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  1. Absolutely, I hope she passed the torch to the younger ones and showed them what PNG basketball is capable of doing!
  2. Dang, what do I do now???? I guess I wait 8 months and start traveling. Usually it is AAU ball.
  3. We got to 43-40 with about a minute left and just couldn’t hit that big shot. The big Lamar commit Galloway was too big and too tall for us to slow her down on the offensive side.
  4. Interesting! 😂 BH coach just coach Mackenzie Green at Manvel for four years, she is now at TAMU and she is almost identical player to Carter. No matter what High School she attends it will not matter, it is all about where she plays AAU and how she performs at the BIG 4 tourney’s she attends. College coaches do not recruit because of HS play. If you had said Carter needs to go somewhere else to win a State Championship, I would be in more of an agreement with you.
  5. Coach it has been great following you guys over the past three years, we definitely had some close, fun and exciting games (except this year, lol). I hate this for you and your girls, I wish the Seniors that are wanting to continue on playing basketball in college all the luck in the world finding their dream school and hope they have amazing college careers. I will definitely continue keeping track of you guys. Next season starts tomorrow!
  6. Yep, looking at Palestine season scoring, 50 + was a great night for them, but 84 is unreal for them.
  7. Yes, unfortunately. Coach Schu has a great group of girls in Jasper, it looks like Palestine played the game of their lives unfortunately.
  8. Super proud of my kid and her teammates, with the win over Dayton, they now have the best record in school history with 24 wins and 11 losses on the year. They have had their ups and downs this year, but have remained hungry. The second place district finish is the best district finish for them in school history as well. Now let’s go and get the first playoff win in school history. My kid has started on varsity all four years and was a part of a 4 or 5 win team her Freshman year, they then improved to 8 or 9 wins her Sophomore season, then last year they finished with 23 wins and the first playoff appearance with a third place district finish and now they have followed that up with a second place finish in district earning their second ever playoff appearance in school history! Congrats ladies on another great year!
  9. If they get past GCM, they will still have Foster, which should handle Sharpstown pretty easy
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