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  1. But I also have to remember the only 2 great coaches in our area is green and sigler.
  2. Final. They was trying to get this manvel kid off the floor trying to fight.leave with class !!
  3. For the life of God why is BU slowing the game down too. They need to pick up the tempo to get the big fella tired.
  4. Big time dunk by arceneaux !! I just don't like BU SLOWING the game down like took them out there rhythm
  5. Watching Hightower with the big guy. They're descent but I don't know if they have enough to stay with BU. The worse mistake Hightower would make if they play the big fellow on arceneaux.
  6. I've been watching g then all year. And I've said it from the jump.if there is a better 5a team I haven't seen them.
  7. Kids growing up. #1 will get even better the next few years. I like #33 for silsbee.kid will be even better the next few years.
  8. I'm a big supporter of all kids in setx. I've seen HF play 4 times this year.and I think the coach gets a little out of control sometimes.he has to remember there are kids watching what he does.tonite was no different.i was at the BC game.sometimes cooler heads prevail.
  9. Peppermint patty ima be honest with u. BU is a whole different animal.
  10. The best part of the nite before I left. Some guy from memorial was asking where all the seniors were for senior nite.all I could do was smh. He has no idea how yung this team is.
  11. Well 3 qtr will be enough for me. Memorial is dribbling too much trying to break this press.this team is to gud for that.32 -21. Its gonna take a really gud team to beat. Maybe a team in Houston or dallas.nothing in this area can compete with them
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