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  1. Who gives a __________________....
  2. Seems like Carthage run all over Gilmer, they knew every play that Gilmer was going to run. It had nothing to do with having better athletes.
  3. Lumberton will need to bring some brown paper sack.
  4. Gilmer has 788 kids in High School, Newton has 285 kids. That may have a something to do with Gilmer winning.
  5. You will find out just haw good your offense/defense is when you play a top ranked team like Carthage. Pulling for Lumberton but Carthage will walk all over L Train. We lost to a good Gilmer team which Carthage walked all over. Carthage is the standard for 4A-1 just as WO-S is the standard for 4A-2. However, wishing L Train the best.
  6. Voicing your opinion is not OK when you call out an individual on a public site.
  7. I love to hear from people who get on the offensive coordinator, probably right, We have only won about 54 of the last 56 games. We are not complaining at Newton.
  8. Huntsville 28 Crosby 20 Groverton 48 Big Sandy 21 Crandall 26 LCM 10 San Augustine 60 Normangee 12 Silsbee 41 Smithville 26 Newton 50 Troup 14 Carthage 44 Lumberton 0 Grandview 34 E. Chambers 14 Palestine 31 Huffman H 30 Troy 35 Crockett 31 Giddings 27 H Fannett 22 Jasper 35 Bellville 17 WO-S 38 La Grange 12 Diboll 31 Cameron Yoe 27
  9. Troup 7 Tenaha 15 Troup 33 Price Car. 23 Troup 14 Elkhart 42 open Troup 26 Grand Saline 29 Troup 30 Gilmer Harm 44 Troup 40 Quitman 7 Troup 38 Frankston 13 Troup 42 Aba Golden 26 Troup 52 Winona 0 Troup 42 Arp 24 Troup 42 Leonard 22
  10. Newton wins by at least 35 points. Then it's on to Daingerfield.
  11. It has nothing to do with the play calling. It is penalties, and turnovers. With 5 turnovers and numerous penalties, we still put up 52 points.
  12. Calprep.com which projects all tx high school football scores (power rating) has it Jasper 48 Bells 12
  13. What happen was 5 turnovers , two T D'S called back, starting QB out, numerous penalties, our beast no.24, went out in the second quarter, our other starting end went out in the 3rd quarter. We failed on 4th and 1, two times deep in our opponents end of the field. But, we did overcome. The coaches are doing a good job, they teach the kids what to do, but it is up to them to get on the field and do it. Next we will take on Troup, then probably Daingerfield or Pewitt then probably E. Bernard, then on to state against Canadian.
  14. Another site shows Newton to play El. Fields. Unknown to time and place but half way is around the Lufkin area.
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