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  1. At the end of the regular season Texas High was one of the few teams in Region 3 I assumed would beat the Coogs. But after watching them against Whitehouse, Jacksonville and (most recently) Lake Creek, I don't think they will beat Crosby. Speed, speed, speed... that's factor #1 in Crosby's favor. Plus, even with that massive OL they seem unable to stop pressure from being applied to their QB which Crosby will have a feast if they allow our Defense to get in the backfield. TxHigh QB also seems to always throw to whatever Wr the play designed for. He doesn't use his progressions at all! The brig
  2. No but BU must have taken the day off and the night off ! Clearly the Qb took the night off and his pads and said "No Más".
  3. No surprise BU got smacked! Y'all entire district wasn't very good. Teams that are serious about making deep runs in the playoffs usually put playoff contention teams on their non-district schedule (especially playing in a average to sub average district).
  4. 66-0 Final. Cougars easy win over a weak bi-district opponent.
  5. Tonight opens up the 1st round of playoffs for the Crosby Cougars @ The Jungle. Should be a victory for the Coogs that sets them up to face off with Texas High next round. Good luck Cougars and all District 12 teams who will be playing also.
  6. BMT United about to get beat by 60! If GCM remains at the 3rd seed they draw Foster... another beat down for District 9. In all honesty, PAM is the only team from you guys District that will survive the 1st rd.
  7. Even though I think Crosby wins easily against any of them, I would rather play Willowridge. Losing to face FB Marshall is playoff suicide. Only an act of God wouldn't guarantee a lose for whoever is 4th seed from district 12. Huntsville offense isn't very good but their D is hard to move the ball on. Haven't seen Texas High so I can't comment on their pros and cons.
  8. PNG facing Santa Fe next week with their chances to make/miss the playoffs is a saving grace. A TC upset of BH is unlikely, therefore causing the District more than likely to end up : 1st- Crosby 2nd- Nederland 3rd- Barbers Hill 4th- PNG ... unfortunately for PNG though is FB Marshall will be their Rd. 1 opponent. Lol
  9. Way to go Coogs. Now lets beat Ned and win the district crown 👑
  10. I've seen PAM this year and they don't pass the eye test as a match up problem. Lee put 28 on em and Lee's best players ( their RB, QB and 1 decent Wr) not as good as what Crosby will put on the field. It's nothing elite I seen from PAM that jumps out as too much to handle.
  11. I do. Crosby has played better competition overall. Neither are playing in districts that are strong but Crosby IMO has a better defense than PAM. Plus Crosby's offense is above any PAM has faced all season.
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