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  1. I don’t pull for Nederland to often, but was hoping they could pull this one off.
  2. PNG 12 BH 22 after 1 BH knocking down some 3’s and little freshman is slicing and dicing!
  3. Before I started posting on here 3 years ago, the girls thread was almost non existent, scores were really scarce then, so great job to all of you guys jumping through “hoops” to keep everybody informed.
  4. HJ’s success with this group started with the little dribblers program and they (The Girls) have been playing with each other outside of little dribblers since the Seniors were in the third grade and I know this because my has been in the same gyms as them playing with them or against them, practicing with them. They have had a great mentor leading the way in Jackson’s dad who volunteered a ton of time working on the girls fundamentals from a very young age! I was working hard to develop the Lumberton girls at the same time and boy did we have some fun times competing against each other, but the biggest difference was all the parents and kids in HJ bought in and only a few bought in in Lumberton, of course I really rocked the boat and moved to PNG! Most people don’t know this but three of the starters for PNG are all from Lumberton Little dribblers!
  5. Exactly, HJ hawks are successful, because Coach Fogo has the gym open 24/7, if not they all have access to the Nome Dome, most schools kids are lucky to have access once a week. Too many distractions these days to not shoot in the front yard. My kid learned her left hand, because she would tell me she is bored in the 4th grade and I would throw her a basketball and make her dribble around the neighborhood with her left hand only! Yesterday, she drove 2 hours to work with trainer for two hours and drive two hours back. Then came home ran to grocery store bought her food for the week and meal prepped for the week. She works out every single day to get stronger. She has come home after a tough physical game, changed clothes and went and worked out. She has lost 15 pounds since last season and looks faster, quicker, is jumping higher than she ever has.
  6. This right here is what I am talking about, the proper techniques are not taught like they should be, so there are girls that put in work, but still aren’t great shooters, but great scorers. They get to the rim successfully and finish (which is not a bad thing) but they just aren’t as proficient on the outside shot.
  7. I’m not talking about school coaching at all, the girls that are playing AAU ball and taking private lessons is what I’m talking about, and like Coach Schu mentioned in youth sports. If a High School coach is teaching and breaking down the shot, it’s too late. A HS coach should be able to see if a shooter is struggling and make adjustments. Little Dribblers in this area is the most popular youth basketball in this area and the leagues do not train the coaches, so you end up with a bunch of moms and dads teaching form shooting completely wrong. Then most private lessons focus so much attention on ball handling and getting to the rim and you get scorers from this and not shooters!
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