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  1. I've played seniors on JV. Its usually guys that only come out their senior year, or can not help the varsity in any way. There is no UIL rule that says a SR can't be on JV.
  2. Relax dude. I was just comparing the jobs. I never questioned The coach for his reasoning if he was to leave. I’ve been in the profession for a long time and also know the decisions that are made when you leave a job to move to another.
  3. If that rumor of Peevey leaving West Brook for LCM is true, that is not even a good lateral move. That would be a step down from a 6A HFBC to a 4A HFBC.
  4. Leon the bold predictor, again I ask, what was EC going to pay for? I’ll understand if you don’t answer.
  5. You keep saying "y EC lo va a pagar", what are they going to pay for? A new District Championship trophy, because that would be my best guess.
  6. I thought it was on here. Just didn’t want to start anything that wasn’t already said.
  7. I know it was posted on here last basketball season. I'm just going off that info, but I thought that it was known.
  8. Wasn't it 2 brothers that got kicked off the team or something to that tune?
  9. It didn't effect them to much, they still won. The score is much closer than the game actually was. 2 late scores makes it look deceiving. So don't get your hopes up Leon.
  10. Why do you keep saying the same thing? I guess if you say it enough, it might, maybe, could, hopefully, etc. come true. It's good to have dreams, although some dreams can turn nightmarish very quickly. GEAUX BUCS!!
  11. Sounds like someone has taken a few butt kickins from EC. All of this rhetoric that you are throwing out there definitely needs to be aimed at your team. Do you want to know why EC comes off as "arrogant" to people outside of Winnie, it's because they believe that they can win any game that they are playing. If you go into the game passive and "hoping" to win, then the odds are not in your favor. Every winning program has that "arrogant" attitude. I don't care where they are from, but they have it. Just look at arguably the greatest QB of all time, Tom Brady, he plays with that arrogant, I'm better than you attitude. I am an EC graduate, and I can tell you, EC used to be the homecoming game for everyone. If you don't like how the BUCS act, then have your team beat them.
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