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  1. Yes, you either have to score more points than the other team or the other team has to score less points then your team. man, this is an educational site. We have uncovered the secret to winning.
  2. Did woodville beat E. Chambers in 2018. I am sure they could have beat Grandview if they had scored more points then Grandview. A lot of teams lose because they don’t score more points then their opponent.
  3. Not sure if defensive lineman Destin Jackson is a jr. or sr.
  4. Newton gets 7 all district players back on offense and 7 all district players back on defense.
  5. Sounds good. Should be a good game with Newton. Newton still has a young team, a lot of sophomores that were starters this year that will be juniors next year. E. Chambers is losing a lot of Players. Just might be woodville’s year.
  6. Yes, those drums are unique, sound good after you pour the trash out.
  7. Woodville plays a weak schedule. We all know this has prepared them for state. 2020/2021 schedule Tarkington 3-6 karnes city 4-6 Hardin 1-8 C.Camden 2-8 E. Chambers lost 49-20 LCM 1-9 Anahuac 5-6 Kirbyville 4-5 Colds. 8-3 Bi dist. Buna 4-5 lost 22-14 Columbus area lost yep, no doubt Woodville is ready for state.
  8. You make lite of this game but several years ago it was a rivalry. At least we can go to the game and not worry about being robbed in the parking lot....
  9. woodville undefeated season will end at Singletary stadium next year.
  10. I think we can agree that the Eagles will win this one.
  11. I see Newton will be playing woodville next year. Newton by 35.
  12. You start at the lower grades and develop your talent. Kids are not that difference from one school or another except they buy into the program at a earlier level and are coached up.
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