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  1. The problem with this world. It’s all about money.
  2. Next Monday 1st day of conditioning...next Thursday is 1st day of contact, then Thursday week is 1st day to scrimmage, Thursday 19th is second scrimmage. What seems like will never get here is finally here.
  3. How do you predict a loss to WO-S and predict district Champs for Silsbee?
  4. Looking forward to Newton vs Waskom in the playoffs.
  5. Injury report on players Newton has a star lineman out. May return in mid October.
  6. Aug.2. 1st day of conditioning 1A-4A) (6A&5A without spring training) AUg.7 1st day of contact Aug.12 1st scrimmage Aug 19. 2nd scrimmage 5A&6A (With spring training start Aug. 9th.)
  7. No, he left because of the administration. There are still problems with parents and adm. getting involved with how the coaches run things .
  8. Then came Neece, due to internal problems he came over to newton and said he was not going anywhere else but Anahuac put enough money on the table and he left. He had Anahuac in the playoff last year.
  9. Alvarez took over Kirbyville in 2000 prior to that Kirbyville had a 25 game losing streak. In 3 years He led Kirbyville to their first playoff birth in 14 years and it only got better after that until he left for Ennis. That fits my definition of turning a program around.
  10. Glad to see B C moved up in the rankings.
  11. Don’t sell Woodville short, they are going to be a tough out for whoever plays them.
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