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  1. Maybe they should do away with the field house and put in a tattoo parlor.
  2. Yes, Crosby’s stop on the 2 point attempt won them the game 62/61. It was all about defense... hummmm..
  3. Aledo wins by 21. Pulling for Crosby but Aledo will be to much for Crosby. Hope I am wrong.
  4. Refs almost cost westlake the game. I would think that khan.com might do that game also. Thanks to the person who brought that site to my attention. This game should be played in Pt. Arthur. Maybe Jimmy Johnson will show up too.
  5. What a great feeling when that semi-final game is over and your team is headed to state. Wishing all Crosby players and fans have that feeling tomorrow night.
  6. Wishing everyone a safe and virus free year from Newton. Hoping people will help protect themselves by taking the vaccine. The vaccine does not have LIVE virus in it so you cannot Catch the virus from the vaccine.
  7. Dist. Champs, bi dist. Champs, area champs. Reg. Semi finals. great year for the dogs.
  8. He left us with many great memories. Prayers from an X PN-G Indian class of 61.
  9. If you did that, it would be like it was before when they only one 5 A or 4A division. There was a reason why they divided the divisions.
  10. What defense does is give the ball back to the offense with more opportunities to score.
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