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  1. And believe it or not next year was supposed to have been the year they broke out. Roy locks has them playing pretty gud defense. And the 2 teams that beat them are playoff teams. And one more thing the amount of college coaches they have coming in and out. And it's no disrespect but I can assure right now that he will more kids go to college than BU. And BU has more talent.
  2. They have left to many points on the field against this will be decided in the 4th quarter. Bh is well coached. Vidor having trouble blocking #42.the left tackle for BH is real gud.great feet work for his sizes.
  3. I hear u. And it hurts in some ways. Last week against silsbee I thought the QB threw the ball well. That was his best game all year throwing the ball.and It would've helped alot to continue to let him get those reps in game situation in. If he continues the offense will get better and better each week.
  4. I could see that score.but the question is will there coaches allow them to put up points by been conservative ??
  5. Man I hoping so. Bcz I wanna see BU in the playoffs.for the mere fact that getting a taste of the playoffs and the experience of been there I think will go a long way with the up and coming them something to thrive for.imo I think it goes far with the local teams that make it in every year like newton,WB,Nederland,png,w.o,silsbee, personally I would luv to see all the local schools get that chance.
  6. Ty. It's not abt us beating silsbee. Or the bragging rights. Were trying to get better each week.i have concerns abt our offense.and the defense with its lack of reps that they haven't gotten bcz of the 2 missed games.even lastnite hell our O/C has me concerned with some of the play calls.trying to run up the middle when it's totally clogged up.QB threw the ball well.but seems like everytime we have adversity all we gonna do is throw the ball deep without given ur team a chance. Even our conservative approach when its 4th and 1.and u wanna get in the shot happened in the newton game and lastnite.even on the goalline 2 and 3 and u try play action pass and lose 10 sorry in not worried abt worried abt us getting better. So if u want I told u soo.go ahead.but I'll rather lose to silsbee but win a state title.
  7. Ur absolutely correct.silsbee is a faster ball club. And I can't understand why everyone talking about replacing the QB.look at the situation he is put in. Ur calling jump balls and hoping the wr out jump the corner. As talented as all 3 of them backs.why not run more sweeps or just dump the ball off to them in the flat.they catch ball well.i just don't understand there play calling. Jmo ,I think silsbee QB gets some unfair criticism.
  8. Well those 2 games they missed have hurt big time. The biggest adjustment has to be offensive play calling when from day one .u knew the offense was behind the defense. Qb played well.he can't run. Threw the ball well. But I can't understand when he did get his rhythm. O/C has to do a better job.i couldn't believe 2 and 15 u runa draw.and on 3rd down u do the same thing. Head scratcher.
  9. I said it too. I don't get it. Silsbee has 3 backs that can do it all. Put them in space. And let them go.
  10. Naw. I was bored at work and watching it live. Lol,hell this JV team might be better than the varsity at something. They have a few kids that will be moved up in the next few weeks that are unbelievable.
  11. U know I ask the question all the time.with all that talent why want they try other routes with other guys.and every now and then they try to sneak rb out the backfield. They could be so explosive if they ever mixed it up.
  12. Lol, we're healthy as can be.we haven't played enough games yet. Ladybug33 I'll give u a heads up on something. If u ever get a chance to go watch the JV play.i guarantee you u will come back and say wow.its this freshman class they're unbelievable!!bf the end of yr they probably be on varsity.and they have a transfer. #49 that is waiting on his transfer papers.he shouldn't even be playing against jv kids.he is that gud.if u ever go back from the beginning of the season I said this might be a 3 yr run coming.bcz of what they have coming back the next 3 yrs.and by the way the JV hasn't been tested all yr.
  13. Well I'm hoping for a great game.i thought last year silsbee team had jelled together real nice.and they were scary on both sides of the ball. This years defense doesn't impress me at all.poor tackling and secondary that isn't playing w.o with these slow starts expect them to do alot of no huddle to get the QB going early.silsbee backs will get yards. But not like last year. And I be hoping silsbee at least try to throw something different besides a deep jump ball.bcz w.o running zone they would have opportunities.and if they concentrate on 41. #3 is back to full strength.and they must tackle him. #41 will get his no matter what.i really can't see w.o turning the ball over inside there own territory against this team bcz of the talent on offense. Bcz them T/O has cost them in the newton and Nederland game. Can't turn the ball over against gud teams.
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