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  1. Silsbee looking pretty good... Going to be a speedy group 😁
  2. Silsbee will be a solid well coached team. But young and talented.. I look for J. Jones to start playing alot better in the paint.. They will get better with every game they play. 😁
  3. So proud of this young man!! Silsbee TX in the house. 😁
  4. Me too... I can see him having a special year like Adams did this year at AP....
  5. From the start I" have said it Bush" was the best β€ΌπŸ˜
  6. Yep... lol I was hoping he was going to be a Aggie... McNeese just got a whole lot better. Congratulations Bush" 😁
  7. Don't be surprised if his colors stay the same . 😷
  8. Yep it's over no Rings for the prep Academy school.. 😷
  9. I just read that this years Basketball season is done . No State tournament. No State Champs.
  10. So like I" said from the start this year Bush is the best player in SETX. Right ???
  11. Im glad the two Prep Academy schools haft to play the first game so they both can't be in the final 😁
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