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  1. Went to pep rally last night and coach introduced the team, I have to say, size wise, one of the smallest teams I have seen in a long time. I normally ask what parents have been feeding their kids, this year, I’m beginning to think the diet has changed.
  2. That will make it interesting for the girls that play Volleyball and Basketball.
  3. How many times have PNG and Nederland met in the playoffs? And if it has happened what were the results?
  4. Word on the street is that PNG has hired Lance Robertson from Bridge City. Kara Skinner took the HC position at Sherman High to leave PNG vacant.
  5. Any thoughts on who might apply or get the PNG job? I really like what Megan Worry did at Lumberton last year as an assistant and think she will do well as a head coach.
  6. Well I guess it’s true.
  7. If PNG is true, I really hate to hear that. PNG has some young talent coming up.
  8. I’m kind of a homer, I do like PNG’s gym, it is the only gym that I know of in the area that has seating on all four sides of the gym.
  9. Hands down, not a school gym, but the Nome Dome is my absolute favorite gym!
  10. So no mid majors for him? I would love to see him at UH
  11. I was talking to a WOS parent last season and he said Coach would not let the boys shoot a 3pt shot unless it was in the corner, if they did shoot a 3pt shot from anywhere else he would immediately sub that player out of game.
  12. Super proud of my girl getting Defensive MVP, she definitely earned it, when actually guarding the top players in the district 1 v 1 she would shut them down. Can’t wait to see her play in college. Trinity University was ranked as high as 11th in the polls, they won their conference and only lose one Senior. Congrats to the other PNG girls as well, the Seniors have laid the foundation, now it is time to start building. Two of the Freshman made 2nd team.
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