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  1. New Waverly has a legit QB. Hemphill has a legit running back. If Hemphill turns the ball over like they did last week they will lose. NW 24 Hhill 21.
  2. The problem with running the clock is that u need to play your kids to get them in shape for the playoffs. Especially during a shortened season like this year.
  3. Newtons game is Saturday at 6:00 pm. that means I can slip over to Jasper and watch Carthage playJasper Friday night.
  4. Way to go cats. Would Love to see ki.ville get back to the G Neece days.
  5. newton vs NW moved to next Monday. Due to evacuation from la.on 190 which is the location of newton stadium.
  6. If u come to my house and I require a mask and u refuse to wear one and refuse to leave. I call the police and have him arrested for trespassing. the subject was at their school which is their house . The law should have arrested him and it should have had no effect on the game. they should not be allowed a forfeit because the local law did not do their job.
  7. Game moved to Thursday at 6 PM. Game still homecoming for Newton.
  8. So you want to vote for gay rights and killers of babies, open borders and a socialist gov. And then call yourself a Christian."...
  9. Cal prep has N Waverly winning by 9 points. They had Newton over A Shiro by 4 points. The first two games really threw their computer off. Guess computers don’t figure hurricane power outages Into their system. newtons JV started way behind everyone else, but they are starting to roll now. Speed to burn coming up next year.
  10. It"s not how big the dog is in the fight but how big the fight is in the dog..
  11. Newton had not practiced due to the storm and one coach testing positive for covid. . Elect.was out while other teams were up and practicing. Newton is young ,12 sophomore and1 fresh. On var. The next 3 or 4years looks very good for Newton with speed to burn coming up from the JV. you better get Newton this year for we will be a tough out the next several years.
  12. Newton jr. high 22 San aug. jr. high 16 Newton JV 58 Garrison J V 6 .clock run all second half. Garrison had 13players on JV. They showed a lot of heart.
  13. And.shiro is a class above k..ze. This will be a closer game then people think.Newton by 7.
  14. turnovers and penalties has added to a young team , mostly sophomores, and one freshman. Due to injuries Newton may have to pull up several more freshmen to fill their roster.
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