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  1. Yates will kill Faith Family and Lincoln is who they better wacth...
  2. Ow I know it was definitely a two package deal.. lol Much respect to HJ they play a great game
  3. That's just Jack Yates lol... We know them well... And they always have big really good players... But I" get what you are saying... But we are the reason Coach Wise and the rest of the coaching staff where in that gym tonight.. They know us really well too...
  4. The size thing doesn't really make a difference in some cases when you're hitting your shots ... Silsbee had alot of missed opportunities
  5. It's the whole Coaching staff and Doug Jones is down with Mike on the floor..
  6. Figured... A couple of them played with Bush this summer...They almost won a National Championship.. Lost to the Champions
  7. Let's get'em Silsbee Tigers... #TigerNation πŸ…
  8. This I" would haft to say was the best of the rivalry games hands down... 😁
  9. Y'all better get their early around 5:30 .... If you want to get a seat... Silsbee has early release today at 1:00 ... Silsbee will have their side pack and probably haft of the other side... They will probably haft to lock the doors for this one like years ago... Should be a good one tonight .. Go get'em Tigers ..
  10. Hopefully the freshman Jones can use his size and get some rebounds and putbacks
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