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  1. And they are 3-0 against them in the playoffs. No excuses. Lol, I never thought I would see the day that silsbee would out coach w.o again.but I'm one that didn't predict a score.but I ask a question if silsbee would put those kids in space.bcz I believe silsbee is a faster ball club.the first game I think they held different plays out.
  2. It wasnt for w.o to win. Ur correct faith was on silsbee side. But the only thing that will always bother me is.that every kid wanted to go for the 4th and inches after the time out.and u don't even let the kids decide it. U punt the ball with a kid that has been one of the worse punters anywhere.even though the punt was tip.i applaude the kid for trying.but he's not a punter.
  3. Absolutely correct. I can't understand the coaching decisions.especially when starting rb had to play both ways.and not only that 4th and 18.after a timeout in which everyone could see that chris Martin was on the field on punt coverage. A bulb should've went off.u had a dline trying to hold him.really.
  4. I'll never understand that. Coaching not the lose.i thought the whole 4th qtr they were out coached.this conservative thing has to stop.were in a age u have to score to win.really there isn't any shut down defense on any level.playoffs u have to pull out all stops. If anyone ever paid attention that w.o punter isn't gud at all.and everyone knows that.that's why I'll never understand the coach decision to punt.4th and inches.
  5. Seems like the closer the game gets.the more outrageous, it is there opinion.makes me wonder how many people actually watch or know football.
  6. I know for a fact that he respect silsbee.and for whoever doesn't is crazy.they are gud team.if w.o play like they been playing yes I can see them winning.but if they go back to turning the ball over deep In there own territory a couple of early in the season.i could see them getting beat.the only question I have is whether or not silsbee change there offense up a lil give them a chance.certain things want work against w.o bcz of the defense they run.sometimes u just gotta show a team something different then come back to what they do best.
  7. Me personally I think silsbee is just as talented.if anyone ever read my post.i only say what I see from an overall stand point.never once do I say who will win. Both teams have things to work sum games sum matchup favor sum personally this game is all about the line of scrimmage.
  8. And they have. But running this zone defense with the secondary opens up to many holes.ik they have the athlete to do man to man sum.i watched enough games on them.against descent throwing teams they have struggled.teams has been having kids open.just haven't been able to get them the ball.
  9. Not to discredit smithville.but they weren't gud.shouldve cleared that up.descent teams that throw.
  10. Football fan77 in all honesty. Hopefully sum will come clean.but others want.thing is w.o had trouble with T/o in there own territory early. But has gotten better.and they need to stop all the mental mistakes when getting these big leads. But on the other hand.i said this the first time they met.silsbee secondary wasnt that gud a d teams could throw on them.they haven't really faced a team that throws as much as w.o.and I can promise u. W.o is coming out throwing to set up the run with gales.gales didn't have a gud game the first time out but expect him to have a huge all cost.silsbee has to keep 2 of those backs on the field at all time. So if w.o takes away some of there run.they can at least dump it off to the rbs.hopefully.and silsbee can't afford to be one dimensional against CT defense.#69 also could be a problem if they try to run a stretch play at him.
  11. Silsbee is talented. But field position will be key.using the backs in space is a must. Bcz w.o will play man to take away some of those easy throws.silsbee qb has to have a gud game in order for them to win.w.o defense is w.o defense.but will silsbee defense be able to slow them down ??Bcz they're better than they were the first time.ive watched both teams playoff games up to now.and I truly believe of the opponents we both played the last 3 the kid from lagrange and the 2 backs from bellville.they just didn't have the team around them to really make some noise.great game come Friday night.
  12. Not many .a couple plays defense.40,14,69. But they all of the benefits they have this year.and that's helps alot. And to bring up debt ppl didn't realize one of there better players didn't play last Friday.this has become one of the deepest teams w.o has had on a long time.
  13. I'm wo-s#1 I can go anytime. I talk with the coaches too.i have to say this. When ppl mention those closed practices.mainly abt keeping these young kids paying attention to details. We have to remember how young these kids are. So u do what u have to keep them focused.
  14. Hey can't nobody take that one from them.and they should've won it all last year.and the better team won !! But 3 things w.o dline and Lbs too worried abt conditions and out of place.and it wasnt silsbee fault w.o had 8 TO.and even the blown coverage on the TD pass.secondary was one of the worse to come through here.and even qb play last year was better.only one team new year. They took baby steps at getting better. And them lil puppies has grown up since there last meeting. Just a lil insight. Gud luck to both teams.and may the better team win.
  15. Let me answer that for u.if he truly know what w.o does. W.o is based on putting there best 11 on defense. And start developing that first. Where as the offense is been behind. The approach is getting better in each phase. That many kids it would take a minute to gel.and now they have. Hell I'll be the first to admit.i don't wanna play silsbee in no rain.bcz I don't know if our kids are ready yet for it.but at the same time.if ppl are truly watching this team would know they got lucky with injuries and 2 canceled games helped get practice in. And it helped so much to get there passing game going.
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