx newton,wB,silsbee,and then w.o.its and by been from w.o just telling the truth.defensively were probably 1.but overall 4th.its a team game. And aledo deserves to be there.until our area get on there level.we want have a team like that.
  7. Of my 50 yrs on this earth I think that was one of the guttiest team that I have ever seen on any level. I have 2 rings. But the heart silsbee showed tonight was second to none!! We know abt the TO and a few bad calls.but let's not forget the effort to just get back in the game.coaches talk abt leaving it on the field and they did been from w.o knows that the gap between w.o and silsbee has closed.and no disrespect at anyone.ik CT is one of the best defensive coordinator around.but as an overall coaching staff.i never thought I'd say this but I give the nod to silsbee.we really better catch these next 2 yrs.bcz of what they have coming back.i know it hurts right now.but the best effort I seen out of any team this year !!
  8. I've watched numerous tapes on them.they don't have anyone going both is the thing though.i asked a question last week and silsbee answered the call and won the game.they were the better coached team last week. And brings to tonite.silsbee is the faster ball club.will they go man to man against this team? They don't drop passes like last week.and also they don't turn the ball over either.hoping they don't run zone against this qb.has thrown for over 3000 yds.have to apply pressure on him.and get the game to the 4th that 3 headed monster can control the game. Gud luck to both !!
  9. And they are 3-0 against them in the playoffs. No excuses. Lol, I never thought I would see the day that silsbee would out coach w.o again.but I'm one that didn't predict a score.but I ask a question if silsbee would put those kids in space.bcz I believe silsbee is a faster ball club.the first game I think they held different plays out.
  10. It wasnt for w.o to win. Ur correct faith was on silsbee side. But the only thing that will always bother me is.that every kid wanted to go for the 4th and inches after the time out.and u don't even let the kids decide it. U punt the ball with a kid that has been one of the worse punters anywhere.even though the punt was tip.i applaude the kid for trying.but he's not a punter.
  11. Absolutely correct. I can't understand the coaching decisions.especially when starting rb had to play both ways.and not only that 4th and 18.after a timeout in which everyone could see that chris Martin was on the field on punt coverage. A bulb should've went off.u had a dline trying to hold him.really.
  12. I'll never understand that. Coaching not the lose.i thought the whole 4th qtr they were out coached.this conservative thing has to stop.were in a age u have to score to win.really there isn't any shut down defense on any level.playoffs u have to pull out all stops. If anyone ever paid attention that w.o punter isn't gud at all.and everyone knows that.that's why I'll never understand the coach decision to punt.4th and inches.
  13. Seems like the closer the game gets.the more outrageous, it is there opinion.makes me wonder how many people actually watch or know football.
  14. I know for a fact that he respect silsbee.and for whoever doesn't is crazy.they are gud team.if w.o play like they been playing yes I can see them winning.but if they go back to turning the ball over deep In there own territory a couple of early in the season.i could see them getting beat.the only question I have is whether or not silsbee change there offense up a lil give them a chance.certain things want work against w.o bcz of the defense they run.sometimes u just gotta show a team something different then come back to what they do best.
  15. Me personally I think silsbee is just as talented.if anyone ever read my post.i only say what I see from an overall stand point.never once do I say who will win. Both teams have things to work sum games sum matchup favor sum personally this game is all about the line of scrimmage.
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