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  1. Those 6 starters coming back where mostly key players besides Martin and Taylor and Cartwright... But ok it is what it is I guess to ow boys question then Silsbee will be nothing next year .
  2. Foster will be QB... Arline will be running back..Silsbee has alot coming back and gaining alot of talent next year.. Silsbee should have a team to get right back to this game next year.
  3. It was a clean hit . Just a very hard one. Never should of been a flag . That's football some time you haft to take a hit .
  4. It was" And man did you see it.. It was like he got hit with a truck. 😂🤣
  5. But like I said if this make s you feel good go ahead ... And like I said maybe we can meet up in a nice Basketball match this year yall have alot of height shouldn't be a problem to make a deep run in the playoffs... But I" promise you you will get that A$$ beat all the way back to Wimberley ‼
  6. Find one thing on hear where I said anything bad about Wimberley until you got on here. I never even gave a prediction on this game. We new yall would be good are yall wouldn't be their. And if we would of won I promise you you wouldn't see us on a Wimberley site talking mess to yalls fans.
  7. That's just what they say about you Wimberley folk... Trying to act like you got money and we don't.. Boy if you only new ... lmao You poor little bitch.
  8. ***Mod edit That is unnecessary. We aren’t going to allow rumors about HS kids
  9. I'm about to post your real name .. So everyone can look you up.. And I promise I can buy any room and buy everything you own young man.
  10. Not sure seen your momma go behind the stands alot tonight sure she scored alot.
  11. Yall will have yalls Friday at 3:30 when PG stomps yalls A$$
  12. Nope I" will be watching Basketball something Wimberley will never want any of .. lol
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