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  1. Lumberton’s QB Lucas Powell (soph), WR Trey Kersh (Soph), RB Jaddon Ward (Soph), DE/OLB Brock Jackson (Soph), and NG Grayden Spencer (Soph). All played a big role in their success as young guys this year gonna be fun to watch them the next couple years. Also LCM’s RB Morris #7 was a beast this year. Great player.
  2. L-Train keeps it rolling in a high scoring shootout tomorrow
  3. Yep. On the offensive side we got two lineman who are seniors everyone else is a sophomore or junior.
  4. Lack speed? If anything the reason Lumberton is having a solid year so far is people think they’re typical slow Lumberton but get shocked when they show up and out run everyone because they have 4 Receivers that can GO. I hope LCM’s coaching staff is thinking like you. 😂
  5. Wow, would be awesome fingers crossed that happens. Would be at Raider Stadium too 😉
  6. What a win by the Raiders.. Ready for the Lumberton’s constant disrespect they will receive next Friday! Keep it coming!
  7. I’m excited to see how this one finishes! Could go either way but my moneys on Vidor.
  8. First time all year the Raiders will be at full strength. I think they leave Huffman Friday with a W.
  9. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts the last couple weeks about how slow the Raiders are, tonight it’s not even close they have way more team speed than Livingston.
  10. I’m not sure how the seeding will play out but these will be the top 4 imo Huffman Vidor Livingston Lumberton
  11. I think the Raiders win this one by a few scores. A lot of young talented guys on offense and a very scrappy and experienced defense.
  12. 1. West Brook 2. PA Memorial 3. North Shore 4. Allen 5. New Caney 6. Manvel 7. PN-G 8. Vidor 9. Jasper 10. WO-S 11. Lumberton 12. Shepherd 13. East Chambers 14. Woodville 15. Bridge City 16. Hemphill 17. Newton 18. Warren 19. Hardin 20. West Hardin 21. Cushing 22. Livingston 23. Summer Creek 24. Madisonville 25. Huntington
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