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  1. Since faircloth got #99 tonight, who gives him the century mark. I don’t think he will get at Crosby but the way the offense is coming along, I think they get the better of Texas City and take at least 3rd in district with Bh throwing a wrench in playoffs by getting Ned and TC
  2. Wasn’t 89 we lost to A&M Consolidated in the dome? 96 was a lost to Jacksonville? 99 I didn’t we didn’t have huge stars but great players in the secondary and at lbs and led by one of the best safety to come out of png in Gohlke. That hit he put on the lamarque player still won them that game
  3. If I remember right. Maybe 7 in a row is a stretch but didn’t png win like 15-20 in a row
  4. I know 7 on 7 is not a real measure of how fall is going to turn out, but does gives a hint, png has a shot of being better than expected. But 1-6 in that district could go either way on any given Friday night with png, Ned, Crosby, bh, kp, and tc. Dayton is a couple years off still and I don’t think Santa Fe is a big threat either
  5. Is that Texas city rb returning this year? I think McCall was his name
  6. Read on a different site that png picked to finish 5th behind Crosby, Nederland,Barbers Hill and Texas City
  7. If they beat Friendswood. Next round would be winner of college station vs porter
  8. Hate to say it. I dont think png will move on. Anything can happen though. Friendswood #1 for a reason. Think they finished the regular season like 26-0. So far in playoffs, 3 games blowouts in all 3. 2 against Nederland, 1 vs fulshear. I think best chance is a 1 game go home or move on and send the ace to the mound
  9. Best shot for PNG to move on in my opinion is a 1 game and send the ace to the mound. The other 3 I think is who shows up and wants it more
  10. Friendswood vs PNG Porter vs College Station Sante Fe vs Barbers Hill Montgomery vs Lake Creek
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