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  1. Good win for the Lady Indians tonight, we looked like we kind of knew what we were doing tonight! Lol
  2. I watched HF in two games at Evadale tourney and Coach is getting everything from the HF boys. I was impressed with him on the sidelines.
  3. I have never been in Provost Humphrey Stadium, but if they hired Briles, I would go for the first time. If they hired Traylor I might go if he eventually started to put a good product on the field. I think Briles would chase off some old heads like WOSgrad, but would put more butts in the seat than previous years and ultimately that’s what it is all about, driving interest into the program.
  4. Well well well PNG finally showed up and played the game I have been waiting on. Hopefully they have woke up. 61-22 over Liberty
  5. I guess technically we didn’t show up this morning. Lol
  6. EC should get a TO on their inbound play. Can’t hand the ball off on inbound play.
  7. We look awful right now! I sure hope we can change things in a hurry!
  8. The boys have to provide own transportation to tournament since it’s close vicinity to PNG HS and the girls are having to meet at a rental car location and will rent vehicles to provide transportation since the school district transportation is not allowed to be used. All participation is voluntary, according to the school district.
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