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  1. Does this top putting sunscreen in their eyes to view the solar eclipse?
  2. MLB moved the All Star game from being played in Atlanta due to so called racism for voting laws. Now Atlanta has to host the WS. LMAO. What a freakin joke MLB, NFL, and NBA have become with their liberal agendas ruining sports.
  3. Never went to a school that had a fence around it or had a police presence…. and I attended BISD.
  5. One must first possess a mind before it can be boggled.
  6. What did I say that was insane? He killed someone, but since he is a Hollywood liberal, it’s someone else’s fault. Same old same old…. If I hand you a gun in my house, I’ll tell you…..hell yeah, it’s loaded. What good is an unloaded gun? You might as well have a rock in your pocket. Let’s see, here’s another one….”ALWAYS HANDLE A GUN AS IF IT IS LOADED”…..which means DON’T PULL THE TRIGGER! Only a bumbling liberal would require this much explanation. Aren’t you going to push your gun control issue on this one?
  7. If someone hands me a gun and says it’s not loaded, I double check it myself. You’d have a whole different attitude had he shot your son or daughter. ”I didn’t know it was loaded”……oldest excuse in the book. He’s a POS so I’m not surprised that you would be on his side. Ever seen his phone call to his daughter?…..but Trump tweets are mean.
  8. Agree. Our pitching is rested and will be ready to go. Still have hope for McCullers. I expect Herculean efforts in the WS. The bats will cover whatever pitching woes we may have. Hey, but that’s just me being a fan.
  9. I get great pleasure watching Houston dispose of the “big market” teams.
  10. We can win without him. We weren’t supposed to beat Boston, and after the grand slams, I was beginning to have my doubts, but I never left my team. Our pitching did an about face and practically shut Boston down completely. That final game shutout was amazing.
  11. Vivid imagination. Also, difficult to accidentally shoot someone unless the gun is pointed at them. I won’t lie, I can’t stand Baldwin and it’s not for his Trump impersonations, so I am biased against him.
  12. Nothing is for sure. I am the eternal optimist.
  13. Astros in 5. Atlanta doesn’t know what they have stepped into. McCullers will be back and the bats will keep clicking.
  14. What’s important to democrats is a bank account filled with your money. Siphoning from the $3 trillion infrastructure deal should fill their coffers very nicely.
  15. Oh, if only we could have all the lives back that were taken with an unloaded gun. Oldest excuse in the world. Hot-headed Baldwin probably picked it up and aimed at the woman, who was part of the director’s crew, and said, “What did you say b#*&%?…..and it fired. Does anyone actually believe that he asked if it was a “cold gun”? It’s a shame that she died. This will haunt Baldwin for the rest of his pitiful existence. Alec Baldwin was told firearm was unloaded, search warrant says: report
  16. Gallup back in the trade rumors.
  17. I have always wondered where they came up with more than 100 employees. Sure is a good round number. Just another in a long line of stats that are manufactured.
  18. I keep telling people that their so called “cheating” was not needed and didn’t affect the eventual outcomes of their Championships. Pitchers are checked when leaving the mound every inning, so that means everyone cheats? Like I have said before, it comes down to what level of cheating you are ok with. Cheating is cheating no matter the sophistication. Go Stros!
  19. You make statements like this without posting “your” accurate number?
  20. I was hoping they would catch him alive. Now I hope a wolf or puma ate him alive.
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