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  1. Haven't seen him on here in a while..
  2. Just a suggestion, but I think a good place for this list of old realignments would be under the SETexas football histories thread, so they don't get lost in the shuffle. A lot of good history here.
  3. Wow, someone outside of the area that sees the same thing the local people do. Who would have thought that?
  4. Looks like the last time Nederland missed was the 07-08 Season, so a 12 year streak so far.
  5. Man, TC is going to be a looong trip for a district game. KP also.
  6. They weren't in the same district in from '88-'95 either. Vidor was still 5A and didn't get back into Ned's district until they dropped back into 20-4a.
  7. By You are you saying the UIL should foot the travel bill? if so I agree, at least of a percentage of the travel bill should be reimbursed to the schools by the UIL. They are bringing in all this money but how much of it do the member schools actually see?
  8. Ned has missed the playoffs just 2 times in the last 20 years. 2016 was due to a boneheaded mistake by the administration. I think they will figure it out.
  9. Lol. You squeezed by Nederland in OT and that wasn't a very good team last year. First or second round exit for the Cougs as usual.
  10. Not that Westbrook has proven he can lead a team to championship either.
  11. I am not doubting you on that. I will be interested to see how Harden reacts over the rest of the season since this has been his team for years. I have said for a while now that they won't win it all with Harden leading the team.
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