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  1. I have been out of touch with most of HS basketball, but West Brook #6? I heard they had a talented player, but they must have a solid squad.
  2. You wrote this like he is going somewhere, did I miss an announcement about him?
  3. I tried pushing the girls basketball in 2019 and 2020 and we had several members that interacted, it’s nice to see MHS titans back, after his sister graduated he disappeared on us, lol. Mine is in college and chasing her around takes up a lot of time. Still try and keep up, but it’s tough, when only two girls coaches participate on this site. Two dang good ones at that.
  4. Nothing sad about that, 95% of local teams would lose like this to HJ this year.
  5. How is Luke Fickell’s name not at the top of the USC and LSU coaching list?
  6. She should have this year and another, everybody got an extra year last year if you choose. (Automatic RedShirt)
  7. Alexis Morris has had a very unique college basketball experience. She was first recruited and committed to UCLA, then decided to decommit and commit to Baylor University where she had some very meaningful playing time especially in the big tourney where she made some big plays. Then in the off-season, quit of got kicked off the team, had a disagreement with Coach Mulkey, depends on what story you read. Then, ended up transferring to Rutgers University, where the NCAA wouldn’t let her start playing until late December, never really saw the court and I believe she may have been i
  8. I love me some PNG football, but Defense still allowed 30+ points. I wouldn’t say proving nay sayers wrong on both sides of the ball. They have the talent to perform better!
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