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  1. Ur absolutely correct !! I said the same thing when Silsbee played BU.
  2. But at the same time this isn't easy what these kids are doing.theyre playing all these different times. And doing a bunch of traveling.idc how yung they' will take a was all heart that they won. When they get back in a rhythm at playing at certain times they will get it together.most of these teams they don't know it's hard to scout.
  3. It's been crazy.i don't think I've ever seen ppl lobby for a coach like this.ik where the idea came from.i just didn't think other ppl would do it too and post it FB.
  4. A whole lot!! So many ppl have been putting signs in there yard pushing for, even been posting them on FB.
  5. I'm with you!! I think Matthew is one of the most underrated coaches anywhere.he gets the most out of his players.and he keeps those kids focused.and they don't fear anyone.he gets the most out his players.there isn't many coaches in setx better than him
  6. I'm sorry I don't believe that.if your getting kids here to go to will help.but even in little league all these kids wanna wear that silver.if u put Toby here both sides will win!!he will bring some of things his dad and CT taught him with some of things he has learned along the me it's our only option.ik plenty of our kids that has stayed intouch with him all these years.i even know parents that calls him.he knows what has to be done here.and don't be surprised lol if he had Ct and his dad guide him.
  7. Ur absolutely correct.the thing is where we will miss CT the most is on the defensive side of the ball.change can be good sometimes.if you look around the state every team that continues to win the state title are well coached.i think Peavy done a tremendous job.the rest of our teams in this area has to get better coaching.ik money is a factor every level of football coaching what separate teams.
  8. But, the thing is with the bench coach GREEN knows how to mix them in with the starters so they don't miss a beat.
  9. I hope no one think it was even that close.there starters didn't play but 5 minutes the whole second half.
  10. The thing that kill me is BU probably go down as one of the greatest teams to ever come through the Golden triangle.why teams that does have the chance slow the game down does spread the floor and use clock.there is no shot clock in high school.its the only way any team in our area has against them.they are that gud!!
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