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  1. Holland is back! Changed his number for some reason. God is good D2 Region 3 watch out now 💨
  2. Is Holland back today? Or in two weeks against Jesuit?
  3. They miss tackles regardless. That defense is wtp
  4. Atascocita is good but they beat who they are supposed to beat. Watch closely how they lay down against NS or Katy
  5. Yeah but they never won state. Just liked to spoil the Bruins undefeated seasons lol
  6. Brook went undefeated in 91-92 w James Brown. Lost in first rd both years. Aldine McArthur and Eisenhower. I have a feeling with this alleged tanking we may be out in the first once again lol
  7. Defense is soft and fluffy as I’ve mentioned before
  8. That’s not fair for the kid. If they lose in first rd he won’t have any senior season to remember. Let him play now lol
  9. Is #28 Holland back this week?
  10. I don’t know how you “avoid” going D1. All you can do is try to win the games you play and not worry about the rest. No they shouldn’t intentionally lose to DP
  11. Tompkins is going D1. They are the 3rd largest school in their district. Seven Lakes is the largest and they are winless this year if I’m not Mistaken
  12. That’s on coaching. WB has at least 40 kids in their soccer program that can punt and kick a dadgum football. But I think the shortcoming is snapping, blocking and the actual hold not being emphasized
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