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  1. If they beat Friendswood. Next round would be winner of college station vs porter
  2. Hate to say it. I dont think png will move on. Anything can happen though. Friendswood #1 for a reason. Think they finished the regular season like 26-0. So far in playoffs, 3 games blowouts in all 3. 2 against Nederland, 1 vs fulshear. I think best chance is a 1 game go home or move on and send the ace to the mound
  3. Best shot for PNG to move on in my opinion is a 1 game and send the ace to the mound. The other 3 I think is who shows up and wants it more
  4. Friendswood vs PNG Porter vs College Station Sante Fe vs Barbers Hill Montgomery vs Lake Creek
  5. How do they matchup with Laporte? BH vs manvel, Ned/Crosby 3rd vs Santa Fe, Ned/Crosby 4th vs friendswood.
  6. Nothing is going to change unless they move away from base 3-4 defense, by all means keep few plays in that formation, but it doesn’t fit the kids png puts out. Some kind of hybrid 4-3 would suit them better, or I would go to like a 4-2-5 scheme with that 5th db being like a s/lb hybrid. Where he plays more of a lb on more run oriented teams or s for extra coverage on like spread teams that tends to pass more. Also playing players both ways is not the answer. Playing a couple players both ways in certain situations is good but not the answer to improving a defense
  7. I know it’s not saying a whole lot facing Santa Fe. But where has this defense been. Pitching a shutout in first half and 2 ints
  8. if SF pulls the upset over PNG, TC loses to BH, KWP beats Dayton. Who gets the 4 seed since PNG, KWP, TC would all be tied. Also knowing PNG smashed KWP, TC smashed PNG, KWP beat TC by 7
  9. Crazy thing is if TC upsets BH. TC goes in as 3 and BH gets the 4 and date with FB Marshall. Between Crosby/Ned who would you rather play? Houston sterling or the loser of FB willowridge/Galena park. I’d rather win and go to bottom bracket with FB Marshall instead lose and be top half bracket with Texas High and Huntsville
  10. My suggestion is that you don’t have to have them go both ways. But my all means please get rid of this crappy defensive 3-4 scheme. Go to multiple d with base of like 4-4 or if you worried about the spread that much go to a base of 4-2-5. ALSO BRING BACK LIVE TACKLING DRILLS IN PRACTICE AND SHOTGUN ALLEY
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