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  1. So if Mike and Anthony would have stayed in Hardin, they would have won? Is that what you're saying here? I mean like, he went and took his son to Carthage and made them great? Come on now....I think Anthony was an exceptional athlete, and a great QB, and I like Mike an awful lot too, but Hardin would still be a winless playoff team without Haynes, IMO. Also, I don't disagree with everything about Hardin faithful or Hardin School Board, heck they made one of the most tenured and really good Baseball coaches step down from baseball all together (board and Super from what I understand)
  2. West Brook Magnolia West Baytown Lee PA Memorial Nederland PN-G Crosby Huffman Splendora LC-M Carthage Rusk Silsbee Hamshire-Fannett WO-S Diboll East Chambers Kirbyville New Waverly Garrison Timpson West Sabine Burkeville Evadale Huntington
  3. Really impressed with Orangefield last night. Well coached and well prepared. Clean game too just hard nosed football. Liberty seems to be moving backwards. Offense is abysmal. The two leading rushers for liberty on the season only played like 4 plays on offense each last night. ???? Not sure why. But congrats to OF. Good luck rest of the way
  4. I think this could be the year Anahuac wins this game. In the pick ems i chose EC, but I would not be surprised in AP made a game of this...
  5. I don't think anyone doubt's that. they are for sure a team to be reckoned with. That system works so well that even the back up athletes run it really good, so a few injuries can be over come without losing a great deal. But replacing starters loses depth, that is a fact. And it may contribute in the long run. Good luck to both teams, I think this will be a good game.
  6. 1. Atascocita 2. College Station 3. Baytown Lee 4. Friendswood 5. PA Memorial 6. Barbers Hill 7. Nederland 8. Huffman 9. Livingston 10. Vidor 11. Rusk 12. Hardin-Jefferson 13. Orangefield 14. WO-S 15. Crockett 16. East Chambers 17. Buna 18. Corrigan-Camden 19. Newton 20. Timpson 21. Joaquin 22. Lovelady 23. Tenaha 24. Hull-Daisetta 25. Diboll
  7. Liberty only gave up 4 hits, but 3 were home runs.
  8. Liberty has a stream on YouTube as well if TL doesn’t then I can post a link here the day of the game. If anyone is interested.
  9. 1. Summer Creek/CE King 2. Lufkin/New Caney 3. Baytown Lee/La Porte 4. Galveston Ball/Beaumont United 5. PA Memorial/Goose Creek Memorial 6. Crosby/Barbers Hill 7. PN-G/Dayton 8. Santa Fe/Nederland 9. Bridge City/Hamshire-Fannett 10. Liberty/Silsbee 11. WO-S/Hardin-Jefferson 12. Diboll/Huntington 13. Anahuac/Hardin 14. Buna/Tarkington 15. Kirbyville/Woodville 16. Kountze/Hemphill 17. New Waverly/Warren 18. Splendora/Shepherd 19. Jasper/LC-M 20. Anderson-Shiro/Newton 21. West Sabine/Overton
  10. Gotta say Silsbee is favored for sure, but there is a 50% chance of rain there on Friday which could make their passing attack more difficult, then favor the shun and no-fun offense of Liberty. Hate that we're playing them at home after that tough loss though.
  11. There are 3 teams from District 11 not gonna make playoffs (7 teams in district). That's why i think Liberty/HF will be a big game between them.
  12. I disagree on HF. They are a good football team, they're athletic and physical. WOS, Silsbee, Orangefield then HF/Liberty in my opinion. Liberty's defense is playing pretty good again like last year, but can struggle to move the chains at times. HF looks tough on both sides. Hate that Liberty has to play Silsbee in Silsbee after a tough loss, will definitely be trying to prove something to themselves. Weather shows 50% of rain in Silsbee on Friday too, so that may factor in all the games
  13. Ehh, you probably wouldn’t have done it anyways
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