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  1. Ok, this thread is getting off the rails. Keep it civil or it will be locked.
  2. No one was picking Ned to win, same with PNG. It think some were surprised that it was a two score game at halftime though.
  3. Lol. Sorry but the so called Mecca is sitting home with the rest of us.
  4. funny how Crosby fans were quiet after Vidor beat them until they were sure they had a playoff spot. (Even though they will be done after this week). 🙄
  5. I think Ned has some good weapons this year both RBs and WRs. O-line was the problem earlier in the year I don't know if that's fixed. They can't seem to get on the same page though. Lots of unnecessary penalties and some bad miscues.
  6. Facts are, aside from one season Crosby hasn't done anything more than anyone else in this area to write home about . Unless they are WOS, Silsbee, WB or Newton.
  7. All right, lets keep this civil and stop the name calling.
  8. I have bad news for you Crosby doesn't scare anyone. LOL.
  9. Not sure. Probably one of the server upgrades changed it.
  10. Your hear a lot, but I wonder about your sources
  11. New press box and additional stands as well. Possibly a field house if there’s money left over
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