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  1. Whomever Westlake DC is would be awesome. But Jackson scares me sometimes lol
  2. Although I’m Brook alumni.. I’m proud of these young men. Way to show up and represent for the Hometown #Bmt4Life
  3. Until somebody 3 peat. It’s Beaumont Hebert 80, 81, 82
  4. Looks like he is a football player just hooping for fun Kyron Henderson
  5. Really hoping this Glenn game is at Berry Center and not some local high school. Come on doc it’s the state semis lol
  6. The Big kid from Paetow is 6’7” maybe 6’8” Skills are limited but he is strong and somewhat athletic By no means is he Shaq in high school who was 7ft and a no doubt McDonalds All-American and sure fire future nba player. I was there to watch PA Lincoln and saw Shaq in person as welll. SA Cole was 3A but had they played The Bees that year it would’ve got ugly for Shaq-Fu and company
  7. For those still needing tickets https://www.aldineisd.org/about/departments/athletics-department/purchase-tickets/
  8. Where is the link? So glad they are finally playing in a district arena venue and not a local high school gym lol
  9. Why does United continue to play in small high school venues (versus District style arenas) for these playoff games? Was the Berry Or Merrell center not available? I’m guessing the regional finals and state semifinals will be at a high school too. Which causes limited tickets due to Covid-19
  10. Defense is Wet t... nevermind. They haven’t tackled anybody all year. Why start today?
  11. Winner to face Cy-Creek @ NRG next Friday at 8pm https://m.chron.com/sports/highschool/article/Cougars-first-half-explosion-enough-to-hold-off-14854015.php
  12. Depending on weather. If bad, TexanLive on the big screen with unlimited Snacks and no wait for the bathroom lol
  13. Yep Banks has broken ankle. SJ doesn’t recruit athletic or dual threat QBs. Kubiak, just like his dad, prefers a Pocket passer. The QB #8 has 1100 yards passing this year so far
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