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  1. Best thing I remember about lamarque run back then was in astrodome in 99 during pngs state run and the late great Chris Gohlke hit on the LaMarque receiver even though it was a penalty. He put the fear in those Lanarque players
  2. Houston Austin also dropping so add them to that district I predicted
  3. Montgomery, lake creek, a&m consolidated, Bryan rudder, Huntsville, Brennan, pflugerville connally, and the leander school that is dropping. Can't remember if it's rouse or not
  4. TC, png, ned, lc, sf, lumberton, kp , gp something like that in one district. bh, Crosby, fbm, willowridge, Dayton, hou sterling , northside, sharpstown in another.
  5. I wouldn't doubt uil pulling something crazy like splitting png and nederland possibly lumberton away from bh, crosby and dayton and becoming bidistrict foes. Something like texas city, png, nederland, Lamar consolidated, lumberton, galena park, kingwood park. With the others forming a district with the fort bends and the other Houston schools left in d2 .milby and Madison going d1. Sulphur Springs replaces lindale in the east texas district. Possibly move someone like Brenham with Huntsville and others in that district
  6. Buffs should win. I don't think they are as good as last year. Either team will lose 2nd round to A&M Consolidated
  7. Png gets to travel out to sugar land Friday night. Heard was set
  8. Correction. Crosby has to win plus vidor win to clinch. Lee would just have to win out to get in
  9. In 12 5a2, After tonight’s games. Bh, png, Ned all clinched. 4th spot still in play between 3 teams. Crosby, Vidor , and Lee. Crosby beats Ned- they’re in ned beats Crosby, Vidor wins out- they’re in ned beats Crosby, lee wins out-they’re in. crosby- ned and lee remaining vidor- lee and Dayton remaining lee- Crosby and vidor remaining
  10. I know 4th place in this district is likely to play manvel and a L, 3rd place gets ft. Bend Marshall and a L. 1st and 2nd place opponents should be decided last week when willow ridge and sterling plays. Those are toss up games there
  11. I know if Ned beats Vidor and Crosby beats BH, png beating Santa Fe .That is going to cause some craziness with 2 weeks to go. Bh, png, Ned, and Crosby would all be tied for 1st at 4-1 with 2 weeks and would put Vidor in a bad position
  12. The bidistrict teams already basically set. With manvel, ft. Bend Marshall, Ft. Bend willow ridge, and Houston sterling, just positioning hasn’t been set
  13. If I done math right a Ned win over Vidor, with a png win over Santa Fe clinches spots for Ned and png having own tiebreakers over Vidor. Bh win over Crosby clinches them a spot.
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