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  1. Bring Jack’s back, he is out at Warren Girls program!
  2. Did he get let go or did he get hired somewhere else?
  3. Butler and Suggs are the future of the NBA!
  4. Game speed, I thought it was a legit block and play. With today’s technology and the ability for slo mo, it was a foul, but the refs don’t have that ability. Refs also probably looked away from the hands area, not thinking that Suggs is going to Superman his way up there for a block! It’s always easier to call a foul in slo mo. I thought overall the refs were pretty consistent on their calls and non calls.
  5. Suggs and Juzang will be some special players in the NBA, both of those guys are special players
  6. UCLA played just about as perfect as you can play and still lost! What a heartbreaker for them!
  7. I don’t know if Gonzaga vs Baylor can match that game!
  8. Zag has done a great job of preventing Juzang from getting touches in OT
  9. UCLA vs Gonzaga is a shooting clinic by both teams.
  10. Dang, Baylor looks so good tonight. I have been really of the mind set that Gonzaga could not lose this year, but man, Baylor can play with them no problem at all.
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