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  1. Turf is probably on back order. A man ask “how many balls of string does it take to reach from Beaumont to Lake Charles? Answer, one if it is long enough.
  2. I am surprised Buddy, I thought you were above this Adolescence behavior, but you jumped right in there with them.
  3. We already have those dogs in black and gold.
  4. It’s hard to get kids to buy into a losing program. Winning takes hard work.
  5. Bum talking about a call that he did not agree with— NFL stands for “not for long when you make calls like that”.
  6. Beaumont High, Hebert, oops, we are telling our age now.
  7. I was told today that Newton now has two ex WO-S coaches on their coaching staff.
  8. I graduated from PN-G and I am a PN-G Indian and nothing can ever change that.
  9. Bum Phillips complaining to a call by the ref. “that’s just a little bit more than just a little bit “.
  10. A lot of the good ones are evacuating, why do think Lumberton etc. are growing.
  11. I graduated from PN-G in 1961 and might just have to put on the war paint.
  12. I guess the next thing they will want to do away with cowboy/Indian movies. Except with the one about Gen. Custard. Watch out Dallas Cowboys.
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