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  1. So it's safe to say Silsbee Super Lite Vs LCM Varsity.! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. I wouldn't count this team out that coach Sig puts together tonight.
  3. Are you going to do this game tonight AAW..
  4. All Silsbee games have been on YouTube at home this year.
  5. That's right it was Oklahoma State. Yeah he was good at football too. And yes he could hit a ball deep.! lol
  6. Ow and by the way in not saying the kid they have now isn't any good lol He put up 40 something last night I believe. Lamar is getting a good player.
  7. Do you remember the tall red head kid from Lumberton in 93-94
  8. His older brother was better Towl. I believe he went on to play Baseball for Texas Longhorns.
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