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  1. I think Ned has some good weapons this year both RBs and WRs. O-line was the problem earlier in the year I don't know if that's fixed. They can't seem to get on the same page though. Lots of unnecessary penalties and some bad miscues.
  2. Facts are, aside from one season Crosby hasn't done anything more than anyone else in this area to write home about . Unless they are WOS, Silsbee, WB or Newton.
  3. All right, lets keep this civil and stop the name calling.
  4. I have bad news for you Crosby doesn't scare anyone. LOL.
  5. Not sure. Probably one of the server upgrades changed it.
  6. Your hear a lot, but I wonder about your sources
  7. New press box and additional stands as well. Possibly a field house if there’s money left over
  8. Nederland isn't the ones griping about having to play on actual football field and getting those ugly uniforms muddy.
  9. Lol. Its not like PNG has always had turf. Get over yourself. Come to think of it you couldn't even get the turf right the first time. Not to mention tiny visitor stands and no parking so they can brag they have the biggest fan base. 🙄
  10. PNG, Lumberton and Sabine Pass all passed bond issues last night. PNG's was $131 mil. So if people are moving to run from bonds they might look at Louisiana or some place like that. 🤣
  11. I’m not a big government person, but some people don’t understand that the things they do profit from, such as good streets or safe schools cost money.
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