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  1. This is the reason I don't get on this board anymore....everyone is a political pundit and we can't just talk about high school football. Sir, I grew up in Vidor, Tx, am a lifelong resident and everything you have listed here is absolutely wrong. 1. Whites only After Dark sign was taken down in the late 1960's; it was at a private business on Main Street. It was removed along with the Ku Klux Klan store that was there until 1975. That store stood at the intersection of Main and Old Highway 90. I know this because I bought a black friend of mine a T-shirt from there so he could wear it to
  2. Since you knot head Pirate football players love to break 35 year+ records, here's one for ya': 1978 The last time we won district. You want a battle cry, there it is. 38 years ago. It starts tonight. LAMBAST LAMEBURTON!!! Vidor 35 - Lametrain 21....Leave that *&&%$ Train Whistle at home! Roasted can't eat it but the doggies can!
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